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Stop Concentrating on 2021 Elections that are not here- Dora Siliya

Feature Politics Stop Concentrating on 2021 Elections that are not here- Dora Siliya

Chief government Spokesperson Hon Dora Siliya has called on various stakeholders to stop concentrating on elections that are not here but focus on the current issue affecting people especially as the country grapples with socioeconomic effects as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hon Siliya is concerned at the level of constant electioneering at the expense of other pertinent national matters.

“At a home level, every Zambian is concerned about Coronavirus now. Zambians are concerned about the effects of the pandemic on the country’s food security, kids are concerned about when they will go back to school” Hon Siliya has noted.

Speaking to journalists this morning, Ms Siliya said it is unfortunate that people want to be talking about an election that is not yet here instead of focusing on other issues which are equally important.

And Ms Siliya has condemned the continued tribalism among politicians in the name of elections and emphasized the need not to “give elections the reason for bad behaviour”.

“If politicians are being tribal, ignore them and do not perpetuate tribalism and bad behaviour” Hon Siliya urged the media and challenged them to use their power to set an agenda that will be in the interest of uniting and not dividing the nation.


  1. Timely advice my sister. The other day the upnd were even confident that they have won an election that is yet to take place. Their president even had a flag of Zambia on his desk at his new kasama house whilst given an address to his supporters as if he is president. Joker

  2. Timely advice my sister. The other day the upnd were even confident that they have won an election that is yet to take place. Their president even had a flag of Zambia on his desk at his new kasama house whilst given an address to his supporters as if he is president. Jokers. Hh has gone mad. Kz

  3. The only party concerned about elections is PF.its Tha only party that has printed ECL Materials and distributing chitenge materials, holding campaign meetings!

    The minister is behaving like she does nt live in Zambia.

    One thing is clear, campaigns or no campaigns, no amount of persuasion or rigging will save you…[email protected] red card!

    Kuuya bebele!!

  4. The devil is in the fine print. You are pretending like you can’t see what’s happening before that fool Minister Kabova got sick on Covid – 19 he was busy campaigning in the Copperbelt without wearing a mask. So Maadam before you embarrass your self look in the mirror take your time before open it. You are all fools…
    You are going to jail next year. PF must Go

  5. Bro nickson. Thanks my brother. I follow your comments and know that you are a very patriotic citizen

  6. So our PF SG was talking about conventions and adoptions and now u Dora comes to say he should stop? Kkkkk

  7. I am not a fan of the Chief government Spokesperson but I agree with her here that various stakeholders including the PF need to stop concentrating on elections. Let us improve the lives of the citizens 24/7 not only at election time

  8. Useless @KZ. You the people Dora is referring to. Everyday you spew diatribes about the UPND and how you are still going to win elections. Never any response to how you are going to create a social economic environment or constructive policies that are going to get most people out of their bare existence

  9. @ Kawasaki….it’s 2020 ,year of the dreaded Covid 19 which has come to wipe out humanity n reveal the hidden n expose corruption.

  10. So the PF bed warmer has spoken, what a load of rubbish comes out of that hole in her face.
    Pf must go or zambia dies

  11. Can’t wait for 2021 to come around so we can lock up these PF bandits. Slimy characters like Kaizar Zulu, and conman sticky fingers, Lungu, need to be thrown in prison for a 100 years each. That’s where they belong for all the corruption they’ve perpetrated on the innocent Zambian people. Come quickly 2021. We got thieves that need to go to prison. PF thieves.

  12. How on earth can a country vote in someone who has a track record of stealing money from his client ? The writing will be there on the wall and the results of his leadership will be pretty obvious .We have fake pictures of road plastered on facebook , an economy that is on it’s knees , second hand fire tenders , forty eight houses without owners , mansions being built in Swaziland etc .The list is endless

  13. [email protected] you are spot on! The opposition must be concerned about the elections as much as the PF. The opposition wants to ensure that they prepare adequately for the elections and that no single vote should be stolen this time around. The PF also has to make sure that they retain power in order to continue plundering Zambia’s resources and also avoid going to prison for the worst wrongs committed in the history of this country

  14. elections are not just like playing chidunu, you need to plan for them, does she know that we only have a year before the election date 12 august 2021?
    one benjamin franklin once said failing to plan is planning to fail. let people plan and prepare how they will tackle 2021 campaigns.

  15. STUPIDITY KAIZER, we are waiting to see your small DICK also becuase you PF people are Crazy. people are tired with your nonsense we want normacy in our country. we want you to go..


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