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The $449 million Kafulafuta Dam Project on the Copperbelt 9 months ahead of schedule

Economy The $449 million Kafulafuta Dam Project on the Copperbelt ...

Construction of the multi-million-dollar Kafulafuta Dam on the Copperbelt has advanced, with the contractor nine months ahead of completion schedule.

The dam, once completed, will improve access to clean water in five districts and benefit about one million people.

Project Manager Paul Billima says the dam, which was to be completed in December next year, will instead be ready by January 2021.

Mr. Billima disclosed the development when Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection Minister Jonas Chanda and other senior government officials toured the modern water facility in Masaiti District this morning.

And Dr. Chanda said about one million US dollars is being spent to improve access to clean water on the Copperbelt Province alone.

He said this is in line with the vision 2030, which aims to ensure universal access to clean water supply.
Earlier, Copperbelt Province Minister Japhen Mwakalombe noted that once completed, the project will reduce chances of outbreaks of waterborne diseases.


  1. With no electricity in the entire Zambia, PF vission is to steal $448 million & focus ONLY on water supply sure? And they think Zambians will vote for them for this?

  2. And yet you will hear ati puuuum from opposition and diasporans. These clowns are never happy when things are going well for Zambia because it means then that their reason for seeking asylum abroad was all in vain. So to make themselves feel better, they have decided to blame us

  3. Can anyone see a dam here that is ahead of schedule? Do you see $449 million worth of works here? PF ku waya wayafye

  4. Should this dam hv been built at all? The Copperbelt province is home to perennial rivers and streams which can provide water all year long? Wht’s the point of damming a river like the Kafulafuta? I just don’t get it.

  5. If this so called dam is built like the roads then expect a collapse very soon after the money has been stolen by PF/Lungu , and by the way where is the dam wall?????

  6. Another half a billion being wasted on energy that is dependent on high rainfall when solar energy is readily available.

  7. Tembo wa Tambo, Lusaka pumps water from the Kafue and there’s no dam. Are u saying it’s not possible to pump water from the Kafulafuta all-year round despite the water running all-year round? I don’t know. Perhaps the water level falls in the driest months of the year. Dams are an environmental nuisance that all informed greens frown upon.

  8. That’s more than $1million per meter. Now look at picture, is that 400 meters?
    They can build 400 dams from than money. $1 million dam is a huge strong dam.

  9. @Nemwine may be the water in this Kafulafuta place is not enough unless dammed. Where is this stream or river? How come some of us dont know about it?

  10. T wa T, u live in town and not the rural part of the southern Copperbelt province where Kafulafuta river is. U don’t hv to know it for it to exist.

  11. $400 million is a lot of money which should have built a master piece probably also able to generate electricity as opposed to the trash that they are showing in this picture. This might be another money that PF has stolen. Result of putting into power fo0ls who have failed in their private lives and hoping they will succeed to prosper a nation. People who voted for these fellows are annoyingly naïve.

  12. This project manager deserves to be fired for misleading the minister. How can the project be ahead of schedule for 9 months? am hearing for the first time in my working experience in construction. This exposes the caliber of people managing our projects in Zambia.

  13. Five towns it wil be nice to see how the pipelines will be done! I suspect this will be a white elephant! Sound too superfluous!! Am pretty sure only 100 million has gone to the project!! With that money, we could ve had a 500mw solar plant! Copperbelt has too much water even boreholes would do!

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