Thursday, February 29, 2024

Challenges of raising an autistic child


In this episode of Studio Ken, two parents – Mainza and Len Kawanu – discuss the challenges of raising an autistic child and how they adapt to their little boy’s different needs.



  1. There is no problem with autistic children, but problem comes when autistic becomes a party president as we are have the PF. Country being run by 14 out of 35 PF ministers. Cabinet meeting with autistic ministers, some with 3 running important provinces, and one for ministry of health.

  2. Your son is normal, but differently able as we all are. There are human beings whose highlighted difference is timidity, while others it is retention of what they have been taught.

    Therefore, the normal environment belongs to him as much as it belongs to all of us.

    You have done really well; and keep going and growing as you do as a family. You have had a lot of grace from above, and there’s more grace for you as a family from there.

  3. Awww bless you guys. Over the years I have tried to educate myself on autism as it is something many ignorant people, especially those of black and ethnic backgrounds tend to stigmatize over. Just look at the comments above from the biggest biggest i.d.i.ots in diaspora.even when you think they have been more exposed by being abroad, these hyenas are even less civilised than pygmies. Thanks to this family for opening up over an important matter. I wish you all best. Kz

  4. @KZ, don’t be so Zambian, why is stigma in having Autistic Ministers and MPs? Why are you even decided to have nomination fees for you “normal” and the “autistic” candidates? I have friends and had many grown students who went thru “autistic” childhood?
    The only issue most of them are so hyper, I can give example of 2 ministers, and some are so reserved like 2 of the ministers you can easily tell. But most of them are very extremely intelligent, especially in reading and computers.
    That boy is genius, he will work at NASA, or will be find vaccine for coronavirus.

  5. Please educate the masses on this condition. Also it mainly affects boys. I see many children being taken to the Pastor when knowledge of care for autistic children can make the lives of these children tolerable.

  6. Thanks for sharing your story Mainza and Len. Am sure other families out there will learn a thing or two from your experience.

  7. This is so touching, but well done to the parents, the boy could not be with better parents. Not to be political but if the PF did not steal so much money there would be facilities available for the boy.

  8. autism can be huge for the family, some of them relies on the family for the rest of their lives, retaining information can also be difficult because they always see things in black and white. The difficulties is when there are diagnosed with a secondary mental disorder especially psychosis. In the western world, there have services tailored especially for autistic children and their parents, but in Zambia it is difficult as people tend to look down on them kids and there are no services for them. I hope he does not develop psychosis and is put on long lasting depot injections and other medication which can do long term damage, god bless.

  9. Autism can impact on the whole family, in western world they have facilities/services for autistic children and families, danger will be that he does not develop secondary mental disorder like psychosis which requires long God acting depot injection or other medication which can do long term damage. Autistic kids tends to depend on their families even in adulthood, it is difficult to retain information and they only see things in black and white. God bless.

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