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Minister of Health bemoans the increasing number of people putting themselves on self medication and abusing antibiotics.


Minister of Health Dr Chitalu Chilufya has bemoaned the increasing number of people putting themselves on self medication and abusing antibiotics.

Dr Chilufya says it is sad that a lot of asymptomatic COVID-19 patients are putting themselves on medication without any prescriptions from medical personnel.

He said during the routine COVID-19 updates that self-medication and late presentation to health facility is exposing patients to ill-state of health and early death.

Dr Chilufya has also regretted the reported increases in antibiotics prices and other drugs rumored to have the efficacy against to treat the novel coronavirus pandemic.

He has warned that self-medication exposes consumers to the dreaded risk of developing microbial resistance, were drugs stop treating common diseases.

The Minister said Hydroxychloroquine, Vitamin C and other medicines are some of the highly abused drugs.

Dr Chilufya also gave an update on the new COVID-19 cases which he said have increased to 7,486 after the country recorded 275 new cases in the last 24 hours.

He said the new cases are from the 2,034 tests conducted.

Dr Chilufya said one more COVID-19 death was recorded in the last 24 hours bringing the cumulative number of deaths to 200.


  1. Those with eyes and ears will read and listen. Those who are ignorant and stubborn like upnd supporters and diasporand will find a way to criticize vital advice which could save their relatives lives. This is what we call ignorance. Majority of diasporans have a lower level of intelligence in comparison to zambians. Most are just cleaning toilets there. You don’t need to be qualified to be a professional toilet cleaner. Kz

    • Ati kupusa Zulu uyu. Do you know the techniques for ensuring a clean toilet ? That’s why Zambia doesn’t have a single public toilet because of Useless Presidential advisers like you who left State House toilets stinking. Foreign ambassadors now cant even use any of the State House toilets. You will have to come to the diaspora to recruit us from our highly valued jobs here to have your toilets cleaned. Most of us wont come back because we don’t specialize in Pit latrines which KZ and relatives are now using after beingfired from State House.

  2. “He said the new cases are from the 2,034 tests conducted”
    Zambia is grossly under testing the population.
    With positivity rates averaging around 20% , the testing levels should increase to 10,000 tests per day.
    Otherwise, nobody knows the true extent of the community spread
    The Health Minister and the PF government have lost control of the covid-19 situation in the country

  3. The WHO has suggested a positive rate of around 3–12% as a general benchmark of adequate testing.
    South Africa is conducting 53 tests per 1,000 people
    UK is at 150 tests per 1,000 people
    Australia is at 180 tests per 1,000 people
    Zambia is conducting less than 2 tests per 1,000 people

  4. Independent, what is the population of Zambia vs those other countries you mentioned? Also tell us the number of deaths in those countries vs in zambia

    When you answer that and analyse the figures, hopefully that will shut your chinese envying mouth

  5. LT, You need to moderate some comments especially from this gentleman who claims to be Kaizar Zulu…Unless you agree with some of his insults especially towards UPND members , HH and hardworking Zambians in the DIASPORA. These are people who can not defend themselves. The same goes to those who insult PF , The Republican President etc. We need to be civil. The media if abused can lead to problems.

  6. Too many Shylocks in the Pharmaceutical Industry starting from Big Pharma to the smallest Drug store!
    Consumer protection unit is as inept as ACC!

  7. “Per Capita” provides a value that can be attributed to each individual or a group of individuals(say 1,000 or 1 million).It is often used to compare the indicators of countries with different population sizes. This is stuff they teach in high school.
    It seems some people here skipped lessons or were not attentive in class.

  8. Independent, Per capita kwisa. The main issue here is deaths. Whether you have 1million people infected , it comes down to how many lives you can save. Please tell me how many have died in your adopted country vs here. If you don’t even have the figures then what are you basing your arguments on? You are the dull one. To you because it is Zambia, then it must be terrible. You suffer from inferiority complex. Spend your time advising the leaders of Europe on what they should be doing when thousands have perished. Kaizar

  9. Thanks for that warning minister, but you should have stepped aside to pave way for meaningful investigations into your corruption cases bandit!

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