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It’s Shocking that the President Will be Commissioning an Incomplete Flyover Bridge-Sean Tembo


As President Edgar Lungu will be Commissioning the flyover bridge on Kafue road today, Patriots for Economic Progress Leader Sean Tembo is shocked that a bridge whose works appear incomplete could attract the head of State to Commission.

The bridge which was constructed with support from the Indian Government under the Lusaka Decongestion project to reduce car congestion is located next to Makeni Mall and Cosmopolitan Shopping Mall in Lusaka.

Mr Tembo is shocked to learn that the Flyover Bridge is complete in its current form and is scheduled for commissioning by President Lungu.

He said it was his party’s expectation that a spaghetti junction is what would be constructed so as to allow the free flow of traffic and eliminate the need for traffic lights.

Mr Tembo said in its current form, the Chawama Flyover Bridge is incapable of facilitating a free flow of traffic and therefore does not serve any purpose other than being a waste of taxpayer’s money.

He said there will be need therefore to install traffic lights under the flyover bridge to control traffic to and from Makeni Mall, Chawama and Kafue Road.

Mr Tembo said the Chawama Flyover Bridge epitomizes the incompetence and lack of foresight of the PF Government in general and President Edgar Lungu in particular.

“One of the primary purposes of a government is to ensure that public financial resources are utilized in a prudent manner so as to create value for the nation. The Chawama Flyover Bridge is a waste of public financial resources as it does not serve any purpose whatsoever, and President Lungu must be ashamed to consider commissioning such a moribund structure”, he said.

Mr Tembo has called on President Lungu to consider postponing the commissioning of the Chawama Flyover Bridge until such a time that it is re-designed and re-constructed in a manner that will serve its primary purpose of easing the flow of traffic.

He said it its current form, the Chawama Flyover Bridge has only further complicated the flow of traffic instead of easing it.

“It is our firm belief that no individual in their right frame of mind should commission such a monstrosity”, he added.

Lusaka's Makeni Flyover Bridge


  1. If you are looking for corruption, this is it. Ushe what happened to anti-corruption in Zambia? Have they been completly neutralised. Do they even exist? Anyway Sean Tembo, thank you for highlighting this and one wonders why our media shy away from reporting these issues. The public have been short changed once more. The people responsib probably have completed building a complex of housing units. We need to expose these people and make an example out of them. These people are stealing under our noses.

  2. I wonder too, why would you commission something still incomplete?

    He has nothing to do.

    PF must go!

  3. yes this is in Zambia, look at those black & yellow pipes, no other country paint like that. They didn’t steal pictures this time.

  4. Just give it a few months ,not years, and all the lights at the Chawama fly-over won’t even be working as informal sector electricians will steal components.

  5. The lazy thing has nothing to do in State House hence the reason he is going to commission it again even whwn there is a pandemic…the moron wants to stand again iin 2021.

  6. By the way that is a common road arrangement in India and most Asian and Middle East countries. You still have traffic lights under the flyover while facilitating traffic that needs to proceed without the need to turn. If this is explained in this manner then this argument falls away and the commissioning can go ahead. For those in the know I am rarely this generous to this PF crowd BUT objectively this is it.

  7. Kalok is right. There will be free flow of traffic for anybody who goes straight along Kafue Road, but whoever goes off to Makeni Mall etc. will still see robots. Quite normal. I wouldn’t have designed it but surely it will improve the overall flow of traffic.



    • @Luapula premiere how often do you thank the ATM for dispensing your own money? Remember that’s a loan you and me will pay through taxes, the first thing you need to do is go and check if it is worth the money you will pay for it.

  9. Ill thought out project they could have done away with the flyover bridge and moved railway line and train station somewhere…this bridge will be obsolete in 10 years in need of expansion.

  10. The Flyover bridge is not the issue. What was shocking was the number of impoverished Chawama villagers who made long queues for PF Chitenges. The poverty on their faces in the midst of an expensive bridge was what was really shocking.
    And don’t underestimate these villagers because they constitute our decision makers during Elections!
    PF is really street smart and will win 2021 Elections! PF is for sure still popular among our villagers and will carry the day come August 2021! This is the group our online opposition need to reach who are not even online.

  11. Let me get this right. The President plans to stage a commissioning event in the middle of a pandemic?

    Put aside the not-complete part (which is lunacy enough), but organizing a ribbon cutting event for what… 75-100 or more people (?) at a time we are meant to be social distancing sends mixed messages at best and is irresponsible at worst! What is more important now, a photo op for the party faithful (and GRZ workers who have no choice but to attend) or the public health?

    Please, be serious!!

  12. Please LT…put correct pictures of the flyover bridge. Those photos are for the long acres Bridge. The chawama Bridge is far better looking with many solar powered lights.

  13. Mulumendo Sean tembo or sin tembo may be smoking the forbidden plant. Even if you hate changwa so bad, you really need to summon your senses. Right now, you are not thinking properly. The Makeni drive over bridge is function and it is practically complete. Iwe and your friends do not see anything good in this country. Mulumendo learn to appreciate, at the rate you are going, stroke izakugwira. Pf have delivered and I enjoyed driving over what you most uncircumcised call the flyover. I drove on the ramp and with my built environment knowledge, it felt good. It may be overpriced because of fellow criminals who wanted to eat. Are you not in politics to eat just like your brothers. I call a spade a spade bwana flyover sin tembo.
    My call upon you learned fellow is criticize when necessary and…

  14. Ma polo.ticians aka fake Zambians like ka sean tembo,ka hh, lost soul who needs to be saved …nevers , chi communist chi mmembe, kakabimba, Ba Maliokela, =chi baby elephant chi kambwili, ka friend to seer 1 ka immoral kalaba, et al…are jealous of H.E Chagwa Lungu . ECL don’t worry, real Zambians like appreciate and the bridge is functional and will reduce congestion at Makeni junction
    …and to you Tonga Hater …si bridge ya Nyoko olo Awoso ..W.E.N.Y.O

  15. Sin Tembo writes as if he is the designer of the bridge. I think that he is a product of the school of humanities at the university of Zambia where is illegal.

  16. The list of PF miracles is growing long;
    1.0 Incomplete Flyover Bridge
    2.0 42 Fire tenders at 1 Milllion Dollars a pop
    3.0 Houses with no owners
    4.0 Kwacha at all time low against the dollar
    5.0 High unemployment
    6.0 High cost of living

  17. Is he crazy! What does he mean by saying that bridge is incomplete, what did he want to see?

    Traffic is now indeed free flowing, what’s his problem?

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