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Distribution of farming inputs to all parts of the country to in September


Agriculture Minister Michael Katambo says distribution of farming inputs to all parts of the country will begin on September 1, 2020.

Mr. Katambo says Government has contracted six agro companies to supply fertilizer and that 90 percent of basal dressing is ready.

And Mr. Katambo says all seeds ordered by Government are being produced locally and that suppliers have assured him that they are 100 percent prepared to deliver the seeds.

The Agriculture Minister says Smart Zambia has further confirmed that farmers under the Farmer Input Support Programme -FISP-, have started depositing their 400 Kwacha contributions that will enable them to redeem access to subsidised inputs.

And Mr. Katambo has told ZNBC News that FISP is under review, to, among other things, ensure farmers are not perpetually supported by Government.

He said FISP was designed to support small-scale farmers for only three years consecutively with the hope that they become independent and self-sustainable.


  1. These PF ministers are good in talking.

    We shall hear another version from the farmers.

    These PF ministers for you.

  2. Awe elections are good…havent heard from the agricultural minister in a minute.. all of a sudden…the brother has mushroomed…really laughable

  3. It’s a wonderful idea I hope they deliver most of the times it’s all talk and no action like Load shading they said hours will be reduced by April this is July and in my area power cuts from 6 to 15

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