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KK pays tribute to Grey Zulu

General News KK pays tribute to Grey Zulu

First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda has hailed veteran politician Grey Zulu for his tremendous contribution to Zambia’s independence and the freedom of Zambia’s neighbours.

Dr. Kaunda said he worked closely with Mr. Zulu in the fight for Independence, which Zambia achieved in October 1964.

He said after Independence, Mr. Zulu performed various roles in building Zambia.

Dr Kaunda said he was privileged to ask the deceased to serve the country through various portfolios and that he worked hard to protect and defend Zambians.

He said Mr. Zulu’s contribution to global programmes is unmatched, as many things that he did are still changing peoples’ lives.

Dr. Kaunda said he is deeply saddened by the death of Mr. Zulu, whom he described as a true Comrade to many.

He said he feels bad, as both him and the deceased, who were born in 1924, worked very closely for many decades.

This is according to remarks by Dr. Kaunda, made available to ZNBC News this evening by his Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations, Sunday Musonda.

And others have described the veteran politician as a gallant man who served the country with love.


  1. Bwana Grey Zulu was a servant of Zambian people unlike the current crop of PF vultures just out to enrich themselves.

  2. The independence struggle should be documented on film in the form of a documentary series. We need to capture our national memories in all media forms not just autobiographies which the majority cannot even read or afford to buy. Such men like Mr. Zulu here should be a reference point for future generations of politicians. We want to know more about the men/women who delivered us from colonialism. I believe zanis has enough material that can be put together in form of a documentary series. People should be spending watching these films about our national history not keeping up with the Kardashians and MTV which just cause brain decay. R.I.P SIr.

  3. But bali baume aba ama guys. Not these we have now. How can you compare Grey Zulu to Davies Mwila, but they both saved same ministries, and both ended up as Party Secretary General. That’s the level of leadership we are talking about.

  4. Yes the current Easterner dominated PF are true vultures just like Rupia Banda regime ba president babupyani. You can fool people for some time but you wont fool the people all the time and they wont ride on our Bemba’s support anymore. Zambia is bigger than any fool and we will put Zambia first in next year’s election. If you think Zambians are dull, go and ask Bwezani Banda and super Ken, Come November Next year, our hopes will be entrusted in a new project with UPND.

  5. It a shame to see what has become of Zimbabwe after all our sacrifice in terms of human and economic terms.
    Let’s hope Amnesty International’s call on SADC leaders to fix the fast deteriorating human rights and political situation in Zimbabwe and that of the region will be attended to.
    The global rights lobby made the statement ahead of a SADC annual summit this coming week.
    Robert Mugabe was reported to have said that the southern African country needs “the spirit of Zambia’s Kenneth Kaunda” to bring back unity before he died.
    According to notes seen by the privately-owned Zimbabwe Independent newspaper, Mugabe told African Union’s Moussa Faki Mahamat during a courtesy call he made to the Mugabes’ Harare mansion that the country was divided on “tribal and regional…

  6. Late Grey Zulu , KK and their comrades led the nation with high moral standards.
    They may have set the country back in terms of multiparty democracy. However, they clearly left government with clean hands and free of any trace of corruption.
    Not the current so called “leaders” who actually embrace corruption and criminality.

  7. Great picture seeing my mentor and father figure with his former boss. As one generation comes to an end, another picks up the mantle and shines it brighter. Thank you for all your contributions both as a political leader and a father . I will miss you. Kz

  8. Your contribution towards the freedom we enjoy today as Zambians will never be forgotten. Rest in eternal peace Comrade Grey Zulu.

  9. These were true loyal leaders MHSRIP not these thieves who put themselves on massive billboards after a few years in power and laugh at people who don’t have k2 million in their bank account to splash out on shopping sprees.

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