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Milling Around with an Axe to Grind


By Sunday Chilufya Chanda

Reference is made to a recent article _“Zambia’s Zimbabwe Redux”_ wherein the writer gave his two cents regarding South Africa’s Finance Minister Tito Mboweni’s snide remarks on the appointment of a new Bank of Zambia Governor. This was before UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema brought privatization fires on himself – maybe its by God’s providence that this matter is being interrogated by Zambians, both young and old, today.

Coming to the issue for this piece, and never mind that Mboweni has since been severely reprimanded by his own Head of State -President Cyril Ramaphosa – for meddling in the affairs of a sovereign nation. The piece attributed to Greg Mills of the BrentHurst Foundation and published in sections of international media is at best simplistic and at worst morbidly disingenuous.

Simplistic for its disregard of Zambian statutory provisions for the appointment of a Central Bank Governor; disingenuous, because it is part of a poorly concealed scheme to trigger erosion of confidence in Zambia’s Central Bank and the country’s economy as a whole.

It is part of elaborate regime change agenda that has been hatched to prop-up the political interests of Greg Mill’s “anointed candidate” Hakainde Hichilema, who just so happens to be defacto Life president of Zambia’s main opposition party –the United Party for National Development (UPND). Mill’s political interests arising out of common interests known between his foundation and the Zambian opposition leader explains his ad hominem attacks on the Zambian political leadership of the country’s ruling party and the newly appointed Central Bank Governor even as he awaits ratification by Parliament. His remarks have nothing to do with corporate governance.

On the other hand, they have everything to do with cheap attempts to lay a basis for op-eds with anti-Zambian sentiments across the regional and western media landscape, in which the country can be used as a bad case of “erosion of independence” of Central Banks in the Region.


Is it a coincidence that Africa Confidential Volume 55 no. 23 in article, entitled “Foreign boost for opposition” claimed that some dignitaries and “South African businessmen” are bent on galvanising Zambia’s fractious opposition by uniting them against Zambia’s ruling party- the Patriotic Front (PF)?

The piece by the London based investigative journal outlines an alleged conspiracy linked to Brent Hurst Foundation – an institution headed by Greg Mills – to agitate regime change and facilitate the installation of Hakainde Hichilema as President of Zambia.

It alleges that Hichilema – perhaps Africa’s longest serving opposition leader with a highly questionable “rags to riches” story is being funded and supported by some South African mining interests that are apparently motivated to install him, having mobilised themselves to oust President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and Patriotic Front, whom they view as a major impediment to their schemes.

Mills and his South African mining interests are reportedly and allegedly bent on installing a “user friendly” Zambian President that would ostensibly be used as a proxy in their bid to take over Zambia’s state assets and resources.

Going by the Africa Confidential report, the blind prejudice of Greg Mills’ should come as no surprise. It is in fact par for the course.


Before he retired and joined active politics in the year 2000, UPND founding President the late Anderson Mazoka worked for Anglo American Corporation (AAC) as its Chief Executive in Zambia.

AAC managed the Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) Nchanga Open Pit Mine and the Chililabombwe mine in Zambia’s Copperbelt Province, until 2001 when Mazoka lost Presidential elections to the Late Levy Mwanawasa. Is it a coincidence that after their erstwhile employee and business partner lost the 2001 Presidential election, AAC hurriedly packed its bags and left Zambia reportedly leaving thousands of mine workers in a lurch?

Fast forward, after the death of Mazoka, in 2006 a hitherto politically unknown Hakainde Hichilema controversially took over the reins of UPND in what was widely seen as an intra-party coup d’état inspired by tribalism, regionalism and nepotism.

Considering Hichilema’s rather curious campaign promise of 2015 that he would “bring back Anglo American Corporation to KCM if elected into office” coupled with Greg Mill’s alleged interests in Anglo American Corporation, would Mills be expected to be anything other than uncomplimentary about Zambia?

…Or wouldn’t he be expected to do what he is doing now;
Milling around with an axe to grind!

The Author is Media Director for Patriotic Front- Zambia’s Ruling Party


  1. This is real data comrade. Brenthurst is well known pro gay organisation which is funding upnd. Only the devil knows what is going on behind closed doors in the upnd party. I am aware that even their diasporan supporters like tarino are rumoured to be gay. We cannot allow such in our Christian nation. Twakana iyo. Let hh rule his farm and create his own country on his land.however as long as it’s on zambian soil the law of Zambia apply. Let him be warned

  2. “…..installing a “user friendly” Zambian President that would ostensibly be used as a proxy in their bid to take over Zambia’s state assets and resources….”

    Hehehehehe …….pleezzzz

    We had the other week, is it mopane asking no begging GRZ to buy them out ……..

    You are drunk with self importance….

  3. Imagine I also wasted my time reading it. I know the author is never being objective but my poor judgment I read the article. My apologies. The kwacha to dollar is crossing the K20 mark and they are busy writing articles with the friend above Kaizar blogging as a time waiting hobby

  4. Colonised diasporan twits can’t see beyond their masters’ thinking. They can’t join the dots. They think Greg Mills is concerned about the welfare of Zambians. Do you think the USA imposed trade war/sanctions on China because they care about the “gooks”???? Open your eyes not your backsides, donkeys!!! Their interest is to dominate and control the world and China is a hindrance, Africa’s place in this world order is to supply the west with cheap raw materials. Anyone who can’t make sense of this article is totally colonised and a real donkey….


  6. I dont believe any normal thinking being reading this s..hiiit from Chanda. Its waste of time and space here.
    I rest my case.

  7. These have destroyed Zambia. So HH must prove himself innocent.
    And he will be warm and dry. Unlike unleashing dry mouthed dogs of his to bark at every question asked. If he means well for us Zambians he needs to make us understand why we should trust him with our very few resources remaining. Because if he truly ripped off this country’s last vessel when everything was bleeding then I don’t see reason why we can trust such an evil person.

    Zambians we seem to have an hypertrusting disorder if such even exists. We rarely quiz things. Let HH explain. He was supposed to be the hero those days but out of all he’s the only one who is hyper rich when Zambia was let on its knees begging for a savior

  8. PF leadership has failed to inspire Zambians because of the questionable characters of it’s top brass. This is the most unpopular and unwanted regime ever. From Sunday Chanda to the man in plot one, you have failed to win public confidence. If you win next year’s election it will be rape, you’ll have forced yourselves on us, which you are trying very hard to do. I cannot point my son to anyone in PF and say that is a model Zambian there. Thugs, pimps, and crooks liter the whole PF structure. HH is more presidential than the president. We have a Country to market to investors, please leave PF. You do not inspire investor confidence simple!!

  9. After learning that we too will want him to explain his riches, he has quickly decided to marry off his daughter so that they channel money out of Zambia through that young man. Hahaha, we have already put him on the watchlist.

  10. Most political leaders in the SADC region have been cautiously watching the subversive activities of the Brenthurst Foundation in Southern Africa. The Foundation’s strategy is to use surrogate opposition leaders to create regime in Kenya, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe and set stages for exploitation of these countries resources. Reflect on how RENAMO killed many in our region. Yet the likes of HH, Nevers Mumba, Maimane connived with Brenthurst’s hired General Obasanjo to generate instability in our region. We worry that South Africa is used by Brenthurst and Nigerians as a platform to launch havoc in Zambia – an evil Project by unpatriotic rich men.

  11. Thank you Chanda for you very enlightening article. Only the unsuspecting and unenlightened in UPND would want to deny the obvious about the known links between the Anglo-American funded Brent Hurst Foundation and the UPND. We know the boers behind Anglo-America Mining Company and Brent Hurst Foundation would want to have their Bantustan stooge in Hakainde Hichilema ( a carbon copy of the South African Mangosutu Buthelezi or the Zimbabwean Abel Muzorewa) installed in Zambia as President so that they could take over the exploitation of the country’s mineral wealth and introduce their own version of a racist and ethnically oriented apartheid rule in Zambia to facilitate colonial type formal political control.

  12. Mwansa Kabinga

    Yes , yes ……..

    and apparently tupac is alive and well living in Japan. He has had to have plastic surgery to make him look Japanese……


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