Monday, June 24, 2024

Government intensifies effect to provide investment opportunities for young people


Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya says Government has intensified efforts, in collaboration with other partners, to provide investment opportunities for young people.

Ms. Siliya also says youths should not only wait for opportunities from Government but take advantage of opportunities offered by private entities.

She said this when she met Sampay Chief Executive Officer John Samaras who is also Founder of Lion Zone, a program that will be used to identify and help develop new business initiatives.

Ms. Siliya said Government is always looking for such initiatives that provide cheaper financing facilities for youths who cannot access bank loans.

She urged young people in the country to take advantage of the opportunity and shift from the dependency syndrome of waiting for handouts.

And Mr. Samaras explained that Lion Zone is similar to an apprenticeship program where business concepts are floated and those perceived to have potential attract financial investment.

He said the program has the potential to create employment in the country, given the untapped potential among the youths.

And in an interaction with journalists, Ms. Siliya reminded Zambians that COVID-19 is real and that they should not relent in adhering to public health regulations.

She also urged journalists to tell stories of how people from various sections of society have been affected by Covid-19 and how they are coping with the change in lifestyle.

Ms. Siliya said the press should not be obsessed with writing stories about elections only while ignoring the real issues that Zambians want to know about.

She further advised Zambians not to use elections as an excuse for perpetuating tribalism and political violence.


  1. Acting like the whole of Southern province isn’t suffering from your decision to close down Ono and Comsave, our own village banking initiatives! Initiatives supported by our Provincial permanent secretary and District Commissioners! And you’re even trying to keep our money claiming its punishment after convincing us! Double Standard!

  2. Idyots… Why hire a company to “identify” business opportunities ? Now youths are screwed by John Samaras! Is from Syria? How is going with the $5million debt payment advisor?
    Where is minister Banda to suspend PF government for three months?

  3. I employ 5 apprentices at my company. What has the upnd and diasporan done to help? Of course I will only employ those that genuinely want to progress. I will not tolerate or employ those paid and controlled by the tribal upnd. Their demigod can employ them as cow dung pickers.

  4. Can pf give us it’s long term plans and short term plans they have for yufis and the programmes they have implemented for the yufis and achievements since 2011. we will talk about intensifications after 2021.

  5. Kikikikikikijukija
    Some !d!0+s can make you laugh.
    Give yourself a long term plan and tap into Governments enabling environment.
    F00l you want the Government to keep making plans for you?
    Read the youth policy and get active nicoonpoop. The last thing we need is a spoon fed youth.
    Yak! Long term plan, short term plan your stinking craked bare feet sucker.

  6. Dora this is what you should have aimed to do from first term in office as a Party in Government (PIG) to empower youths with life entrepreneur skills and resources for ventures instead of equiping them with pangas to fight each each, As the saying goes “an idle mind is a devil’s paradise”.

  7. Why is PF only doing this now that they have realised that the Youth have seen them for who they are. Liars and corrupt politicians.

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