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Majority of COVID-19 Cases Still from Lusaka and Copperbelt Provinces


Lusaka and Copperbelt Provinces still account for more than 70 percent of Covid-19 cases. The pandemic has on the other hand spread to almost all parts of the country.

Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya has since urged employers to exploit technology and encourage virtual work to minimize contact between people to stop the spread of COVID-19.

And Dr. Chilufya says the country has recorded 233 new cases of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours out of the one thousand 820 tests conducted.

He says the cumulative cases of the pandemic in the country now stand at 6 580.

Dr. Chilufya adds that the cumulative deaths are now 171.

He says the recovered number of COVID-19 patients is pegged at four thousand 7-hundred and one.

Dr. Chilufya revealed this today during the COVID -19 status update in Lusaka.

At the same function, Ministry of Health Director -Infectious Diseases Professor Llyod Mulenga said diarrhoea, vomiting, rush and fatigue are some of the emerging symptoms associated with COVID-19.

And Ministry of Health Deputy Director of Clinical Care and Technical Daniel Makawa who recently recovered from Covid-19 encouraged Zambians to prioritise tests for the pandemic for the treatment to be effective.

The Breakdown of  233 New Cases

  • 167 cases identified through healthcare facility screening in Lusaka (102), Mpika (19), Kitwe (15), Senga Hill (9), Luwingu (8), Kasama (6), Chinsali (5), Ndola (2) and Mungwi (1)
  • 32 individuals identified from routine community screening in Lusaka (22), Mufulira (5) and Ndola (5)
  • 21 contacts to known positive cases in Lusaka (20) and Mufulira (1)
  • 9 truck drivers in Chirundu
  • 3 healthcare workers screened in Lusaka
  • 1 passenger through KKIA


  1. And what happened with your irresponsible president yesterday was was very shameful! Why didn’t he go with just handful of officials to celebrate his small flyover as if it bring food on the the table for many Zambians?

    Sometimes he must be serious and act like a statesman. Too much cadrism in his head.

    PF must go!

  2. Cases still from Lusaka and CB…are we not surprised? That’s because you never did anything two months ago and you were telling us lies and covid-19 has a way to expose liars like you. You are lucky you have an incompetent corrupt boss.

  3. Thank you for keeping us updated. No evil formed against us by diasporans will prosper. We send it back to sender.

    Today I am in a bad mood because thanks to the fake video circulating about my net worth, now my silly children want a 100 per cent increase in allowances.

  4. Again this face associated with false figures and thefts – Zambians deserve better people to update us about covid-19 management – let thieves continue being investigated and hidden from the public –
    PF really must go.

  5. This criminal regime is still holding political meetings amid the rising cases in the name of commissioning projects….they are following in the US and Brazil footsteps but forgetting the the two countries have better health facilities

  6. “Dr Chilufya encourage employers to exploit technology… to minimize contact between employees”. This is laughable. This is the same minister who went to court with hundreds of his supporters, centrally to what he is saying. And as he was saying this, his boss was busy commissioning with hundreds of cadres, hence ignoring their own directives. Yet they want others to dance to their tunes, what a joker of leaders they are!

  7. mr.chilufya ,why didn’t you advise your boss,President Edgar Lungu not to go and commission the uncompleted project were no safety measures for covid -19 were over looked.l wonder if these pf leaders care for the Zambians. They wish them dead.

  8. Dr Chilufya, did you see the multitude of loafers yesterday going to see the ‘opening’ of a fly over bridge, and as you know there is nothing spectacular with a bridge, its just motor vehicles driving through. Can we please sort out unemployment in this country, those were idle minds with nothing to do, and the person who was reading the speech just decides to spoil it by saying we will not be distracted by the opposition, instead of telling people of what he had gone to do there, very obsessed with the opposition, does he even sleep?


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