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Zambia and UK hold holds bilateral Virtual Meeting, UK pledges support


Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Joseph Malanji, M.P. held a virtual meeting with United Kingdom Minister of Africa Mr. James Duddridge, M.P. Mr. Malanji was accompanied by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary for International Relations and Cooperation Ambassador Chalwe Lombe.

During the meeting, Mr. Malanji emphasized the need to enhance cooperation between Zambia and the United Kingdom by fully utilizing opportunities presented by the Global Britain agenda and the common membership in the Commonwealth and United Nations.

Mr. Malanji reaffirmed Zambia’s commitment to further strengthening the bilateral cooperation between Zambia and the United Kingdom.

He thanked the British Government for its significant support to Zambia over the years mainly in education, agriculture, health, economic development, water and sanitation, nutrition, and good governance.

Mr. Malanji bemoaned the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on countries globally but noted that the disease could be conquered with continued solidarity and cooperation.

The Minister commended the British Government for supporting various funds and initiatives aimed at assisting vulnerable countries’ response to the economic impact of the pandemic.

Mr. Malanji regretted the postponement of the 2020 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Kigali, Rwanda owing to the Covid-19 pandemic but noted the importance that Zambia attaches to its membership to the organization.

And Mr. Duddridge noted the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on economies and people’s lives globally and the efforts that were being made by countries to fight the disease.

Mr. Duddridge pledged the United Kingdom’s readiness to support Zambia and share information on lessons and experiences in the fight against the pandemic.

He stated that the United Kingdom was assisting Zambia with UK £110 million in aid funding, a testament to the strong bilateral relations between the two countries.

The Minister emphasized the need for the two countries to work together to ensure mutual support on common positions and candidatures in international organizations.

Mr. Duddridge further stressed the United Kingdom’s willingness to explore investment opportunities in Zambia’s key sectors such as mining.

The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting which was scheduled to be held in June in Rwanda was postponed to June 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


  1. Excellent partnerships. The real holders of power there are willing to work with us while the ones who are mere asylum seekers and toilet cleaners say their tax is being stolen in Zambia. You are just a mere diasporan toilet cleaner and probably even exempt from paying tax and are given state benefits, yet mule ponta apa ati your taxes are used for donor aid. Yet the real high tax payers there appreciate the partnerships with us. Kz

  2. Contacted Mr Duddridge MP and expressed our reservations over discussions held with Mr Malanji the Zambian foreign affairs minister. Our main presentation anchored over good governance, freedom of expression and corruption over donations for covind-19 funds in Zambia. We have been assured of the UK stand over matters presented and that UK attaches conditionalities to the UK tax payers funds for donations.

  3. What can we do without the West, our all weather friends. See, they’re willing to help even as the whole world is Covid 19 hit. Thankyou Britain….uya delela wena KZ. Zizoku shaya nesi bum. I waiting for a signal wanya mambala.

  4. You sound to be an arrogant, ignorant and malicious person kz. That bitterness you harbour will take you down quick.I can’t date someone with a running mouth like you….sorry pal!

  5. There is no free lunch. Clever people look and plan for long term benefits, Britain has left EU, they are looking for trading partners. That 110GBP is a small token compared to their projected possible exports to Zambia and coupled with mineral extraction from Zambia.

  6. Clever people plan for the long term. Britain has left the EU, they are looking for export markets for their goods and of course mineral extraction. So 110GBP will be reibursed in some form. Thinking and analysis are free to all people who seek to understand the world better all while improving themselves must engage in it.

  7. Indeed the British Government has always been an “All weather friend” to Zambia and we appreciate your support and commitment to improving the livelihood of us Zambians. What is more impressive is that your support comes with “no strings attached” unlike other nations that expect our Country to badge to quer rights in the name of funding. #Amjustsaying#

  8. Look at the shameless sham of an impostor based in UK ….the silly boy has forgotten the nonsense he has typed against the UK govt. That’s the problem with being an impostor you have no set principles no ethics of your own.

  9. When holding meetings with the UK, why do we always go as beggars? We have in resources what the UK want and they have in knowledge what we want. Why can’t we have for once, brave ministers who can strike real deals on energy, water management and farming? areas where we are so behind. How do you perceive being given aid as a bilateral meeting? We need to sit at the table as equals otherwise this can be seen as the beginning of meddling with our 2021 elections. Why are they so scared of brokering trade deals with Zambia? We need trade tariffs removed so that we can start exporting finished goods to the UK. They can assist us to setup high end electrical cable manufacturing.

  10. 50 YEARS still begging.Zambia has more natural resources than Britain.The only problem we have is abundant corruption and a lot of our citizens who are not smart.

  11. The UK has many advantages that can be shared with the good people of Zambia for mutual benefit rather than exploitation. At their best the people of the UK can be generous. What is needed is better communication between the two countries. Zambia, do not be afraid to ask!

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