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408 new COVID-19 cases out of 1,611 tests recorded in the last 24 hours with 2 Deaths

Health 408 new COVID-19 cases out of 1,611 tests recorded in the last...

Zambia has recorded 408 new COVID-19 cases out of 1,611 tests done in the last 24 hours.

This brings the cumulative number of cases to 5,963 and the positivity rate to 25% according to Ministry of Health Permanent secretary for Technical Services Dr Kennedy Malama.

Speaking when he gave the latest COVID-19 update, Dr Malama also disclosed that the country has recorded 2 deaths in the last 24 hours while 514 patients have been discharged bringing the total number of recoveries to 3,083.

“We have registered another facility death in Levy Mwanawasa Isolation Center bringing the total number of COVID-19 related deaths in the last 24 hours to two (2) which are yet to be classified. The cumulative number of deaths associated with COVID-19 now stands at 151.” he said.

And Dr Malama said government is making sure that provision of other essential health services for other equally important health challenges amidst COVID-19 is not neglected.

He said failure to ensure that diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis,malaria and other non communicable diseases such as cancer receive the much needed attention amidst the pandemic might lead to even more loss of lives.

“Ministry of Health developed guidelines on continuation of services amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The guidelines have since been disseminated to all facilities across the country” Dr Malama assured.

Dr Malama cautioned that the pandemic is now widespread across the country adding that Lusaka and the Copperbelt are no longer the only epicenters and therefore called for strict adherance to all health guidelines such as masking up, exercising social distancing and regular washing of hands and public hygiene.


  1. Mortality rate easing with time. This is good for our nation. We will pull through bigger better and stronger. Historically second waves tend to be worse than first. So taking all in to account we are not doing too bad. Look at the figures for developed nations who predicted doom in Africa. Hogwash

  2. Mortality rate easing with time. This is good for our nation. We will pull through bigger better and stronger. Historically second waves tend to be worse than first. So taking all in to account we are not doing too bad. Look at the figures for developed nations who predicted doom in Africa. Hogwash. We thank our offivcers in uniform

  3. The number out there is more than whats on paper …surely you can not be still be doing close to 2000 tests a day that’s a very small sample….Just tell you dont have test kits as you have eaten all the funds.

  4. Don’t wait for results just start treatment otherwise you will die Medicines which can help you if you are having fever,cough,tiredness,loss of balance,loss of smell and test,diarrhea Auro Amoxiclav 1000mg,chloroqiene,Austell Azithromycin 500mg,Adco Napamol,Sinucon and imodium 2mg and thiamine tablets 100mg,Pholtex Plus vitamin C and D lemon ginger mixed boiled with Med-Lemon these hospitals don’t even know what there doing people are dying for nothing save yourself don’t even rush to hospital you will die there.

  5. That slid is dirty, was the guy jerking off while compiling information? Why all those colors?? Hoooooo he was trying to represent Zambian flag colors?

  6. Hahah the angry diasporans. Chifundo. Me am here home having a drink celebrating our electoral victories in upnd strongholds. I am doing the sontapo dance. This dance involves me fwenkulaling then pointing my finger in the opposite direction while shouting ” look to the north, sontapo, look to the north, sontapo, look to the west Sontapo, look to the east ,sontapo “!!!!. I am drunk

  7. Oh dear….multi epicentres.

    What alarms me is the lack of clear instructions as to what to do if a family member becomes unwell. Even here. You shelter at home if you feel unwell with covid19 symptoms. Take a test then advised to take paracetamol, and lots of water. Stay in bed for 7 days in a separate room from other family members who also must then shelter for 14 days after one family member is ill in separate rooms in the house. Shelter means no one in the family should be going out in public or out of the house. Hospital treatment is only if patient becomes critically ill. Maybe we need the WHO to work with Ministry of Health in advising properly. ITS IMPORTANT THAT THE WHOLE FAMILY QUARANTINES for 14 days before going out if someone succumbs in the family. Do people…

  8. Look at the shameless Impostor he is saying I am here having a drink in Zambia but will not say where because we all know that the sad sob is in his UK council flat!

  9. The figures are not real , 25% positive of the sampling, tests of the world including SA are 2-3% of tested are positive. thats 9 x the rest of the world average. saying that are we really having having close to 3000 cases a day of positive cases?

  10. Buses are still carry the same number of people and so are taxis, no distancing in most food outlets and worse at Kasumbalesa

  11. The PF numbers don’t add up.
    South Africa with an average daily infection or positivity rate of below 10% has over 400,000 confirmed cases.
    Zambia with a positivity rate of over 25% only has 5,900 confirmed cases.
    The Medical fraternity in Zambia need to look into this.Zambia may need to lock down to contain the hidden disaster.

  12. @Kaizer Zulu, you are drunk and celebrating what? People are dying ,you bellend! You are you fellow bawbags will pay for your wretchedness. May you live in interesting times.

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