Friday, February 23, 2024

Travel 420km by road with the Khumba guy from the Copperbelt to Lusaka



  1. OMG is that what PF has been touting as development? A large part of the journey Ndola-Kapiri-Kabwe- Lusaka( till the outskirts) is SINGLE carriageway! What the heck has PF been doing. The small sections of Dual carriageway are laughable and the cost astronomic! The entire road from Copperbelt to Lusaka should be at the least a dual carriageway more than 50 years after independence.

  2. @1 Maharaj
    easier said than done……am not PF but the story here is about the Khumba guy advertising Zambia….and the guy is doing a very commendable job…watch his videos on YouTube….it shouldn’t be about Politics all the time….Khumba guy is just trying to earn a honest living by marketing Zambia….but unfortunately you are focused on the negative which shouldn’t be the case on this issue…thank you

  3. Its depressing watching this given the billions and billions of dollars that have been spent of these highways and the look an utter shambles…you construct roads with Chinese loans which you are repaying with taxpayers funds then you put tollgates to fleece them more even when they are paying road tax only PF thieves are capable of such criminality….where is the $1.5 billion Lusaka -Ndola highway or is it going to end up like the $285million Lusaka flyover bridge which is now a cheap hump inflated at $13 million as they have pocketed everything.

  4. Sontapo. Let the haters hate. End of day pf is in power whether you like it or not. If you not happy then sell your message in 2021 and let the people decide if they prefer you. Until then put up or eff off!!!

  5. Really nice to be on board with Khulna Guy I watched all the way thoughally enjoyed the journey Well Done lived in Ndola 1965-1969

  6. @anonymous there is no doubt the journey with Khumba was fascinating and he is doing a great job but its also heart breaking to see the state of the roads. A lot of times we are only shown Lusaka roads and get the impression development is happening everywhere. Why should I sit and be quiet when I see the misuse of funds? If we don’t talk now when shall we? Lusaka -Chingola road is a major thoroughfare for trucks and a major source of income for the economy surely that should translate as better roads.

  7. But what is the story here? Is this the way you present a story to your audience? Making them figure out what you are trying to say?

  8. Good job mwaiche Khumba.
    That Video is great, good test of music too.
    Now I know where Levy Stadium is. When I go to Zambia I land in Lusaka and turn at Kapiri to Luapula.
    Never seen those toll booths, how can that Sata booth cost $10million ??

  9. Thanks to the Khumba guy for the videos its unique innovative effort and surely will give insights to travelers especially new comers and those journeying through. However to the Zambian citizens the videos also expose inadequacies calling for accountability.

  10. Well done to what? These loans have not been paid …its our children and grand children who will be taxed to death for roads that will not even exist then as they are using substandard materials.

  11. @Tarino, that’s what a lone is! If Zambia had money to pay for developmental projects all at once, loans wouldn’t be necessary. And loans take decades to be paid off.

    And the portion of the highway between Ndola and Lusaka has NOT yet been worked on or expanded since the colonial times. Any works done on that part of the highway were simply to make repairs. The loan to start and complete that portion has been demagogued to death by the very people on here who complaining about the state of the road. I have not driven on the Chingola/Mufurira portions of the highway, but I have driven on the Kitwe/Ndola road on my recent visit home and the quality is acceptable. And judging by the video, the quality of the Chingola/Mufurira road doesn’t look that bad either. So if you want more…

  12. Continue….

    quality roads then let us at least support that which we can see with our own eyes.

    There are no huge public national nvestment projects, anywhere on Earth, that are done without borrowing, either through domestic or foreign loans. Govts borrow by issuing Govt bonds that have to be paid off when they become mature. Even so called “rich” countries undertake their development the same way. Sometimes even wars have been financed by Govt Bonds in the past. Check out the history of how the United States financed a portion of their WW2 expenses by selling/issuing Govt Bonds to ordinary Americans, institutions, and companies. So borrowing in order to fund huge National projects is not new nor unique to Zambia….the question is what we do with borrowed money.

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  14. Great video ?. Zambia ??? our beautiful country. Keep it up Mr ,hope we see more videos of other parts of Zambia


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