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President Lungu to launch a multi-million youth empowerment fund in Kitwe this Weekend

Headlines President Lungu to launch a multi-million youth empowerment fund in Kitwe this...

President Edgar Lungu is this Saturday expected to launch a multi-million youth empowerment fund in Kitwe, on the Copperbelt.

Sport, Youth and Child Development Minister Emmanuel Mulenga disclosed the development at a media briefing jointly addressed with Chief Government spokesperson Dora Siliya in Lusaka today.

Mr. Mulenga said it is President Lungu’s desire to ensure that young people are self-reliant so that they can significantly contribute to the economic development of the country.

He said Government will continue to create a conducive environment for young people with business ideas to pursue their dreams.

Mr. Mulenga said this is important because most young people with brilliant business ideas are being inhibited by the high cost of financing.

He said unlike other empowerment funds which are tied to specific sector, the yet to be launched fund will accommodate proposals from all sectors.

“We have left the issue of sectors to the young people themselves because in the past we have been seen to be imposing business ideas on them. This time we want young people to indicate to the Ministry what business they can do because they live in communities and understand the needs of the communities,” he said.

He said his ministry will encourage young people to look at goods and services that are in short supply on the market so they can derive maximum profits from their businesses.

And Mr. Mulenga said the fund will be co-managed by his ministry and the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC).

He said this is important to ensure that the processes of accessing the funds are shortened so that young people can quickly get into their business.

Mr. Mulenga said it is the desire of Government that the whole process is shortened to a minimum period of three weeks.

He said Government will negotiate with various prices for goods and services being produced by young people to help them stabilize and build capacity for them to pay back.

And Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya has appealed to young people across the country to take advantage of the various empowerment initiatives Government has continued to put in place to achieve their business dreams.

Ms. Siliya said while Government has continued to take positive steps to empower young people, it is important for those with business ideas to rise to the occasion and seize the opportunity and participate in the economic development of the country.

“You do not have to wait. Follow the opportunity. It is your time and so rise to the occasion,” she advised young people.

She appealed to the youth to make themselves available by taking a chance at the opportunities the presidential youth empowerment fund will present.


  1. PF and Lungu are very much aware the young people have had enough of the incompetence and fake development.
    They want jobs and not empty talk.
    The yufi have their minds made up already, they are now looking for competent leadership.

  2. I know this is off the topic but can we have this load shedding problem sorted out with the urgency it deserves. This is 1 of the main reasons that has crippled the economy and people are still suffering 9 years since pf took office and the first load shedding of 2012. Please put your priorities in place. We were told in December when they wanted to increase the tarrifs by 200% that load shedding will be a thing of the past. But now we are back with such long hours eventhough kariba is full.

  3. Sontapo.i urge our youth to be responsible with these funds. I know what it is like to be young and naive. I remember when I had first landed my very first job. I was a ladies man. I was seeing different women every night because I had the money to do so. Now when I look back I would have built a house with that money.

  4. Sontapo.i urge our youth to be responsible with these funds. I know what it is like to be young and naive. I remember when I had first landed my very first job. I was a ladies man. I was seeing different women every night because I had the money to do so. Now when I look back I would have built a house with that money.kz

  5. Wht happened to the one where lots of Higer buses were bought in the nsme of empowerment and launched with great fanfare by Inonge Wina a few years ago? Hasn’t time to evaluate wht happened come?

  6. chipante pante. nothing can be sustained without solid economy put in place. It is like ukukambika icikamba petoloshi. bribery approach to real issues do not last long, you got it wrong with the youths, they will get that money and vote you out….umulembwe wacipuba upwila mulitumfwe

  7. What desperation for a vote can lead to? And u think u can change the minds of majority youths who have already made up their minds to vote u out in 2021. PF no amount of sugar coating will change us, give us that money we get coz it’s ours but come 2021 u we as majority Zambians will vote u out whether u like it or not. u have failed us Zambians chapwa.

  8. You can do that while sited home or in statehouse, very is no need of traveling to copper belt bwana, the world is now advanced.Freedom sikazwe always gives rotten advise.

  9. His hands and behind are itching for a flight four weeks spending weekends with his old Chamwama hen Ester has been torture ….the lazy bum does nothing so even with a pandemic he will risk lives so he can dance and smile like a foooool he is…now the Rwanda story has disappeared the coward wants to come out and spread corona all over CB.

  10. Thanks for the initiative dear leaders, but you forgot to mention the exact location of the launch so how are we supposed to attend?

  11. Elections paranoia outbreak, Trump flatly admitted the real reason why he is blocking the inclusion of any money for the US Postal Service in a coronavirus relief bill in Congress.
    Given all of that context, it’s very clear that Trump is working to block money for the post office because he thinks it’s his best chance to either stop or badly disrupt the way the votes will be cast and counted in this election. The American president. In his own reelection race. A race he has repeatedly suggested is “rigged” and “biased” because of the likely increase in mail-in ballots.
    “This will be the greatest fraud in history,” Trump told Bartiromo of the 2020 election Thursday. “This will be the most fraudulent — this will be almost as fraudulent as Obama spying on my campaign, but not…

  12. Typical bribe funds to stay in power. What are the details of this ’empowerment’? Who will monitor it? Every now and then we ‘hear’ of such funds. What does it exactly mean? Eat today and go hungry tomorrow? What the youths want is a well planned economic policy/environment that provides jobs from production industries, enhances initiative for locals to do businesses that is supported and not costly. The fact of the matter is that our economic plain, in spite of the abundant natural resources, has not been enhanced to be productive enough to absolve those youths. Instead, we are a dumping ground for retail products from outside and a source of resources to mostly external players who ‘purchase’ politicians.

  13. This is treason from the PF govt, In the middle of Covid 19 going about business as usual. You are endangering the life of the President,

  14. I am glad that the youth has made this government get out of their slumber, my advice to Ba youth is get the money and Vote for another Party not PF, because if you vote for PF they will immediately be on your nerves with their cadres to get kick backs after elections but a new party will write off that debt, BA YUFI MULIBAKALI TIYE TIYE. NI LEG BREKING AFTER 2021 because a new party will be in place.

  15. The heading should have been – “President Lungu to launch a multi-million CADRE empowerment fund in Kitwe this Weekend”.
    All youths matter. God bless Zambia!

  16. This is not youth empowerment. It is cader empowerment in PF strong hold. Youth empowerment is one that is not selective. The distribution of these so called empowerment funds is very unfair. Keep bribing but next year you are out.

  17. where can i apply to this youth empowerment fund?or get further guidance.im looking for an investment into my business

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