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HH playing politics over Face Masks, we have the money to pay suppliers-Bowman

Feature Politics HH playing politics over Face Masks, we have the money to pay...

Lusaka Province Minister, Bowman Lusambo has accused UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema of trying to gain political capital over delays in paying suppliers of Face Masks.

Some suppliers of Face Masks have complained over delays by the government on paying them and Mr Hichilema has since supported their protest against the government.

But Mr. Lusambo said the Lusaka Provincial Administration has secured K4.8 million required to pay all those who supplied to Face Masks in Lusaka.

He said Face Mask suppliers that were engaged by the government through the Lusaka province administration will start receiving their money next week.

Mr. Lusambo said funds to the tune of K4.8 million is ready for disbursement, once the paperwork is concluded.

Mr. Lusambo has expressed displeasure that some suppliers have taken to social media to complain and seek sympathy from the opposition when the matter is receiving the much-needed attention from his office.

He said Mr Hichilema is being hypocritical by attempting to support the payment of Face Mask suppliers when he has failed to account for the proceeds of privatization which he was part of.


  1. Fuvu veve is at it again! Thought GCE exams would improve our thinking! What does privatization got to do with paying suppliers? By the way we have not seen the 4 million masks that were supplies in Lusaka! Unless one mask was k100 or they supplied air as usual!!

  2. As these things go by and so are the days, I hate the fact that am aging and the fact that my kids will grow in an environment where I as a parent participated in destroying.. I mean life isn’t fair.

  3. Be careful with crooked hh. This is a gimmick as he probably has shares in a foreign company which supplies masks and wants it to be given the contract instead. Remember this is a f00l who is quick to sue a woman for 3m dollarsjust to stop her asking questions and yet he thinks he can ask others and this government silly questions or make comments from his backside. Voestek!!!!

  4. There we go again, busy focusing on HH instead of working for the country. This is now becoming unbearable. Cant these people in government see that there is work to be done.

  5. Lusambo stole Face masks. You don’t order goods on behalf of government, resell on profit then fail to pay bill to suppliers.
    Just arrest Lusambo he can’t go free this time.

  6. PF Bandits how much is mealie meal? Has load shedding finished? How is the economy doing? How much is fuel ? Bandit lungu never give power to the speaker.

  7. PF bandits at it again. HH has nothing to do with this, you are your own. Just pay what you owe. The suppliers did the right thing by going to social media. We need to know the truth, otherwise we would have not known that you fools did not pay them.

  8. This Government has the money. The problem is that it is in few people’s pockets. Come to think of it, countries like ours needed to change strategy for the stimulus package. I dont see any personal benefit in this package and i don’t expect to see any in the near future when am highly impacted by the negative effects of Covid. I think the quickest way this would have benefited us would have been for the government to use the package to subsidize my Zesco energy bill, water bill and fuel over a period of time until such a time that economic indicators improve. That way, i would be directly given a relief instead of just talk and nothing to show for it.

  9. This big lump of sh#t is just talking out of his back if you have you have secured funds what paperwork are you waiting for as you already know who is owed….this is the problem with these foooools no leadership everyone’s an expert even on matters of economics like that moron Sunday was embarrassing himself two days ago.



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