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I’ll ensure that Zambians have universal access to water and sanitation services-New Minister


Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection Minister, Jonas Chanda says he will ensure that Zambians have universal access to water and sanitation services.

Dr. Chanda says he will also prioritized water and environmental management as contained in the Seventh National Development Plan (7NDP) and the Vision 2030.

The Minister said this in Lusaka during the handover ceremony with the outgoing Minister of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection, Dr. Dennis Wanchinga.

Dr. Chanda has since thanked President Edgar Lungu for the confidence shown by appointing him to a Ministry which is core to national development.

And speaking earlier, Dr. Wanchinga says President Edgar Lungu has keen interest in projects the Ministry is implementing.

Dr. Wanchinga cited the Kafulafuta Water Supply System Project and the Kafue Bulk Water Project among other projects.

President Edgar Lungu recently directed Dr Chanda to improve access to water and sanitation by the Zambian people.

The President expressed confidence that Dr Chanda understands the PFs agenda on water development as evidenced by the passion he has shown to deliver development to the people of Bwana Mkubwa Constituency in Ndola.

According to the 2018 Zambia Demographic and Health Survey, 64 per cent of the population use basic drinking water services of which 87 percent are in urban areas and 49 per cent in rural areas.

33 percent of Zambia’s population use a basic sanitation service of which 41 percent in urban areas, 28 percent in rural areas.

Further, the survey shows that 10 percent of the population practices open defecation of them 1 percent in urban areas, 16 percent in rural areas while 24 percent of the population has access to basic hygiene services, i.e. a handwashing facility with soap and water of which 36 percent is in urban and 15 percent rural areas.


    • The author needs to learn that percentages should ALWAYS add up to 100%.
      Please don’t report on what you don’t understand.

  1. This is what we like to hear honorable. We also have confidence that you can achieve your aims and we will do what we can to facilitate them. Our priority is improving the lives of our people. Yes we accept we have challenges but we know we can do it. We don’t run away from battle like the diasporans who ran to seek economic refuge. Because he who seeks to run away lives to fight another day. Kz

  2. i will ensure aah, that zambians aah, have universal access to water aah, and sanitation services aaah…

  3. Would be more interesting to see Mabumba hand over that phone to the incoming minister so that he can also start using it as per the precedence set. That is what PF does. init?

  4. “I’ll ensure that Zambians have universal access to water and sanitation services-New Minister”-LT

    “a bold statement. When you “make a bold statement”, you express an opinion in a brave way. It might be “bold” because the opinion is uncommon or controversial. It might also be “bold” if there’s a strong possiblity that your statement will be wrong.”

    PF When they leave office they will leave a big mess.

    Couple instructors I had in my life they always emphasize, when working on the project to make it easy for next person, and leave notes in Repair manual. PF administration is contrary.

  5. We pay taxes for the government to provide clean water. They don’t. We install a borehole you tax us again. What kind of bullsh!t is that?

  6. The minister before him said the same thing.

    Even his boss has been promising many things but none tangible has been delivered.

    These thieves should just go.

    They are simply EMPTY tins.

  7. No sooner had they been sworn in than they begun to chew their boss’s socks and lick his old boots. Clowns.

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