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Copperbelt PF thanks President Edgar Lungu for appointing Dr Jonas Chanda

Feature Politics Copperbelt PF thanks President Edgar Lungu for appointing Dr Jonas Chanda

The Copperbelt PF Provincial Executive Committee has thanked President Edgar Lungu for appointing its Provincial vice chairperson and Bwana Mkubwa Member of Parliament, Jonas Chanda as Cabinet Minister.

PF Copperbelt Chairperson, Nathan Chanda, who is also Luanshya Mayor
says Dr. Chanda’s appointment as Minister of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection is well deserved.

Mr. Chanda says the level of confidence that the President has shown in Copperbelt Members of Parliament and the love he has for the region is inspiring.

He has assured the Head of State that the party will continue working hard and with all MPs to deliver development to the people on the Copperbelt in line with the 7th National Development plan and Vision 2030.

Mr. Chanda has wished Dr. Chanda all the best and God’s blessings and guidance as he takes up the new appointment.

Yesterday, President Lungu appointed the Bwana Mkubwa law maker as Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection minister.

And Copperbelt Members of Parliament have commended President Edgar Lungu for appointing Bwana Mkubwa MP Dr Jonas Chanda as Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection Minister.

Copperbelt MPs caucus Chairperson Dr Evans Chibanda says the appointment of Dr Chanda is timely and commendable.

He said Dr Chanda is a hard working and loyal member of the party who will deliver to President Lungu’s expectations.

Dr Chibanda who is also Mufulira Central MP said the people of the Copperbelt remain indebted to President Lungu for considering another MP from the region to Cabinet.

Meanwhile, Dr Chibanda has appealed to Kitwe PF councilors threatening to resign after the local authority was suspended due to illegal land allocation to remain calm.

Dr Chibanda said the minister of Local Government was in order and within the confines of the law to suspend the council for three months to pave way for investigations into illegal land allocation.

He said the councilors in Kitwe must be patient and allow the due process of the law to take its course as the minister of local government seeks to cleanse the local authority to enhance service delivery.

Dr Chibanda appealed to the minister of local government to extend the probe to other local authorities on the Copperbelt like Mufulira council which is equally in a mess.

And the PF district chairman Evaristo Chilufya has this afternoon summoned all the 27 councilors in Kitwe after they threatened to resign following the decision by the minister of local government to suspend the council.


  1. Congrats. Welcome to the high level decision making body. We look forward to working with you to bring more development to our people. One zambia one pf.

  2. Congrats. Welcome to the high level decision making body. We look forward to working with you to bring more development to our people. One zambia one pf. Kz

  3. Can we then say.. ubwamba is a catalyst for his apointment. This man should thank ubwamba always cox it has seen his car be flagged….. We expect alot of ah in his speech

  4. But truly munda ni muchabu. It is unbelievable that Jonas and Sunday Chanda are born from same mother.
    This Jonas is a bit normal, apala banyina. Sons who behave like Sunday brings problems in marriage, his father used to question who fathered that idyot of son.

  5. Isn’t this the Jonas Chanda who was sleeping with another man’s wife Grace?
    Bushe are we out of normal people in Zambia?

  6. What congratulations sure? How does this appointment bring food on our tables? Inflation will still remain high and in double digit, exchange rate will still remain very high, reserves are gone completely, debt is unsustainable due to reckless borrowing, the economy is literally on its knees, so what are the congratulations for, our fortunes will remain the same even with Jonas being appointed Minister, so what is the excitement for. Beyond compression really.

  7. No way new appointee can be the Moses. Might as be as blank as the others, let’s wait and see if water will now start running from the taps in houses which can hear the water flowing in the nearby Kafue and Zambezi rivers

  8. He just benefited from the misfortune of his friend. Other PF mps although congratulating the newly appointed but inside they are burning wondering why they were not considered.

  9. He is preparing to fire Chilufya and put Jonas. Chilufya and Janas (Masala secondary school alumni) were in the same class at UNZA. Good wedge to fire and replace with classmate



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