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Government commissions new Pumping unit on the Tazama oil pipe line


The government has commissioned a 5.2 million U.S dollar Pumping unit on the Tazama oil pipe line. Tazama Pipelines Limited has spent 37 million US dollars to replace old pumps at seven stations along the Tazama pipeline, which runs from Dar-es-Salaam to Ndola.

Energy Minister Matthew Nkhuwa and Finance Minister Bwalya Ng’andu commissioned the last new unit, installed at Kalonje in Lavushi-Manda district

Speaking after commissioning the pumping station, Mr Nkhuwa said the Kalonje pumping facility is an economic infrastructure that government cannot afford to neglect.

He said that is why the Ministry of Energy found it fit to invite Dr Ng’andu to appreciate how the 25 million U.S dollar loan his ministry gave TAZAMA has been utilised.

Mr Nkhuwa said TAZAMA pipe lines limited has been operating on second hand engines since it was commissioned in 1968.

And Finance Minister Bwalya Ng’andu said he is impressed with the investment that TAZAMA has put in place.

Dr. Ng’andu noted that while the amount of money that has gone towards a replacement of pump engines is huge, the development speaks volumes as it is a good example of using resources prudently.

And TAZAMA Pipelines Limited Director Operations and Engineering Deodatus Zegge said the status of the engines had deteriorated thereby becoming a cost to repair.

Mr. Zegge said the replacement of the main engines will now improve operational performance; reduce on costs of repair and maintenance.

Earlier the Ministers made a stopover at Mulilima pigging station, in Serenje, a facility used to clean the inside of the pipeline.

During the tour TAZAMA pipelines, Limited Managing Director Davison Thawethe Informed the Ministers that TAZAMA has been carrying out routine maintenance of the facility.

He said the intelligent pigging to detect any damage to the pipeline costs TAZAMA over 2 million U.S dollar every five years


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