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Margaret Mwanakatwe denies being behind the destruction of a stand of a UPND Member


Lusaka Central Constituency Member of Parliament [MP] Honourable Margaret Mwanakatwe has refuted allegations that she is behind the attacks of a UPND member’s stand, saying that for a time now, falsehoods have been peddled against her concerning a woman known as Ms Mercy Changwe, who, according to her records, is a mental patient.

Reacting to the allegation, Mrs Mwanakatwe said that Ms. Changwe has been illegally trading from an area that is not designated by the Lusaka City Council [LCC] in the Woodlands area of Lusaka and that, as an area MP, she has no authority whatsoever to stop anyone from trading on any place in her constituency.

“This power solemnly lies with the LCC and to some degree, the Police,” she said before adding that, on the contrary, she seeks to serve all the people in her constituency including those who disagree with her politically.

Honourable Mwanakatwe stated that, if anyone or indeed Ms. Changwe needs any help in respect to a trading place from her constituency, they are free to visit her office.

She disclosed that she would be most glad to engage LCC and other authorities to secure trading places for people in her constituency.

She said that Lies that she has anything to do with alleged demolition of Ms. Changwe’s makeshift stall must be treated with the utmost contempt it deserves.

The Lusaka Central MP said that she is busy attending to needs of the people in her constituency and has no time whatsoever to be engaging in activities that do not add value to the welfare of the people.

She disclosed that according to records obtained from the Courts, Mercy Changwe is a mental patient.

“On 25 March 2019, she was certified as a mental patient whose Mental Disorder Case Number is MD/14/2019/,” Honourable Mwanakatwe said.

“Anyone is free to visit the Ndola Subordinate Court to validate this”.

Honourable Mwanakatwe stated that she has the mandate to look into the affairs and wellbeing of over half a million people in her Constituency, adding that issues pertaining to one individual cannot be her preoccupation.

The Lusaka Central MP further added that she is busy working for the people and her life revolves around serving the people in her constituency.


  1. Auntie Maggie you don’t need to explain to these useless upnd cry babies.

    -Woman opens her legs for married man.
    -Wlfe to married man finds out and demolishes woman’s illegal kantemba.
    -Upnd see an opportunity to exploit the situation politically.
    -Upnd pay woman to claim it was pf

    Meanwhile we in pf and the majority in the country do not give a crap. In fact good illegal structure is gone. Cant hh with all his money buy you a shop. Ati bally.

  2. This is laughable! Now you (PF) are trying to discredit her that she was trading illegally and is a mental patient..Lol. Listen, we don’t give a sh!t about all that! How many illegal tuntembas are there in Woodlands that you have not bothered to destroy through your thugs? Several! Even if she were a mental patient, by destroying her trading stand from which she made a living, and without any report of her “harrassing” her clients, makes YOU serious mental retards! You can’t fool Zambians. In a nutshel, the only crime this woman committed was that she displayed UPND regalia, period!

  3. Where are the feminists? The Honourable or Dishonourable seems to be practising PHD on a hardworking woman, not only that but discloses her medical records to the public. At least the UPND woman can manage and run a business….kikiki. I am sure Mrs Mwanakatwe has a case to answer. This is defamation.

  4. Mental patient? Perhaps but I hv seen her in a video. She looks normal. She knows how to calculate change after serving customers. Hard to know how a mental patient would know order mechandise for sale. Perhaps her mental condition is intermittent, I don’t know.

  5. if it was PF cadre whose health issues were brought in public, we could have all been bombarded with the national values and bible verses on how to respect elders and how health ethics do dont allow to publish someone’s health conditions without their consent, they would have started preaching on how we are a christian nation. THESS GUYS ARE HYPOCRITES.

  6. but when look at her katemba its more orderly and clean compared to some people from ichipani. so now zambians go to courts and not medical facilities to prove their sanity?

  7. By revealing to the public, this lady’s mental health status, we are going below the belt here. Is this relevant? If indeed, she is mentally ill, then she is probably in a crisis and needs help and support. Trashing her little trading post, will only add to her torment. Please be kind and help this lady.

  8. What good can come out of Maggie de Drunk? Most Drinks do things under the influence but when they come round, they have no memory recollection of what they did or say! That is what the smallest molecule in Biochemistry does! Be careful with small things!

  9. A mental patient who successfully run a vegetable make shift should be allowed to trade even outside parliament to inspire people.

  10. Lusaka people know better how they live.From a distance ,an MP organising the disruption of such a person s business does not add up

  11. This is the biggest joke of 2020, how on earth could Margarete Mwanakatwe accuse anyone of being a mental patient? I mean, despite being Kumawalese together, Lungu fire Margarete for alcoholism, mental quandary and se.xual sansamcation everywhere!



  14. Don’t worry Mama Mercy Changwe, someone will run butt naked from Arcades mall to chainama after August 2021….he promised. I will be ready to capture his manhood.

  15. Madam, don’t insult the intelligence of God’s creation to this level.How does the issue of the woman’s mental health come in. Are you telling us that all the people trading in undesignated areas in Zambia are mental patients.More over every person has mental issues at one time or the other,be it alcohol induced or other social and economic causes. This premitive way of responding to societal problems is not supposed to be coming from a supposedly learned person like you.

  16. Margaret Mwanakatwe has made public someones’ health record which should be a private matter between doctor and patient! Someone has to sit back digest and ask questions if not sue!

  17. This is a very serious breach of confidentiality by a not very honourable minister. She deserves a jail term.

  18. If a mad woman as claimed by Maggie has made a proper and accurate performance of the pf and the need to kick them out what about the normal Zambians. 2021 will be a terrible year for pf.

  19. This tribal hatred originated from the tongas themselves .You have now felt the magnitude pressure of tribalism you doctored your selves as it has huge and hush impact now on your daily lives too. You thought you were exempted and smarter than other tribes when you empowered and allowed that traditional big mouth and ***** ,SEJANI to say nonsense that only aTonga should be president for UPND. No one from the Tongas condemned him for that stupid remark todate and You thought you were smarter than others by that remark. You are now crying day and night because you have been caught pants down as regional tribalist your selves.Now ,for the none participation in Government Of MP’s from southern province in government it is your on making as you just want UPND to rule…

  20. just want UPND to rule and you are blaming the Bembas and Ngonis as tribalists when Tongas chose their own regional party that does not win elections and you now call the winning party as tribalists.How do you expect the current PF government to choose a Tonga as a ministers and head of government departments when you do not want to work with them and the rest of the country.Grow up and change your mind set you people and love one another .If you want a Tonga president my advice is very simple , just join the wining parties or form adifferent party from UPND .They way it stands now it is like a taboo to challenge HH in Tonga hierachy type of politics and this has made them keep on losing elections for more than 2 decades. HH has no plan or tangible formula to entice some…

  21. Simple way to catch pfools….just put ecl chitenge sand LCC or PF police will not say it’s not a designated trading area!

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