Ongoing phase one mobile issuance of National Registration Cards NRCs by 10 more days

Home Affairs Minister Hon Stephen Kampyongo
Home Affairs Minister Hon Stephen Kampyongo

GOVERNMENT has announced the extension of the ongoing phase one mobile issuance of National Registration Cards NRCs by ten more days.

Speaking when he addressed the media in Kasama this morning, Home Affairs Minister Hon Stephen Kampyongo said that the extension is meant to facilitate for the smooth running of the exercise.

“ I recall that on the 28th of August 2020, in informed the nation that the commencement of the second phase of the Mobile National Registration exercise had been moved from 1st to 10th September, 2020, to allow for the smooth running of the exercise”Hon Kampyongo said.

Hon Kampyongo said that both phase one and phase two were allocated forty days each to ensure that all eligible persons are afforded equal and adequate time to access the National Registration Cards.

“I also want to further clarify that due to logistical challenges and the adverse effects of Covid-19, materials and equipment meant for the first phase were delayed by an average of 12 days and the exercise was affected as such” Hon Kampyongo said.

He said that as a result in the commencement of phase one, Government has decided to extend it by ten more days to go up to 19th September, 2020.

Hon Kampyongo said that the Ministry of Home Affairs has got the responsibility to ensure that both phase one and two of the exercise are smooth.

“This therefore means that phase two of the exercise will commence on the 20th of September, 2020 and will also run for forty days as was initially planned” Hon Kampyongo disclosed.

And in reacting to stories circulating on social media suggesting under aged children are acquiring NRCs in some parts of the country, Hon Kampyongo said that politicians need to detach propaganda from such important National programmes.

He said that anyone who feels that people who are not eligible to acquire NRCs are taking advantage of the exercise has the responsibility to report all suspects to relevant authorities such as police.

“ Instead of taking pictures of young children and parading them on social media why not apprehend and surrender them to the relevant authorities that are mandated to deal with them such as police and others” Hon Kampyongo wondered.


  1. Tilizon will follow some people one day! How do you reduce a sacred National Identity document to a piece of tissue paper that can be produced by and given to every Jim and Jack including foreigners and the under 5?
    Pray that you don’t differ with the same people you are selectively giving NRC because they will use the same against you! Ubuchenjeshi Bwankoko Pungwa tasakamana!

  2. Excellent so that the cry babys in upnd do not use this as excuse for losing in 2021. We do not want lame excuses.also when will upnd decide that hh has run his course. 50 years fielding the same loser. Total madness

  3. Did you see bakaponya helping out laminate cards, that is true service to people.
    Actually I don’t mind issuing IDs to children too, as long as they have right birth-dates. And all those misspellings get corrected back at Registration offices.
    Every Zambian deserves some form ID.

  4. Why can’t NRC’s be computerized and linked to births and passport systems? This business of using digital camera’s and lamination is open to all sorts. This must be the easiest document to forge and yet the most important of all our documents. The system is open to abuse, the people doing the issuing have their own customers ie, any foreigners willing to pay to produce the document. The price even varies depending on the level of complexity. Computerise the ID and connect it to existing systems for varification.

  5. To the opposition, that is exactly what rigging looks like in case you didn’t know. If you don’t take the right action now, you never will.

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