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Dora Siliya Urges Media Houses to Apply for the Government’s Stimulus Packages

General News Dora Siliya Urges Media Houses to Apply for the Government's...

Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Dora Siliya has urged media houses to take advantage of the stimulus packages to help their businesses transition the Covid-19 era.

Ms. Siliya says Government is aware that all businesses are suffering the adverse effects of Covid-19 and that media houses have not been spared.

She says media organisations should start thinking of themselves as business entities and come up with innovations on how to survive the decline of revenue incurred.

The Minister said this when a delegation from Free Press Initiative Zambia called on her in Lusaka today to present findings of a survey that was conducted on the impact of Covid-19 on media houses in Zambia.

And Free Press Initiative Zambia Founder Joan Chirwa said findings of the survey indicate that challenges faced by media Houses are similar in both public and private institutions.

Ms. Chirwa explained that most media houses are facing revenue decline and that the Government should consider suspending some taxes to help the media houses meet operational costs.

She said the newspaper industry in Zambia has been the hardest hit with low sales.


  1. Its a trap, if media houses access those funds they will be told they have to report favourably and sing praises of the PF govt like Dead N B C , they will lose their independence. Its sad when you are broke because you lose your integrity. Media houses will become like slay queens who depend on their sugar daddys for survival.

  2. Stimulus package funds to serve not the needy small scale businesses (tuntemba) by most Zambians but to multiply gains for those earning and eating from government perks and contracts which in any case are businesses belonging to leaders themselves! Stimlus package my foot!

  3. Thank you for all those that have messaged me begging me to comment and wondering where I am today. Unfortunately I am very busy and even stayed in office until past midnight. I am fine and will give my views.kz

  4. Thank you for all those that have messaged me begging me to comment and wondering where I am today. Unfortunately I am very busy and even stayed in office until past midnight. I am fine and will give my views.kaizar zulu

  5. I think she has seen she is the only one who has applied for these funds and it will be suspicious when she is given the money so she is calling for other applicants to hide in.

  6. Will the News Diggers and The Mast given stimulus so that they can continue their noble mission of exposing corrupt politicians, spineless PSs and spado judiciary?

  7. The real reason is that they are funded by foreign bodies who are anti-zambian govt. They fund them to encourage them to erode the authority of the democratically elected govt to leave way for puppet govt which they will control in order to externalise as much of our wealth as possible.

    They don’t accept the current funding in place because they feel they may have to behave as model citizens which is not their agenda to destabilise the political and economic wellbeing of Zambia. Their modus operandi is negative propaganda which is against the excellent developmental success of Zambia in the last 9 years, which is unparalleled since KK’s era. But a lie cannot walk. PF have been successful in govt.

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