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The late MP Rodgers Mwewa’s Orphanage to be turned into a grant-aided institution


The government says it will turn Fountain of Hope Orphanage into a grant-aided institution to help meet its operational costs effective next year.

Minister of Youth and Sport Emmanuel Mulenga says his ministry has already engaged the Ministry of Finance and commenced the process to turn the facility into a grant aided institution.

Speaking when he visited the orphanage in Lusaka’s Kamwala residential area, Mr Mulenga said the facility must not be allowed to close following the death of its founder and benefactor late Mwansabombwe Member of Parliament Rodgers Mwewa.

Mr Mulenga said Government will partner with the orphanage and will not allow the 216 children being sheltered at the facility to return to the streets as it will undo the good work that Mr Mwewa accomplished.

He said the death of Mr Mwewa has left a big gap in tackling the problem of street kids and in the administration of the orphanage and the lives of over 200 children sheltered at the facility.

“His death has left a big gap, he showed me how to tackle street kids. Fountain of Hope should not die with the death of Mr Mwewa. He was solving a social need, trying to end streetism,” Mr Mulenga said.

The minister donated food items worth K30, 000 and assured management at the orphanage that Government will take over expenses to ensure that the children are fed all the three meals as a mechanism is being worked on to find sustainable means of meeting provisions up to the end of the year.

Mr Mulenga offered his condolences to management at the facility and encouraged them to continue loving and caring for the children and ensure that the environment at the facility is conducive for children.

And Co-Manager of Fountain of Hope Newton Chisenga thanked the government for coming to the aid of the orphanage and meet its operational costs.

Mr Chisenga said the orphanage is facing challenging times following the death of its founder as the burden of feeding and sheltering 216 children has become great.

“We have 216 children sheltered here, and our biggest challenge is feeding them, all 3 meals” said Mr Chisenga

And the minister urged the children to remain disciplined and protect themselves at all times by wearing face masks and adhering to public health guidelines in order not to contract the coronavirus.

Mr Mulenga said government will in due course provide warm clothing and footwear and additional face masks to them.


  1. Mr. Mulenga that is not government funded project for ministry of finance to be roped in. Just lobby for funding from well wishers and donor community.

    Rodger Mwewa was a great man trying to save some souls and I pray that God Almighty give him an opportunity to enter heaven.

    As for PF thieves repent and do the right things to people. Corruption and self egocentric won’t make you candidates for heaven.

    Remember what you have stolen would have ended poverty in many Zambian families.

    PF must go!

    • Does it mean no one in his management tapped into his knowledge on how to scout for funding from donors. Sad development for the kids, hope the grants from govt will be dispersed to them on time.

  2. Covid 19 must send a serious warning to politicians. It must not just end at Levy but Chingwele maybe that is the time they will get the massage. Bowman has felt it first hand

  3. This article has touched my heart. It’s heart warming to learn about the good deeds that Mr. Mwewa has left behind. Thank you to our Government for promising to look after the 216 children, it must be comforting for them to know that they will still have a place to live and have meals. Rest in perfect peace Mr. Mwewa.

  4. Long over due. This project has seen many street children rehabilitated.. The 216 are the present visible number! The government social welfare ministry should step up. and and recognise the work Hon Mwewa and Chisenga have done.
    The project has indeed been a Fountain of Hope for years for many street children in Zambia.
    I hope this gap created by this death questions government priorities re the Policy regards Street Children and Community Schools.

  5. Nobody is praying for the hospitalized Lusambo.
    You see Lusambo, this is how unpopular you are. When Dora was quarantined, we sent her love letters.

  6. Donated K30,000 from government stolen money turned into donation – thieves waited until death prompted donation to Zambian orphans

  7. At times we should keep quiet if we don’t have something good to say! What else do you want the government to do apart from funding the project?

  8. I think there is a lot of uncalled for comments now on this blog. A thing like this should encouraged. What management structures did he put in place and how it can be carried on as a very noble cause. Probably the most noble MP with such a project that many of us where unaware of till his demise. The Zambian people can save this institution. this is where the press can up their game by focusing on such projects and bringing them into limelight for people to put together even more than the government can do under such circumstances. Slowly we are all fading into hate speech and political allegiance on all issues without regard for human needs and life. Hope we know more as we can give a penny it goes a long way

  9. RIP Merciful MP Mr Mwewa, your good deeds will live on. This is a perfect example of giving back to the community….imagine how one person can touch so many lives, let’s hope others can emulate this not being greedy all the time n building 48 uninhabited houses n wasting money on wheelbarrows meant to be fire trucks. Vision bane.

  10. MP Hon. Mwewa MHSRIP is an example of the very few and special people in society whose good deeds are not popularized with self praising songs but who behind the scenes humbly extend a giving hand to society! His action in itself was to raise hope that all is not lost and following the new path availing opportunity to turn a new leaf leading to aspired goals! Amazing it had to be death blowing Hon. Mwewa’s trumpet!

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