Government should identify, arrest and prosecute PF cadres involved in the illegal allocation in Lusaka and Kitwe

Lusaka City Council demolishing illegal structures in Matero

The UNITED PARTY FOR NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT says the government should identify, arrest and prosecute PF cadres involved in the illegal allocation and sale of land in Lusaka and Kitwe.

The party says merely suspending the two local authorities and revoking their power of land agency without identifying and arresting the many cadres involved in the illegal sale amounts to addressing the outcome instead of the root of the problem.

UPND Deputy Chairman for Local Government and Housing Committee Brian Ndumba said the illegal plot allocations have nothing to do with the two Councils other than the PF cadres working in cohort with senior Party officials leaving the local authorities bear the blame.

Mr Ndumba stated that it was saddening and unfortunate that the local authorities were being punished for the crimes committed by mostly PF cadres as seen in media reports.

Mr Ndumba who is a seasoned local government practitioner express surprise at the swift pace in which local government minister Charles Banda acted in the suspension of the two local authorities when corruption accused Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya continues in office.

He says once in office, the UPND would ensure the full implementation of the local government decentralization policy to allow councils manage land issues such as the issuance of title deeds.

This he revealed would make land management easier devoid of corruption and creation of illegal settlements.


  1. What action has upnd taken in district councils it controls where similar cases have been reported. Remember PeP leader reminded us of your failure to run councils and wondered how you would run the whole country

  2. Magaba you are right. These upnd bush donkeys are good at whinning and criticising even where actions are taking place. The inferior diasporans are the same. These disgruntled circumcised hippos will never win the general election.

  3. Lusaka Times, you are very good at censoring In Sults but why do you allow Kaizar Zulu to spew hatred and in Sults here? Is he one of yours?

  4. The saint please mention one insult from my previous comment? Non of those words are insults or censored words. Stop being ignorant.

  5. UPND cadres is becoming worse foolishness than PF.
    Why that useless Ndumba helping PF councillors?? They all need to jail. They will still have rights to vote for Edgar in jail.
    UPND should immediately fire their incoming minister of local government.

  6. KZ must be blocked from commenting here. He is harbouring hatred, he can’t be calling others hippos. Do unto others…

  7. Police should investigate and arrest those sponsoring foreigners to destabilize our beloved country Zambia.This party is bad,satanic and unzambian and I wonder why some people are even following this stingy,hypocritical selfish party sponsored by gays.

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