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Pay officers who took part in the 2015-2016 NRC Mobile Registration exercise-NDC MP

General News Pay officers who took part in the 2015-2016 NRC Mobile Registration exercise-NDC...

Roan NDC Member of Parliament Joseph Chishala has appealed to the Department of National Registration, Passports and Citizenship to immediately source for funds to pay officers who took part in the 2015-2016 NRC Mobile Registration exercise.

Mr Chishala has revealed that the officers who took part in the exercise have up to now not yet been paid their dues.

He says it is so embarrassing that government has not yet paid the officers six years down the line.

“In the year 2019 when I followed up on this issue, Registrar-General Matthews Nyirongo said the unpaid officers who took part in the 2015-2016 mobile registration exercise will only get their dues when funds are made available because the Treasury was stressed at that time”, said Mr Chishala.

He said about 700 officers who took part in phase three of the exercise have still not yet been paid their balance of K15,000 each, despite Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo promising in Parliament in the year 2018 that they would be paid at the end of 2018 and this is 2020 the officers are still being owed.

The Roan lawmaker expressed disappointment over the government failure to pay as the officers expected to be paid their monies immediately after the exercise in 2016.

“The exercise was for three months. Before commencing the exercise, officers were told it was funded and they expected to be paid immediately after the exercise. But up to now, government is owing them K15,000 each and about 700 officers took part”, emphasised Mr Chishala.

He said in June 2020, the officers were asked to submit their bank details to the Ministry of finance in the pretence that government would pay the officers through their banks, but no sign of payment up to now.

The Roan MP is wondering were government will get monies to pay officer’s who will take part in the phase one and phase two of the 2020 NRC Mobile Registration Exercise commencing on 1st August 2020 when it has failed to pay the 2015-2016 officers who took part in that exercise.

Mr Chishala said the same way the PF is panicking to make sure more youths acquire Registration cards ahead of the 2021 general elections so that the ruling party has numbers, they should also panic to pay the poor officers.

The Roan MP has since advised the officers not to commence the 2020 mobile registration exercise not until the 2015-2016 and the 2020 monies are paid in full as this PF government can’t be trusted.

“Besides PF is leaving power come 2021 so it’s just in order that they settled dues immediately”, he said.


  1. This mp has nothing to do clearly. Because majority have been paid and the remaining ones are those where verification needs to be done due to suspicion of credibility and possible forging of documents. Useless mp

  2. @Kaizer explain to me
    1. Are those “mobile” officers not full time civil servants under Kampyongo. Why pay them if they are on monthly salary?
    2. Why do you PF set up desks under mango trees as “offices”. Isn’t it cheaper to offer a weekly bus to transport the 16 years olds from rural shawangandu to boma ? Than paying those K15000 officers on mobile sex adventures?

  3. Nostra you seem delusional and emotional. Whilst I am empathetic to your mental illness, I think you need to grow up and face election losses as a man

  4. KZ what shall we do about with ’p0narables’ Mabumba and Sichalwe?

    I recall ECL spoke about misuse of shosho media. Or was it Siliya and Lou?

  5. where is news about David Mabumba ba LT. we have prepared nice comments for that piece of news. please bring it on now now.


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