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It’s not PF that started the Privatization Debate-Sunday Chanda


The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has distanced itself from the current heated debate on the privatization of national assets that took place in the 90’s.

PF Media Director Sunday Chanda says the ruling party did not start this debate clarifying that it was initiated by former Finance Minister Edith Nawakwi and PeP leader Sean Tembo.

Speaking when he featured on ‘Burning Issue Programme’ on 5fm in Lusaka, Mr Chanda says the PF has no intention of killing anyone as claimed by those accused of mismanaging the privatization of some national assets.

“Let me make it very clear here, and I will make a disclaimer. For starters, the privatization debate is not a PF baby! The privatization debate is a matter between comrade Hakainde Hichilema and comrade Edith Nawakwi and comrade Sean Tembo among others. So it’s a debate between stakeholders and citizens. We (PF) have nothing to do with it,” he said answering a question from radio program host Zachariah Banda.

“We have absolutely nothing to do with! That’s the more reason why even on this platform unless you insist, its not a matter I would want to go into details because it’s not our baby, its not our issue.”

The PF Media Director refuted claims that the ruling party is trying to divert attention from other equally important matters saying the party remains focused on its agenda to develop Zambia.

He also laughed out at reports that the PF wants to kill an opposition leader through the championing of the privatization issue.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chanda said the party is engaging in issue-based campaigns in Lukashya and Mwansabombwe constituencies.

He stated that the party is busy preaching its manifesto to the electorate and that it will not engage in any acts of political violence during campaigns.

Mr. Chanda further echoed PF Secretary General Hon Davies Mwila’s stance that the party will not shield any member who engages in criminal activities now and beyond.


  1. But the PF is adding fuel to it and milking it for political gain.In law if somebody kills and you assist them hide it then you’re guilty of being accessory to a crime.

  2. The people started it. The people have a right to ask for answers from those wishing to rule them. Let hh answer. Anyway whether he answers or not takatekepo

  3. The Privatization issue has been debunked and the PF is conveniently abandoning its surrogate, Edith Nawakwi. Edith Nawakwi is now going to fight HH’s defamation case alone. Edith has been used by PF and is being thrown away like a condom. The careless and wild Allegations against an innocent HH will haunt Edith Nawakwi. With hindsight Edith should have appologised and retracted her defamatory Statements against HH. Edith should have known that if u live in Glass House u don’t start throwing stones. Now needs to explain to the Nation her personal Role in the Privatization Programme of 1990s.

  4. “….Meanwhile, Mr. Chanda said the party is engaging in issue-based campaigns in Lukashya and Mwansabombwe constituencies….”

    Is that PF tribalistic video circulating on line part of those issue based ?????

  5. Its the PF that start it every time a general election is approaching. Nili neka party and Nashala neka party are just there to parrot what their masters are saying

  6. The PF don’t understand that people are tired and they want change…this is the repeat version of MMD vs PF….people will be dancing in the streets when PF loses…watch this space.
    People in Africa pay attention to their money, once you mess with their money you out.

  7. Who started it does not matter. Take ichilema to court. He always said anyone with evidence should take him to court. If there is evidence let’s proceed

  8. These Satanist never seize to amaze us, 2014 President Michael Sata’s obsession with the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s wealth took a step up on a Wednesday when two Zambia Air Force helicopters were deployed to the opposition leader’s Zambezi Ranch in Choma.
    The helicopters that had clearly marked ZAF emblems were seen taking shots of the property as they flew over Hichilema’s property.
    Hichilema, however, said he is not intimidated by the continued harassment by state agents.
    President Sata has repeatedly grumbled about Hichilema’s wealth with his obsession once taking him as high as releasing Hichilema’s bank accounts to the public.
    However the move backfired as the public saw it as a violation of the right to privacy of a citizen.

  9. I listened to Mumbi Phiri who encouraged Edith Nawakwi to stand firm and refuse to be intimidated by HH. Today PF has done a U turn because the debate has worked in favor of HH.

  10. Kwacha remained a toddler since it was born in 1964 through Unip and through MMD but immediately the PF took over it began to grow. Became a teenager at 11 during Satas time and then old enough to drink and drive during lungus time when it turned 18. Now very soon before independence it will become a fully grown adult at 21. If PF continue next year we might even see the kwacha attain middle age.

  11. I look to history to try and understand. It’s not just Zambian history but the history of other post-colonial states. Many post-colonial states have had to be partitioned because of problems such as the one we hv in Zambia where others are seen as backward including their languages. The fact is after colonialism came, North-Eastern Rhodesia and North-Western Rhodesia set up and later merged, the railway line from Livingstone to Chililabombwe was laid, mining and white commercial farming started, migration was to the former N-W Rhodesia from the former N-W Rhodesia. It’s because of economic activities I hv mentioned.

  12. But who came up with this idea of going back to check on what you dropped in the toilet every time erection time comes expect pf.

  13. But who came up with this idea of going back to check on what you dropped in the toilet every time erection time comes expect pf.
    Move forward

  14. If u don’t know, you do a search and find out for yourself. I don’t want to tell u because u won’t believe me and u will accuse me of things I rise above.

  15. I became interested in issues of nation-building after seeing the violent break-up of Yugoslavia, a country that gave a lot of technical assistance to Zambia whn the late Josip Tito was president. Yugoslavs helped us to build Kafue gorge hydropower station. The break-up of the country is a matter I hv discussed with former Yugoslavs who were living in Zambia in the 1990s. This has led me to finding out hw some older nations in Europe were established. It was violent, it was bloody.

  16. The PF have every right to capitalize on this issue. It is called politics. It is not their fault HH and Nawakwi were selling off Zambia’s resources and assets for cheap. Benefiting greatly while the nation lost.

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