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$1 million Fire Truck fails to put out a small fire



  1. Any fire tender that’s faulty can fail to perform, so there’s no relationship between the failure to put off the fire by the fire tender and its fraudulent procurement. Reverse the situation, had the fire engine performed could that have justified its fraudulent procurement? NO! The fire engine failed may be due to a lack of maintenance, so don’t marry the two otherwise you might dilute the serious case daylight robbery that still lingers in our minds and which we’ve vowed deal with at an appropriate time. The fire tender saga won’t just die, whether they work or they don’t

  2. @Ayatollah

    Thats a good one…. i guess in PF you forget very fast. We were told that the reason the fire tenders cost so much, they came with a maintenance package….

    Try another one don’t sale us on that B.ULL S.HIT

  3. Its not the price of the fire trucks but the efficiency of the system, with proper and effective system in place even the cheapest fire trucks can do the job.

  4. Kkkkkklkkkk!k! Now even the Fire brigade start to sabotage PF mission. It was premeditated, the guys were also protesting on the $1million trucks.

  5. 1,000,000 dollars means 19,000,000 kwacha. PF is a party of foolish robbers. 2021 PF thieves will be locked up for good. No judge no appearance, straight disappearance. HH will bring prosperity and justice that majority of Zsmbianscare looking for.

  6. Incompetence at the highest level. The word EFFICIENCY is alien to the present government. This is most evident in the mining industry. Now, the disease is permeating throughout the country!

  7. Surely how can someone call themselves President or Local Government Minister when these corruptly acquired trucks are parked in Stations

  8. We can’t fight of small fires, because all the training, goes toward protecting the president.

    This is going toward Zambia Credit report.

    IMF are you watching? All that money that we borrow none of it goes for training.

    Quick to unleash judgment, and slow to give tools to carry out a particular function.

    Current PF administration timeout.

  9. We can’t fight of small fires, because all the training, goes toward protecting the president.

    This is going toward Zambia Credit report.

    IMF are you watching? All that money that we borrow none of it goes for training.

    Quick to unleash judgment, and slow to give tools to carry out a particular function.

    Current PF administration timeout.

  10. Failure to put out a small fire has nothing to with the President and most likely even the fire engines themselves. It has to do with the people managing those fire engines. It is an emergency vehicle. Apart from the maintenance of the engines, the most important aspect is simulations. Has any emergency simulation been done by the Lusaka City Council Fire Brigade? We laughing it is a small car, what if it was a plane loaded with passengers? This should be a disciplinary issue, requiring an investigation so that systems put in place are running, and the responsible Engineers are punished.

  11. The uniform is all outdated…for $1 million dollars a truck all that should have been included plus training abroad and holidays for each fireman in Zambia

  12. They need to go for service in the USA as per agreement.We were given
    Five years guarantee.They should be
    Accompanied by the same people
    Who bought it.

  13. Ayotollah thanks for the voice of reason. Our friends in diaspora who are upnd supporters are so petty and childish. I don’t blame them because they are following their role model, childish hh. They will continue gnashing their teeth as they earn another world record of election losses

    • You should also understand that you hate HH ,unfortunate you don’t belong in same class of life ,HH is a classical gentleman with respect and well mannered. He is not like you, you are always on his nake why? Be a good citizen, God will bless you.

  14. Shame shame shame. A government of scandal after scandal. These vampires! They are worse than the colonial government

  15. KZ you will be gnashing your teeth once you have been put in jail the day after the election! Corruption never pays off in the end…..


  17. You receive an emergency call, & you pick a truck that is going to make you look stupid. The video just showed us that these people dont under go serious fire fighting training. People who are trained to respond to emergencies cant make such mistakes, they always come with alternative solutions. These guys were focusing on trying to figure out what was wrong with their truck and trying to fix their truck instead of finding an alternative way to solve the problem for which they were called for. To make it worse even the people in the video were not helping. That was not a problem for the fire fighters alone. People could have picked buckets and asked the fire crew to open the tank and tried to do something not watching and laughing at the crew

  18. People like these fire fighters supposed to be carrying out simulations as way of maintaining and testing their trucks to see if they are fit to handle problems. You cant just pack something and hope it will perform its job the day you take it for work. You take a well maintained, serviced and tested truck for duty. The big blame goes to whoever is responsible for maintaining these trucks. As for Pathetic Fools your blame in relation to this is that we know you overstated the cost of these trucks and time is coming for you to leave office and face consequences for all your misappropriations

  19. And what has a fire truck having technical difficulties got to do with pf competence to govern? If you relate working fire trucks to successful governance then you need your empty head checking. Upnd is full of dull chaps in diaspora

  20. And what has the diaspora done to be equated to hh and what has hh got to do with this article? Some people are really blind followers. There is a clear relationship between the value of the equipment and the job it is supposed to do. Wait until it is your house on fire and the same equipment fails. Will you still have the same opinion? Because it is the poor people that have suffered, it does not matter. Remember that God will judge harshly the injustices of the rich in this age and the age to come. Let’s be sober in our approach and not just be staunch UPNDs or PFs for its sake. No wonder we are in trouble as a nation.

  21. How can you attract your so called investors if you can not put out a vehicle tyre…..who would risk their money in brick and mortar!!

  22. ECL to his inner circle -. Fire tenders are outdated. We need better modern firefighters before election day in 2021.
    Kaizar Silly – You are right your excellency. How much you need for elections and your bank account in Dubai?

    ECL – Elections will be funded by the Chinese, Indians and Trade kings . I need 50% of each tender.

    Kaizar Dilli – Your wish my Command, my Master.

    ECL – Kaisar, go ahead look fir a better fire tender at 2 million dollar a piece.

    Kaizar Zullu – Your highness the monarch of Zero, tenders at 2.5 millions a piece has been found.

    ECL – Why additional 500000 being paid for?

    Kaizar Zullu – Your highness, that is my commission to facilitate the transaction.

    ECL – smart boy. Go ahead and order quickly. After that we need ambulances fir Covid-19…

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