Ex-Roan United Captain Ben Mwanza Graduates At College in China


Ex-Roan United captain Benny Mwanza says he won’t drift away from football after graduating with a diploma in mechanical engineering from the Baiyin Institute of Mining and Metallurgy in China this month.

Mwanza, 37, was among Zambian students sponsored by China Luanshya Copper Mines to study engineering at Baiyin Institute.

The former striker-cum-defender went into coaching upon retiring from active football in 2017.

Mwanza is a holder of a FAZ D coaching certificate attained in 2016 when he was preparing to leave the pitch.

Speaking in a phone interview from China, Mwanza acknowledged that it was not easy to take up engineering after spending most of his life in football.

“The engineering course went on very well although it was not easy to adapt to being in a new country. As you have asked, I have spent most of my life in football so it was not easy to change my career. My family and friends supported my decision to switch careers,” he said.

“There is always life after football as you know. You have seen how our country looks at footballers when they leave the pitch. The situation for most retired footballers is not pleasant,” Mwanza said.

The former Konkola Blades player hinted he will be practicing engineering alongside football coaching.

“Football has always been part of me; I cannot completely move away from football. We have a generation that may want to learn from my experience in football. I can still work with teams that may need my services. I can help teams that need me, especially my team Roan United,” Mwanza said.

He also hailed China Luanshya Copper Mines for sponsoring his studies.

“Firstly, I want to thank my family for being supportive, China Luanshya Copper Mines for giving me scholarship through my school back home Luanshya Craft Training College. All my lecturers and fellow students, I thank them,” he said.

Mwanza was part of the last Roan squad to compete in the FAZ Super Division in 2014.

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  1. Zambian who remain zambian when sent abroad to study do very well. Nomba the diasporans who think they are better because they have now adopted a new citizenship don’t are mostly failures without any papers. Amen


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