Friday, February 23, 2024

Minister calls for Transparency in dealing with water and sanitation matters


Water Sanitation and Environmental Protection Minister Dr Jonas Chanda has called for close working relationship amongst all water sector players in order to improve service delivery as enshrined in the vision 2030, sustainable development goals (SDGs) as well the 7NDP.

He made the remarks Sunday morning when he, in the company of Munali MP Professor Nkandu Luo inspected the works done by the Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) in the affected area.

Dr. Chanda who inspected the works on Friday last week and called for a speedy conclusion of investigations into the contamination said he is happy now that the works have finally been concluded and that the affected households will now be reconnected to a clean and safe water supply system and emphasized that more interventions to provide quality service are required to avoid an outbreak of waterborne diseases.

He said he will be moving around various compounds in Lusaka and engage with area MPs, councilors, local authorities, and water regulators to ensure that water problems are addressed effectively

“Let’s not work in silos but in an integrated manner in order to enhance universal access to clean and safe water and sanitation services,” Dr Chanda urged and said water is life hence the need for people to have uninterrupted access to the commodity.

The Minister also called for transparency in dealing with water and sanitation matters emphasizing that water is life.

And area MP, Professor Nkandu Luo bemoaned the unplanned construction which she attributed to the perpetual water problems in the area and asked Dr. Chanda to work closely with her and the local government Minister to effectively address the matter.

Meanwhile, National Water Supply and Sanitation Council (NWASCO) Director Mr Kelvin Chitumbo said a directive has been given not to bill the 26 affected households for the inconvenience they suffered during the water interruption.

And LWSC managing director engineer Jonathan Kampata assured the residents that water supply will be restored as soon as quality checks are concluded and called on them to report any damaged water pipes in order to avoid interruption of water supply.

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