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MMD to participate in Mwansabombwe and Lukashya by-elections


The opposition New Hope Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) will participate in the forthcoming two parliamentary by elections.

The New Hope MMD Provincial structures in both Luapula and Northern Province had petitioned the National Secretary Hon. Elizabeth Chitika to allow the Party to participate in both by elections.

In announcing the decision New Hope MMD National Secretary Hon. Chitika said that the MMD will now participate in all elections including the 2021 General elections.

“We as the New Hope MMD did receive petitions from our Luapula and Northern structures for us to participate in the Mwansabombwe and Lukashya by-elections. I would love to inform you all that we as a party have resolved to not only participate in these maiden by elections but all elections that will follow after including next year elections. The rebels who had hijacked our party from 2016 up to last year failed to participate in any elections including that of Market Chairperson”, Hon. Chitika mocked. This is our grand entry in a bid to reclaim our political space and we shall come out victorious.

Hon. Chitika continued by saying that the Victories in the two by elections will mark the beginning of the return of the MMD in power.

“We have done our homework and I can assure you that the only thing that will come out of Mwansbombwe and Lukashya is victory from the New Hope MMD. It will mark the first step towards us bouncing back to power next year”, Hon. Chitika vowed.

And speaking from Mansa, New Hope MMD Luapula Provincial Mr. Jackson Mwewa said they will deliver Victory in Mwansabombwe in memory of FTJ Chiluba.

“We as New Hope MMD Luapula are extremely excited over our party’s decision to allow us to participate in the Mwansbombwe by-election. The party should expect nothing less than a win. And We are already dedicating that looming Win to Our Late President FTJ Chiluba, who our party honored two weeks ago”, Mr. Mwewa said.

And speaking from Kasama, New Hope MMD Northern Province Chief Mr. Vincent Chibeka said that Lukashya is a done deal.

“Lukashya has always been an MMD strong hold. Because of the sponsored revolt by the rebels, We failed to participate in a number of elections in 2016 including Lukashya. That is why an independent Won. But we are happy that the party has given us a green light. The results will be a signal of how MMD will bounce back next year under Dr. Nevers Mumba”, Mr. Chibeka vowed.

And a check in the local newspapers found an advert by the New Hope MMD National Secretary Hon. Chitika inviting MMD members to apply to stand on the MMD ticket.


  1. Elizabeth good luck but I think you will need more than luck. Anyway you are a attractive woman. Don’t waste your life in a losing party

  2. MMD served Zambia better than these failures. Please come take back the dollar to K5, mealie meal to K30, inflation to 6 percent, come and bury the Borehole tax as well. Come and restore the reserves to 1 year import cover. Please please please

  3. Don’t allow the chancers who left your party and now squatting in PF to come back when you regain power. Die hard guy may want to sneak back, I am sure you know the behavior of chancers. And pick good presidential advisors, people who are going to advise. You need to work hard to sell your President, his downside is his keeping referring to himself as having been a Vice President as if that ceremonial job is an achievement.


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