Sunday, June 16, 2024

People are joining PF because of various projects that government is implementing-Katambo


Masaiti Member of Parliament Michael Katambo says people are joining the PF because of various projects that government is implementing on the Copperbelt.

Mr. Katambo who is also agriculture minister says President Edgar Lungu has also managed to distribute farming inputs early ,much to the delight of the people in the country.

The Minister was speaking when he and the Copperbelt PF Provincial Chairman,Nathan Chanda received scores of defectors from opposition political parties in Ndola.

And Mr. Chanda has called on the party structures to embrace the new members .

Among the Defectors was UPND Masaiti Miputu Ward Councillor in Masaiti Hosin Mabeti .

Mr. Mabeti said he has been compelled to resign due to lack of leadership in the UPND.

Earlier, Speaking on behalf of the defectors Ndola NDC District Chairperson Raban Mulenga said they have decided to join the ruling party due to the developments taking place in the country.


  1. Sontapo. Very true and this will be the easiest election we ever won. I am so confident of us winning such that I say let us give upnd 100,000 free votes prior to election.

  2. PF and government are TWO different appurtenance
    PF is a party and can not impliment any project out of nowhere.
    Government should deliver imputs to all province without favouring PF stronghold

  3. Another dull moron what has projects govt is implementing using taxpayers money got to do with PF…this is another minister who left his wife and children for a teenage girl…these ministers never learnt from Newsted Zimba who had the best girls after he divorced his wife today the man is alone and financially drained through divorce cases.

  4. People Edgar Lungu is chosen by God and only God will tell us when he is done with Lungu. I think we should make Edgar Lungu the life President because he is bringing a lot of developmental projects to Zambia using his own personal money. The man is also humble.

  5. Patriotic Zambian – Lazy Lungu lamentably failed to raise nomination fee for Presidency in 2016 today he is a rich man.

  6. In 2011 Zambians voted for pf’s blue lies on the party logo, lower taxes, more jobs and money in your pockets.

    So Zambians did not see that their party logo is plain blue lies? Can any Zambian sonta on taxes that have been reduced, can anyone sonta at the jobs they have created , can anyone show the money from their pockets,if you got money in your pocket then why is your grand mother waiting upon donor money to get a K400 social transfer?

  7. One mans meet is another mans poison, people can eat the same food but they won’t answer the call of nature at the same time, am sure they have done even more than enough for us but they can’t sutisfy us all.

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