Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Laura Miti, Mwewa acquitted


Alliance for Community Action Director, Laura Miti and Organisation’s Programs Manager Bornwell Mwewa, acquitted by Livingstone Magistrate Court.

The two were charged with two counts of disorderly conduct and assault.

Their acquittal follows a similar action taken by the Livingstone Magistrate Court which dismissed all the charges musician Pilato in a related matter.

There was jubilation outside the Court as the tearful Miti vowed to continue fighting for rights and democracy in Zambia.

“We have been acquitted of conducting ourselves in a disorderly manner and assaulting police officers. The Magistrate said the prosecution witnesses contradicted themselves so badly that they were difficult to believe, making it clear what they claim did not happen. Thank you to everyone who supported us through the process,” Ms. Miti said.


    • Our country has been totally DESTROYED. Even the Judiciary is now PARTISAN. This acquittal is most likely based on objectivity and fairness, but it could also be based on the fact that the hearing took place in a Livingstone court. I doubt that these folks would be acquitted in Lusaka. We are in a total MESS as a country! Cry my beloved Zambia!!!

  1. Waking up to my beautiful wlfe regina- oh what a beautiful thing. Looking at that picture I see three men and realise how lucky I am to have a beautiful wlfe. Ugly people make a lot of noise. Just look at those in the article picture

  2. @KZ, it is a qualification to be ugly and become UPND. What is there to celebrate when you are acquitted on a technicality. The court is just saying we have better cases to due with.

  3. Since this rogue regime got into power we have had a plethora of unnecessary, politically motivated prosecutions.I remember soon after September 2011(God curse that month),they even tried to get to pay the monies expended by the State paid back by Chanda Chimba and his friends. That is probably the only positive thing to come out of this rogue regime

  4. The acquittal was known, the courts are also coming to the realization that suppressing peoples rights is not sustainable in a democracy. Of course it is a strange democracy this one, public media, public as it is, is a preserve for the ruling party only, the Copperbelt PF mobilization team(but maybe Covid mobilsation is the right term) without even observing the covid guidelines was on the ground this weekend, just to keep a failed government in power. The opposition parties cant even mobilise, terrible legacy, terrible indeed

  5. Alliance for Community Action,that is what they have called themselves and are being funded to achieve their personal agendas. Let me congratulate them for being free now and it just shows me that we have a good judicial process which is impartial unlike what the same alliance would want people believe if the judgement went the other way round.They would have claimed the judiciary was compromised.
    Non governmental organisations like this one plus others are colonial master tools to fun confusion in Africa for their own benefit and its is purely business on their part. if they were non government, they would not entangle with government in the sense that they are non governmental in the first place, The concept would be non concerned with government actions on its citizens but they…

  6. Mushota, you are now causing us to yawn as well!!!

    Hakainde please sponsor another song. Put another coin in the Pilato-miti juke box, the current song is boring us to near death.

  7. It is okay when the courts acquit non PF members. It is then a good court and there was no interference from State House. Chiwamila galu kuluma choona aikona Choona kuluma galu

  8. Very back ward country this one. Democratic, civil and human rights very suppressed. To the PF, it is normal. The only good thing with life is that time to account comes to pass, no matter how long it may take, time to account comes, just as the bible teaches – there is time for everything. God Almighty, hear our prayer….

  9. Taking suspected wrong doers to course is part of a democratic state.Courts are a recourse in democracy together with their independence. Stupidity of its denizens is also welcome but not denigrating innocent fellow citizen simply for being paid to do that.

  10. Mushota is back! Things will now be back to normal. The Kwacha will appreciate to 12 per dollar. Lungu will be MP for Chawama not president. The UPND will have GBM as vice president. Dr Chitalu, Bowman Lusambo Dora will all be broke without any stolen tax money in their pockets. Prime TV will be on air

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