Subject beats Chief Nyakaseya over beer

Chief Nyakaseya

Police in Ikelenge District, North Western Province have arrested a 54-year-old man of Ikelenge for assaulting Chief Nyakaseya of the Lunda people.

Lawrence Kazhimbala is said to have beaten up the traditional leader when he tried to close his bar from where he was found selling beer.

Chief Nyakaseya broke beer bottles of those he found drinking, a move which angered Kazhimbala and a fight ensued.

The Chief was over-powered by Kazhimbala, who punched and kicked him.

The chief suffered a swollen right hand and was rushed to Kaleni Hospital where he was treated.

North Western Province Police Commissioner Elias Chishi says Kazhimbala has been arrested and is in Police Custody.

Mr. Chishi said the incident is embarrassing and called for respect for traditional leaders.


    • Ati subject. So this country has subjects and citizens? Why do you want to call me a subject only because Iam in the village? Do I only become a citizen when I reach Chingola? This is a republic not a monarch.

  1. The Chief should be charged for vandalism. He broke bottles that did not belong to him. The chief was behaving like Jesus Christ when he entered the temple and found traders and money changers. Lock him up!

  2. This chief is clown, the most useless of his kind. He should be a subject in our kingdom, under another lunatic. Why did he take law in his hand? Why not ask the police or council police to go to such a place? What was the chief himself doing?

  3. I can see it from both perspectives. The chief is trying ensure the safety of his subjects while the bar owner is probably upset by the way this was done. In such cases I think it is best to involve the police who are best trained to deal with such cases. Very sad to see violence

  4. A very bad show all round. But beating up a chief is disrespectful, granted the chief over did the disciplinary measures beyond his remit!

    The correct response to the chief was to obey the covid19 enforcement and then to have sent the chief a bill to take care of breakages. To which the chief would have definitely thrown into the bin disdainfully.

    Should the bar sued, the Judge would have given him a worthless win with no compensation because he was breaking covid19 rules. The chief would get a small cautioning to protect his dignity by avoiding overreacting. The moral of this story….OBEY COVID19 RULES…

  5. @Dream Eater you exactly right. This chief is acting with impunity, he is not above the law. You can’t just go out there and start breaking people’s properties .If the subject broke the law, there are channels and procedures to follow. He has be become an enforcer of the law when yet there are trading standard bodies who have the mandate to enforce such laws. this the should have broke the chief’s a-word.

  6. A mischief-causing chief. Respect is reciprocal, no matter your status. Even children, if you break their toys when you find them playing, they’ll surely rail against you!

  7. Breaking bottles, even me kuti namuponona ….
    Even Lusambo was about to face Kaizer’s gun at a bar.

  8. These chiefs of today are very embarrassing and they must change.

    Like this northern chief Chitimukulu who is diving in politics.

    PF must go!

  9. Very Sad. Chiefs must work through their headmen or councils…That is why you will never hear a voice of respected chief, traditionally other leaders do it for them. Uyu mwanta reduced himself to a subject!

  10. Does this chief have a palace administration structure? The whole of him goes out exposing himself to both admirers and haters then engages in activity which his kapaso’s would have been detailed to carry out! Oh! He also forgot he is occupying a privileged position with an aura of esteem and miscalculated behavior reduces him to the ordinary human being!

  11. I like this Kazhimbala. We should introduce him to Lusambo. It will be a good left hook on Lusambo’s right cheek. Let’s see if he will offer the left cheek after that. Napwisha

  12. My ribs are breaking under the weight of laughter!
    Just imagining how the reacted while being beaten: did he shall for help from his kapasos, did he try to run away, did groan audibly?
    All scenario present a a bizarre spectacle of drama of uncommon taboo in the village, eesh!

  13. My ribs are cracking under the weight of laughter!
    Just imagining how the Chief reacted while being beaten: did he shoutl for help from his kapasos, did he try to run away, did groan audibly?
    All scenarios present a bizarre spectacle of drama of uncommon taboo in the village, eesh!

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