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Ministry of Health PS urges the public not to self prescribe COVID-19 medication as Zambia records 4 more deaths


Zambia has in the last 24 hours recorded four COVID-19 related deaths bringing the cumulative number of deaths associated with the pandemic to 146.

And the country has recorded 247 new cases of the pandemic out of the 970 tests conducted in the last 24 hours.

Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Technical Services Kennedy Malama says out of the 247 new cases, 127 people were identified through health care facility screening, 64 contacts to known cases, 46 individuals from routine community screening in Lusaka, four health care workers and three individuals from community alerts.

And Dr Malama said of the four deaths recorded, two were Brought in Dead at the UTH, one death recorded at Medland Medical Center and one patient they have been managing at Levy Mwanawasa Isolation Center.

He said following the reclassification of the deaths in which the virus has been detected, it has been determined that 40 of the deaths are COVID deaths while 96 are COVID-19 associated deaths and eight deaths are yet to be classified.

Dr Malama said the cumulative number of cases stands at 5,249 including 146 deaths and 3,285 recoveries.

Speaking during the routine updates of COVID-19 in Lusaka, Dr Malama said 89 are admitted of which 37 are on oxygen and three on ventilators.

Dr Malama said the Government will not show pictures of people who are admitted in COVID-19 isolation centers and has urged Zambians to desist from using drugs that are not prescribed by health practitioners.

He said the use of certain drugs being used to treat COVID-19 patients are very strong and should not be used without prescription from the medical practitioners.

Dr Malama said the Ministry of Health has directed the Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority to stamp out the use of such drugs and ensure that people selling the drugs are brought to book.


  1. You quarantine ministers, and what you get out is pictures of their d!cks. Guyz stop forwarding that to me, send to PF women.
    Did Ba Rev. Sumaili also receive video or worse of a Minister jerking off? The best that once upon honorable do is pick up fight with harmed Kaizar, he may do him a favor.
    This covid- is serious.

  2. Sad turn of events. I thought Zambia was doing well.

    LT – there seems to be a problem with your website! One tick will duplicate, whilst others will disappear completely after few minutes! Is this a technical issue or a measure to influence certain lines of thought?

  3. The virus is mutating in many countries and new waves are occuring. In this fight, we can only survive by working together.

    People follow rules and the only self medicating/prescription you need is excercise, healthy eating (fruits high in vitamin C, vegetables, eggs for protein if meat, chicken is short due to cost. Sleep well and rest. Avoid public crowded places. Limit contact with people. Mask, hand wash and above all social distance. Stay at home more often than not.

    The rest is up to God Almighty. Pray in supplication for protection in faith and believing. Get your matters in order and be brave in the fight if you succumb trusting in Christ to finish what you can’t. BE KIND to one another. And stop bellyaching on social Media people!

  4. Zambia Police and ZICTA should get to the bottom of matter on the Minister of Education
    pictures that have gone VIRAL. They should be able to trace the source and bring the culprit to book, those
    behind it.

    Cabinet should come up with an SI to curb on the misuse of Social media in this country. There is a miscalculated AGENDA
    to pull PF and the leadership down through falsehood and propaganda

    ZICTA prove that you exist.

  5. The report on Covid-19 pandemic by Dr Malama is trustworthy and makes sense in contrast with previous reports by a minister facing theft allegations.
    This is what it should be, to hear from a dignified professional, honest and trustworthy. If you are a patient consult Dr Malama, others are just thieves with propensity to lie. However, its sad to read those figures of deaths due to effects of covid-pandemic. Lets take heed to advice and save lives.

  6. If anyone has a video of a PF minister, PS or MP in a scandal, especially a sexual one in nature that can lead to a resignation, suicide or firing, please send it to me immediately. I am offering US$10,000 for any information that will lead to a suicide!

  7. Great to see the number going down. Too bad and what a disappointment to the diasporans who have been praying for more deaths because apparently more people dying somehow translates into a tribal party winning elections. Twapapata bane don’t self prescribe medicine. Kz

  8. @kaiser Zulu read what rainsunmoon has written. In simple language if you meet 3 people in a bar, at least one person will be carrying the virus. What do you think about those numbers? Good or bad? I know your Arithmetic is lousy.

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