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Zambian in Sweden sentenced to 14 years for sleeping with his own daughters


45 year old Sraj Umar Banda from Zambia was hailed as a fantastic multicultural venture by the state-owned mining company LKAB – but at the same time he committed hundreds of systematic abuses of his daughters which consisted of oral, vaginal and anal rapes that began when the daughters were eleven and twelve years old.

One of the daughters was forced to have two abortions after she became pregnant.

Banda has now been sentenced to a maximum of 14 years in prison.

The extremely serious and extensive crimes were discovered at the beginning of the year when one of the girls, now in her late teens, started telling friends and then the social services about the abuse she and her sister had been subjected to for several years.

The perpetrator in question is their father, the 45-year-old immigrant Sraj Umar Banda who moved to Sweden from Zambia because he was granted state money to do a doctorate in rock mechanics at Luleå University of Technology.

He then came to work for the state mining company LKAB in Svappavaara, where he was hailed as a fantastic multicultural venture.

But even when he was arrested, he could admit in the first interrogations that he had raped the two sisters since they were eleven and twelve years old and that there were so many rapes that he could not even state a clear number himself.

“I’m not here to save my own skin, but I admit the damage I caused,” he said in the first police interrogation.

Now the incestuous child rapist has been sentenced to the highest possible punishment for the systematic rapes of his own daughters.

Hundreds of brutal rapes – one of the girls was forced into two abortions.

The abuse lasted between 2013 and until this spring.

For one girl, it is from the time she was 11 until she was 14 years old and according to Banda herself has touched “almost 100 intercourses”.

The other girl was exposed when she was twelve years old and several years ahead and, according to Banda, was about “well over 100 intercourses”.

Estimates that according to the girls themselves are the tip of the iceberg of rapes that have occurred several times a week.

According to one of the girls, she remembered how the first rape took place:

“He was naked and I was scared, he closed the door and closed it again so no one would see. I tried to stop him, I shouted at him, kind of stop. I knew what [he] was going to do. He took Vaseline on my vagina and on his penis. It hurt and blood came.”

But Banda not only contented herself with raping one of the girls but also started raping her sister.

Sometimes he forced himself on both of them at the same time as they lay next to each other in one of the beds in the home.

He also took pictures and filmed his rapes and assaults – materials that became important evidence in the trial.

!Sraj Umar Banda
!Sraj Umar Banda


  1. This is a candidate for castration. I’m not even sure why this isn’t the first course of action in proved cases of abuse like this. He is a disgrace. May he rot in jail and in hell.

    • Sure Maria 14 years is nothing here. If they had locked him for 80 years it would have been more fitting. How disgusting! He needs psychiatric evaluation

  2. This is sickness of the highest order. Betrayal of the trust these children had in him. For him to say those words shows he has no remorse. 14 years is nothing compared to the trauma he has caused.

  3. To the comment above, please we do not want him here. He is not zambian. He is a diasporan who took up swedish citizenship. We are made to believe that diasporan are living a high life there with whlte women all over them, kanshi it’s a different story where most there don’t want to be with them. They then lose their minds and start touching their own off spring. Disgusting evil diasporans. By giving him only 14 years it shows that there in diaspora such things are normal. In fact I was told that it is legal in the United kingdom to marry your own cousin. This is why I say diasporans shouldn’t be allowed to vote in our Christian nation. We don’t want such morals here. Kz

  4. When I call out diasporans i am called all sorts of names. This man could even be a blogger here. Speaking of which, why is tarino no where to be seen? Limbi tarino real name is sraj umar banda. Diasporans mwasebanya. Please do not associate this chap with Zambia. I have checked records at immigration and this man ain’t zambian. Keep him uko Sweden

  5. When I call out diasporans i am called all sorts of names. This man could even be a blogger here. Speaking of which, why is tarino no where to be seen? Limbi tarino real name is sraj umar banda. Diasporans mwasebanya. Please do not associate this chap with Zambia. I have checked records at immigration and this man ain’t zambian. Keep him uko Sweden where you tolerate such sickness

  6. Better he is arrested outside Zambia. If it was here he was going to be Nolle prosequi ( Latin phrase meaning “will no longer prosecute” )


  8. We in Holland a man called Charles Simwaba. Accused by his own daughters to have
    raped then. Is him or them lying. What a shame,

  9. This is one of the manifestations of “Mutototo” aka “Congo Dust!”
    Those who use enhancers must learn something from this and from those who DOT (Die on Top) especially in Lodges!

  10. This is very common in Zambian homes but it is always kept a secret. If they had been in Zambia, the girls would have never had the opportunity to talk. Sadly, he is going into a Swedish jail where he will live a better life than the majority of Zambians. The Swedish government mut depot him back to Zambia where he should complete his prison sentence.

  11. This man is a PF member.

    He is totally corrupt with no moral compass.

    I just wish the daughter were given anonymity coz their lives have been damaged.

  12. There are some who hv asked where the mother was. I think she was too ,I can’t even find the word, shocked, too heartbroken, too disappointed to do anything. She could even hv contemplated suicide or even killing her husband. She was damned if she kept quiet, damned if she reported, damned if she killed him, damned now that he’s in jail. She must be inconsolable. Why sex is being perverted, I don’t know.

  13. This article leaves much to be desired. So many unanswered questions. Try to look it up from other sources to verify info but apparently this case has only been reported in Zambia and Malawi

  14. Guys it is hard to get woman in diaspora, but not ukonta ubuta bobe.
    Just 14 years, but ku Sweden baliba bwino.
    Chikkala could have waited for 14 year, then daughters could be 30 years old, and that would be fairly ok.

  15. He is a stauch PF cadre and boasted of having hailed from the same village as Dora Siliya.Check his facebook pages with all photos with Anthony, the Zambian Ambassador to German, with Mwamba when he was in SA.He claimed to be PF for life, so where are all those cadres who supported his blogs on PF pages, are they trying to disown him? Typical PF cadres. DP is the way to go.

  16. He is seriously possessed and needs to hung till pronounced dead. Just where does one get an erection over own daughters. He has permanently damaged the girls and they will never see peace in men.
    For some “peaceful ” mahule even make sense over such disgusting behaviuor.
    This is a disaster!!!

  17. Yeah yeah, sure. Barbaric Sweden obviously has a lot to learn from Zambia, where such sickness would not be tolerated.

  18. Depravity of the worst kind, when a man seeks sexual gratification from his own child. A complete departure from human morality – a trait separating us from dogs. Truly tragic.

  19. When I tell you that the boy who uses Kz photo is a UK based impostor you think its a joke same MO as N3z the coon… i will have this moron deleted from this website as he has no moral compass, no ethics.

  20. What kinda man does that to children really? What that man did is disgusting and shameful, I’m happy I never met this Banda chap even though I have been in Luleå several times. Banda is a very sick man who should be kept away from those girls even after prison sentence. I hope those young girls get the help they desperately need. The article does not even mention anything about the mother of the girls, leaving us to speculate right!

  21. How I wish this moron was in the US …they would be waiting for his a$$ in prison…such a disgusting sick man.

  22. The man’s appearances is similar to lungu, maybe hats his nephew
    The man’s should be castrated then burned alive
    Pf must go or zambia dies

  23. Shocking to say the least. The disgusting crimes deserve more than the 14 years slapped on him. Those girls will live with that trauma for the rest of their lives and will possibly see all men as potential evil people. It will take serious counselling and therapy for the 2 sisters. I wonder where their mother is in all this though. May God heal, help and strengthen these girls.

  24. Diaspora Lady, the girls may never recover from this to lead normal lives of trusting men. If their own father could do that to them, why should they trust any other man? This is traumatic. I wish psychologists would interview this Banda man so that we should all be in a position to learn to recognize such traits.

  25. Whichever country, city, house this happened in, anyone with morals agrees it’s wrong. I don’t know what Kaizer is trying to prove by singling out those living in the diaspora. That just shows ignorance, which won’t get you anywhere.

  26. Utterly disgusting. We need to sensitise children at schools to speak up, and offer them a safe protected environment. Thankfully they are in a Western environment with sophisticated psychiatric institutions which should be able to de-programme them but the damage is lifelong.

    Sadly, the only real Justice is illegal…..line him up against a wall, give the girls some uzi machine guns and… ‘rat… ar…tat… tat…’ to their hearts content!

  27. There is something missing in this story. How was his relationship with his wife? The wife is not mentioned here! It could even be that may be discovered those were not his real children but out of rage decided to defile them to leave the woman(wife) and children with life long scars. The guy seems to have thought through all this with all accompanying consequences and sounded to have weighed his options. SUCH CASES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE INVESTIGATED MORE SO THAT PEOPLE CAN LEARN A LITTLE BIT MORE WHAT HAPPENS OR GOES ON IN SOME PEOPLE’S MINDS! WHATEVER, THE CASE HIS ACTIONS ARE ABOMINABLE!!

  28. Looks like fake news, no local scandinavian or Swedish media has reported on this. This usually is supposed to be big news in the local papers. Something is not adding up here.

  29. This story stimulates other clarifications, does he have a wife and she lives with him? What kind of “wife” is his wife if any, is did she migrate with him? Were the girls his biological daughters or step daughters? That it was such a long time of abuse without suspicion or notice by anybody especially the teachers until the girls talked to friends if not that its one of the friends who must have had a hunch that something was amiss! It’s almost non tenable in a country like Sweden that a man can live alone with young daughters without getting a visit from a social worker! Uluse kulupwa, hopefully the girls will find a better foster home as they recover from the ordeal.

  30. Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    What a sick, disgusting human being! Your own children, sickening! He deserves to go to jail for the rest of his life… and let them rape him while he is in there. Shocking!

  31. This are the types of cases Edgar Lungu and Africa silivate for. Lungu nga alikuno, nga namulela 30 years with hard labour but you let your corrupt government buy a fire truck for a $ million. Do you think that the Lord will pat you in the back and say good job for being hard in your fellow citizens. Useless PF

  32. Women should learn from this. When you see your husband doing stuff like this to your children, do something about it. Don’t just stay quiet! Secondly, this guy should’ve been given life in prison, like they do in America, He’s a monster who should never be allowed to walk free in any country. After he’s done with the 14 years, send him back to Zambia, where he should face a life sentence. Disgusting.

  33. ?Ba Kaizer Zulu said he checked immigration and found the guy isn’t Zambian. This, I dispute coz
    ? Sraj Umar Banda is 100% Zambian and hails from Luanshya and later exiled in his studies through UNZA then Sweeden.
    ?What he did was wrong but ba Kaizer Zulu has his own sins too.
    ? Your brother sinned and you refuse him as diaspora. Accept the shame together. He is your brother.

  34. Bc he is swedish. We don’t have any person by that name who legally holds Zambian citizenship. I am just telling you what we have in our record

  35. Comments reserved at the moment, where is the mother? All that time he has been abusing the children the mother is absent? Mothers know your husbands, mostly you mothers you like denying your husbands jigi jigi and they go hungry most of the times, some of these jigi jigi issues mothers you are to blame. Mothers over feed your husbands so that they will never bother you, they be running away from it because they will be full over time not when you refuse them, then its trouble. Mothers take care and monitor the girl child some fathers are like dogs, fools.

  36. 14 years indeed not enough!
    It’s really sad to hear about this and this has nothing to do with being a diasporan . Where is the wife? She needs to shed light on this matter to enable us get a better understanding.This man could have had developmental disorders from childhood.Disorders such as autism, for instance, could render someone to perpetuate such acts in adulthood if not checked at early stage in childhood; and yes, intelligent as he was.Some of these disorders are not picked up in third world countries probably not considered as serious issues in the early development of a child or for lack of awareness.
    I am sure someone grew up and knows this child molester well.He must have been committing these offences from long way back- perhaps that’s why he fled Zambia. Will someone…

  37. Whenever you hear of any perverted se,xual indiscretion of any nature, paka upezepo a Nyanja or a Bemba! Just what the hell is wrong with these people! The next thing you will hear is that Kaizer Zulu is sodomizing his dogs and rats!

  38. Whenever you hear of any perverted se,xual indiscretion of any nature, paka upezepo a Nyanja or a Bemba! Just what the hell is wrong with these people! The next thing you will hear is that Kaizer Zulu is sodomizing his dogs and rats!!!

  39. I know this man and he’s truly Zambian who now holds dual citizenship for Zambia and Sweden so don’t you run away from the fact that he’s one of you and by the way these molestations happen in Zambia day in and out just that pedofiles aren’t exposed. Sraj was living alone with the kids after having chased his wife who wasn’t the mother to these girls and by the way, the kids have different moms who are poor and live in Zambia. Just because the media here in Sweden haven’t published the story, that doesn’t make it fake. I think it’s because of corona that’s why journalists didn’t cover it but some bloggers have written about it and here is the link from a blogg with extracts from judgement in swedish though https://petterssonsblogg

  40. He was tested before the trial and he was found to be of sound mind though of course his behaviour is disheartening

  41. Whenever you hear of any perverted se,xual indiscretion of any nature, paka upezepo a Nyanja or a Bemba! Just what the hell is wrong with these people! The next thing you will hear is that Kaizer Zulu is sodomizing his dogs and rats!!!!!!

  42. We do not have Slaj umah in Zambia I guess he came from somewhere like Zimbabwe or south Africa that’s where you can found Banda’s he just forged the papers

  43. This ***** of a person who identifies himself as man among real man. is so weak, so evil and a sadist of the tallest order. He deserves to be put in Mexican or Russian jails where his punishment is carried out by other prisoners according to his wrongdoing or deeds. Not Swedish prisons which are renowned for being liberal and progressive and the focus is on the rehabilitation of prisoners. This type of jail sentence is not tough enough for this mugu of a man. He deserves a rope around his neck or other prisoners to sodomise him the same way he sodomized his lovely daughters.
    While all these evil happenings were taking place, where was or is the mother of these girls?

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