The Government will continue to strengthen its COVID-19 surveillance strategy at all points of entry

Minister of Health Dr. Chitalu Chilufya

Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya has said that the government will continue to strengthen its Covid-19 surveillance strategy at all points of entry to stop the spread of the virus.

Dr. Chilufya said this today during the Covid-19 daily update at Kasumbalesa border in Chililabombwe district where he reported that the country has recorded 102 new cases out of 1,391 tests conducted.

Dr Chilufya said the new cases have been recorded across Nine districts among them Lusaka, Mpika, Kasama, Livingstone, Solwezi and Isoka.

The Minister said 49 patients are admitted in various Covid-19 isolation facilities, out of which 16 are on oxygen therapy and four are critical patients under ICU and two are on mechanical ventilators.

AND Dr Chilufya disclosed that a total of 60 patients have been discharged and that the country has not recorded any Covid-19 related death in the last 24 hours.

He said the cumulative number of cases now stands at 13, 214, out of one hundred and 27, 529 tests conducted so far.

Meanwhile, Copperbelt province Minister Japhen Mwakalombe informed the minister that the province has enhanced its surveillance strategy.

And Zambia National Public Health Institute Director Victor Mukonka said enhancing border surveillance is key to stopping the spread of Covid-19.

Daily Change  Numbers of Confirmed Cases and Deaths
Daily Change Numbers of Confirmed Cases and Deaths
Cumulative Numbers of Confirmed Cases and Deaths
Cumulative Numbers of Confirmed Cases and Deaths


  1. Mubita Nawa was saying some K6 million PF kwachas was given to someone to make face-masks? To me it sound’s like more than 40million masks. That’s 2 masks per each Zambian. So what happened with that production?

  2. Sooner or later this virus will run out of people to infect because the majority of the people are now getting immune. I don’t see the need of any vaccine. Once in our lifetime, African leaders should stand together and do something right for their people and say “NO!” to any foreign vaccines. Our people adapt and learn to live with hardships much faster than those in the western world.

  3. Hats off to President Lungu for now bowing to pressure to reopen bars and schools. Your team is doing well Hon Chilufya. We owe u gratitude

  4. Nine chale your wife is very lucky to have a patriot like you. I wish you could teach these other angry diasporans about being patriotic with pro African. These boys are brain washed

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