Sunday, March 3, 2024

Winning hearts, one Chitenge at a time



  1. Dogs have refused to wear the blood stained material, so the rats are the ones scrambling for them, soon the worms will start scrambling for them.

  2. And the point of such a post? Have you run out of news? If so let us know. I have many articles I have written which you can publish to educate the masses

  3. These bribes must be stopped even in the 2021 elections. Tee shirt and Chitenge, crystal clear, distinct, thorough, without a shed of doubt corruption. That is why in civilized countries, you don’t see such stone age primitivity ,

  4. No masks no nothing inviting dying in masses. But why is PF inviting deaths on people. More deaths more money in their pockets.

  5. Hardworking thug in action, impressive, well organized. Hope these Pirates Front were producing those materials from Kabwe, unfortunately they imported duty free from China.
    Tomorrow line them up for covid testing kaili.

  6. @Kaizer, move development, it is tik-tok revolution naiwe. I like watching these Action Movies, thugs in action. The only disturbing in this movie is that PF was supposed to dress people with face masks.
    Who the fvck stopped PF from giving away their party masks? That was styupid indeed. Mask up Zambia.

  7. Well, the point about the vid do is to show the popularity of PF. The people lined up willingly to receive party branded items. PF is clearly highly supported.

    But tut, tut, for unmasked and non social distanced control.

  8. Why do pf cadres feel offended to see other people put on UPND regalia ? like those thugs who chased a young 2 young ladies from their trading booth for putting a bally cap.

    PF has this trick of not allowing others political parties to display their regalia in public in order to create some situation and during campaigns claim that other political parties are not on the ground.

  9. This is how desperate the PF are.To them there is no corona.Pensioners, civil servants, Army officers have not been paid but they can easoly get Chinese loans for party regalia to distribute to villagers.There are no medicines including parnadol and insulin in hospitals but they can get loans for this rubbish. A change pf government next.year is the solution. These thugs should go

  10. Look how hurt upnd thugs are. Is it our fault that your so called billionaire leader wa kaso so much that he can’t even spare change to donate chitenge? During covid the media had to force him to donate and when he donated it was tu ebu soap. Kiki

  11. If only that Chitenge could improve the brains of the recipients, then they could understand what an insult it is to be duped using stolen money! Those Chitenges are coming from money meant to buy Panadol and other drugs for clinics and hospitals. Please don’t complain against because you have received your Panadol in advance in form of a Chitenge. China Textiles is saying thank you for creating jobs in China. India is also saying thank you for empowering Indians. Do you remember Kambwili’s attack on the Mwenye who was doing what a Zambian was supposed to be employed to do?
    Wake up Zambians!
    Your country has been mortgaged!
    Your grand kids will be slaves!

  12. Pilato was right when he said they want you to be poor so that if they hand you t-shirt you will be so grateful…look at Bowman he is so rich stealing your money that he is even handing out K100,000 to football clubs, in his house he eats like a King.

  13. Sad!!!!!!!! This is poverty doing the thinking for these recipients of “free” chitenge! @ Mwine Mushi indeed an insult! These people need enlightenment than duping them with materials that add no value to the person they are! Deny them information and keep them below average pleasing them with simple things of life to PF’s contentedness!

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