Zambia Police Headquarters records some Confirmed Cases of COVID-19-Kampyongo

Minister of Home Affairs Hon Stephen Kampyongo
Minister of Home Affairs Hon Stephen Kampyongo

Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo says the police headquarters has recorded some confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Mr. Kampyongo says the officers who tested positive have since been isolated for treatment and the entire premises has been disinfected.

He says all police officers have been requested to undergo COVID-19 tests at designated places.

Mr. Kampyongo was speaking during a media briefing in Lusaka.

And Mr. Kampyongo has warned members of the public who disregard the law that no one is above the law regardless of their standing in society.

He said police recorded incidents of violence at the Lusaka Central Police station and Mafken radio station in Mufurila.

Mr. Kampyongo said it is regrettable that public and private institutions are being targeted by unruly individuals.

He said the police have also recorded 15 reports involving unknown criminals that have been attacking hikers at the lay-by near Heroes stadium, Kabangwe, SOS, Ngwerere and Kabanana along the Great North road.

Mr. Kampyongo said the nature of the criminal acts recorded range from murder, attempted murder, aggravated robbery, rape and unlawful wounding.

He added that a total of 5 suspects have been arrested and some properties belonging to the victims have been recovered.


  1. Apart from the Minister of Finance, there is absolutely no one in this cabinet you can point to including the chairman who has a brain in their skull….they are all empty tins!!

  2. Let it take its toll on those biased authorities.

    Opposition parties were barred to move around the country even donating covid-19 materials was treated as a paramount duty of the ruling party.

    What a shame?

    PF must go.

  3. Iwe, that is not the news we want to hear. Where are the cadres who attached the Central Police station ?Why no arrests have been made up to now. The CID and ZIS guys know where those criminal are hiding. Oh forgot that you control the CID and the ZIS ,so they have been told to look the other way when seen in Public.

  4. Just listening to “Look and Laugh”
    song by Fela Kuti.

    Shey the tings we me and you,
    Don see for this country,
    No reach for me,
    To dey looku and laffu,
    Wetin I no sing,
    About, in this country,
    Sing Sing Sing
    Till dem come,
    Come charge me,
    With armed robbery,
    Seh, I must looku and laffu.”

  5. If all compromised officers can die of C19, just as we are praying that all MPS who are in favor of Covibill 10 should die, then this country will get back to normal. Don’t censor this please ba LT.

  6. The new normal and expected spike due to colder weather during cold season. Look at the typical imbecilic diasporan tarino, who suffers from inferiority complex so much that he knows Nigerian music by the letter and yet the chap will criticise his birth country all day and night. why don’t you do us all a favour and go blog on lagos times

  7. I dread to think of the prevalence of this pandemic in Zambian jails . Police infections iare a toss compared to those incarcerated. To be thrown in jail now is like a death sentence . No social distancing whatsoever.

  8. Let Chagwa’s Vigalu va chiwewe or rabid dogs start clobbering policemen in their police stations! It’s about time, they’ve been watching this animals terrorize Zambian while they stood akimbo watching. Next time they should raid police HQ & nail Kanganjanyokola! ZP munyelile, kuunya!

  9. Wena Kainyokolola Zulu munungwahao, why don’t you go blog of on Lilongwe Blog yourself ka tombolilo iwe! You bet this chap is not even benefiting in anyway from Chagwa’s calamitous kleptomaniac charade but just to satisfy his Kumawa Umodzi vile bigotry, he will root for the *****ic thief. You bet if a Chapatan mbeba ran against A Tonga, Kainyokolola will vote Mbeba ya kumawa!

  10. We don’t know what the truth is any more with our leadership. Chitalu cheated us again the other day about Covid 19 numbers of his colleagues at National Assembly. How can we tell when it is true or False!

  11. No one to sjambok the police as Bowman is now feeling under the weather, hope he recovers n pays the police a visit.

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