Tutwa challenges Sangwa to relinquish his rank of State Counsel

Government’s Deputy Parliamentary Chief Whip Hon. Tutwa Ngulube
Government’s Deputy Parliamentary Chief Whip Hon. Tutwa Ngulube

Kabwe Central Member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube has challenged Lusaka lawyer John Sangwa to immediately relinquish his rank of State Counsel.

Mr Ngulube’s comments follows a statement from Mr Sangwa in which he was quoted that he will not be coerced into silence because of the status of State Counsel.

This came after President Edgar Lungu requested newly elected President of the Law Association of Zambia Abyud Shonga to use his office to scrutinize those being conferred with the status of State Counsel as some of using the rank to attack the state.

Mr Ngulube said Mr Sangwa should immediately commence steps to inform LAZ and the judiciary on withdrawing the rank of State Counsel.

“I am aware that recently JPS, as we called him 20 years ago, was apologizing for attacking the Judiciary and he went to lengths of putting up a written apology. We all thought it was genuine. Today he sounds like someone is stopping him from talking. To you JPS, the best arena for you is politics so that we take you on as our Opposition,” Mr Ngulube said.

He said hiding in the rank of state counsel to fight other people’s battles won’t help Mr. Sangwa.

“So if you are serious about that write to the Law Association and the Republican President so that the Judiciary can be informed accordingly,” he said.

In fact the State you are attacking in the media can be engaged through established channels. Even in churches, we have a chain of communication. You can’t just stand up and start punching everyone in the streets.”

He added, “In fact, UPND is about to go for a convention they can give you a position even a Chairman of Legal because you represented HH in the petition where you miscalculated the 14 days.”


  1. Why do people think that politics is only for politicians but they ask for the people’s participation through voting? Should we just vote and thereafter say nothing political? Often you hear, ‘Come into politics so that we engage you.’ Meanwhile, you are already engaging the person.

    • Kutumpa fye Why have we never heard about such styuped demands before? Not from KK , not from Chiluba, Mwanawasa or Sata. Only when a poor lawyer gets into State House do we start hearing that these ranks must not be attained by certain people? Ni professional jealousy. John sangwa earned his State Counsel. Stop trying to kill every fly that is circling your nose

  2. Ba Tutwa Wild hog, Sangwa has offered, if the rank of ‘State Council’ conferred on senior respected lawyers in Zambia is meant as “Chivala Pakamwa”, let he who conferred that title take it away.
    Mr Hog, you can solicit your president to remove that title from Sangwa and have it your self.

  3. In other words Tutwa means the SC title is really dished out for lawyers to shut up. Our Zambian lawyers!

  4. At some point in LIFE i thought all lawyers were people of great wisdom…this one Tutwa is the most arrogant lawyers i have ever seen, his tone of voice are far from being a leader. He lied in front of people without shame…this man is evil, he lacks wisdom.

  5. Lusaka times..why do you give space to this FOOL. Problem with some of these FOOLS is that they joined politics to EAT. How can this FOOL compare himself with SANGWA. Always trying to be relevant for nothing like one Monday Chanda…. WANTING TO EAT!!

    I also wonder why politicians always say dont hide behind whatever but join us on the political podium so that we engage each other, have seen such utterances towards religious leaders , civil activitists etc but these politicians forget that the fact that these people vote automatically it makes them politicians.

  7. The problem with politicians they want to be the only one talking. We need someone checking them up like what SC is doing,… Ngulube we know that your president is pushing for a third term.

  8. These days you can’t tell who cadres and lawyers are! Why would SC not speak for the people and it’s only a shallow and shameless government that would be threatened by one lawyer!

  9. “….position even a Chairman of Legal because you represented HH in the petition where you miscalculated the 14 days.”

    So says the cader who is in the forefront pushing for an expired bill 10.

    That’s why tutwa you were forced to issue a grovelling apology to Larry mwitwa…..you are a du.ll lawyer , better off in markets and bus stops leading your fellow thugs….

  10. Every party has had a Tutwa. It is just unfortunate that in PF there appears to be a larger proportion of them with varying degrees of sycophancy.

  11. TUTWA TUTWA TUTWA, how many times have I called your name? You read between the lines what Sangwa is talking about. You have missed a point. Getting smoke leaving the fire. TUTWA tell your government to pay retirees not this nonsense being portrayed.

  12. If lawyers like Ngulube are referred to and sound like learned counsel, I wonder what non-learned people look and sound like.

  13. Power is sweet – Kabwe Central PF member of parliament and lawyer Tutwa Ngulube has urged police to break the bones of Zambian protestors. This is a democracy, not farm yanyko.

  14. Is it you or lungu who gave him that title? And where does it state that a state council cannot speak against the ills of the government. Even Rodger Chongwe used to do it.

  15. I nearly commented but looking at the caliber of the person asking John Sangwa to relinquish the state counsel ship, it is better to just keep quiet. Which area can a sane person give PF, a benefit of doubt surely, none completely and I am PF. Zambia’s currency is the second worst performing in the world, and PF chaps are still playing politics. Can you please start working, you don’t have time.

  16. Tutwa Ngulunyokola, what a nasty stinking piece of s.hit! When Kagame kills Chagwa and a new president takes over, he should flush this rotten piece of poo away! Lu nunkezwi kulikani.

  17. Wise advice from Tutwa. Step into the political arena JPS and declare your interest. Like Sishuwa, you are cowards who are hiding behind professions. ECL, Levy, RB all put their careers aside and declared their political ambition not attacking people while clinging onto their professions!

  18. Twutwa Ngulube thinks that the Title “State Counsel” is given just like PF Regalia is given PF Supporters or just as a Campaign tool. State Counsel Title is conferred on Prominent Lawyers for their Professional contributions to the Legal Fraternity and the Country. The Title is not given to the likes of Twutwa Ngulube who are mere PF Cadres and have not made any meaningful contribution to the Legal Fraternity and Society. If the State so desires it can wìthdraw this Title on John Sangwa as a punishment for constructive criticism of the Lungu/PF Govt. John Sangwa has already said that if he was given the Title of “State Counsel ” as “vala mulomò” then he can happily surrender the Title if so advised or requested. After all what is in a Tìtle?

  19. Ngulube surely has undiagnosed mental issues, I mean, political stoogery on its own does not yield such a wealth of cognitive dissonance in a human being. Especially for one claiming to be a lawyer, you would expect at least legal matters would be the last he would confuse like this. Given that he is called Ngulube, he might be down with COVID -19 Swine Flue, a new strain!

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