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Chamber of Mines should put the interest of the Zambia First-ZRA Chief


The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda says the Chamber of mines should put the interest of the country first before issuing reckless statements that injure the economic welfare of Zambians.

He described the statement that the Zambian government owes mining companies $1 billion in VAT refunds as careless, malicious, and totally false.

“You may hate the leaders of the country, you may even hate ZRA but please don’t hate Zambia, be factual” he challenged the chamber.

“Don’t make careless statements that have the potential to hurt Zambians and the country’s economy”

Speaking on the sidelines of the official opening of the Authority’s Service center, Mr Chanda regretted that the Chamber of Mines has recently issued statements that are inimical not only to the Zambian economy but to the entire citizenry.


  1. I agree. That is a statement that can only be made by an individual who supports the angry upnd party or an angry diasporan. We do not want unpatriotic people in our country. If you act like this please move to diaspora where you can be reunited with those angry toilet cleaners there. Kz

  2. Only a fooooool would ask an organisation that receives annual subscription from its members who are the mine owners to look after their interests that means lobbying for lower taxes, subsidies etc…Chanda again here fails to state how much ZRA owes the mines so who do you listen to then?

  3. $1bn?? If the PF GRZ get the gold mines running and contributing more than the copper mines, the copper mines need to be overhauled. MMD blundered to hand these fundamental national assets to foreigners with bad conditions where these bloodsuckers dictate the terms. Upnd can’t sort out this mess given a chance as they would hand the gold mines to the bloodsuckers as well. On spot, Kingsley.

  4. what’s wrong with toilet cleaners? Don’t we have toilet cleaners in Zambia? If vacancies of toilet cleaners were many, most Zambians in diaspora would not have left Zambia. Many graduates from universities and colleges are unemployed. It is wise to be employed outside Zambia if you have no job or self employed within Zambia. The toilet cleaners in diaspora bring more money in Zambia (Forex). By working outside Zambia they contribute towards the development of the country. It is only a fool who can laugh at toilet cleaners.

  5. If you were to model and strengthen the Zambian FDI investment environment and improve financial stability. there is need to continue modelling various tax policy measures with a long-term tax policy view Modelling the impact of various tax policies on traditional and dynamic revenue measures and consider the economic impacts on growth in case of GDP For instance you may consider Debt bias in Zambia’s ’ tax reform as way also of attracting equity investments in Zambian FDI investment environment and improve financial stability THE commissioner there has spoken rightly and his efforts in moving ZRA digital tax platforms is excellently working and could be seen in revenues collections In this period of crisis the mines are winners on royalty and must…

  6. act responsibly and support ZRA revenue efforts See International Tax Competitiveness Index and compare to

  7. The Chamber of Mines is so annoying that their presence at any public function attracts anger from the people. So I agree with Kingsley Chanda. The Chamber likes alarmist statements. Lat time I felt sorry for their CEO because people were booing him. The current relationship between the Chamber and the Zambian people, especially those that deal with mines isn’t healthy. I think they can do better

  8. When these guys in Chamber of Mines dine and drink with officials from foreign mining companies, they begin to feel like they are also such foreign nationals.

    Even where I used to work, you find a Zambian misrepresenting his own Country by saying very bad statements in meeting expecially on VAT refund, power shortage, holiday declaration, etc. I could get upset that everyone began to hate me. I don’t care. Its my Country.

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