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Traditional Leaders Resolve to Start Exchange Visits

General News Traditional Leaders Resolve to Start Exchange Visits

Traditional Leaders have resolved to start exchange visits of chiefdoms meant to promote piece and Unit as well as encouraging development in the country.

Chief Chinkanta of the Tonga people of Kalomo District says the chiefs will engage government to help facilitated the movements of the chiefs from one Chiefdoms to another under the program.

The traditional leaders says the program will see a number of chiefs from one province move to another and vise versa to exchange ideas.

This came to light when Petauke Member of Parliament Dora Siliya invited chiefs from 5 provinces to a networking lunch for my Home Town initiative in Petauke District Eastern Province.

And Ms Siliya who is also MY HOME TOWN Zambia Patron says the initiative should not be politicised as it is meant to develop the country by involving chiefs and other stakeholders.

She has commended all the chiefs from the Nsenga land and other Districts in the five provinces for attending the My Hometown event.

Ms Siliya said the commitment from traditional leaders towards the my HOMETOWN initiative will help spur development in various chiefdoms using the available resources.

Meanwhile, My Home Town Zimbabwe Patron Chipo Chidakwa thanked Ms Siliya for reviving the initiative and bring together all the chiefs across various provinces.


  1. This is great development. Under pf we have promoted the “one Zambia one nation” culture. This is good partnership. Well done and keep it up.

    Proud civil servant

  2. I don’t understand why those tribalists don’t visit each other, are they scared of bewitching each other? It is good to exchange Witcraft, especially the power of “lightning” (utulumba). In fact they should start exchanging wives too, because the chiefs have more than 2 each, so selfish bafikkala, but don’t know if female Chiefs also sexually abuse men.

  3. This development where Traditional rulers can exchange visits across the the country is good for the welfare of all the peoples of Zambia. The idea of Chiefs to exchange visits will usher -in a positive assurance that a Nsenga family that lives in Monze as well as a Tonga Family that lives in Nyimba will live in peace. This is a development that is long overdue. For instance, let the Chiefs of Eastern Province embrace the Kaondes, Lozis, Lundas, Luvales, Ndebeles, Shonas; Tongas etc, who have elected to reside in this Province and extend love to all mankind. This is a welcome development in this part of SADC Region – and Zambia in particular. This concept should permeate to other provinces as well.

  4. What has been hampering the chiefs visiting each other? I believe it has to do with establishing the House of Chiefs. To say the visits would help in exchange of ideas, what kind of ideas if not the reason that there is this House of Chiefs? Once the idea is handed to government to get involved in whatever manner that would help birth the idea is at the same time inviting politicization and setting up stage for failure as it would not mature! As noble the idea is protocol for visits between chiefs exist, refine them!

  5. Let them tour their chiefdoms and tell the government what is lacking rather than spending money going round the country on tours that won’t even materialize some chiefs were sent to China what have they done so far.

  6. So she has been spending sleepless nights just to come up with this id!otic idea!! I would think Zambia’s primary objective was to find ways to generate money so the country can be developed.

  7. PF resumes stealing wildlife from Luangwa national Park
    Dear Editor (Zambian Wacthdog)
    Last year you informed your readers about the wildlife capture going on in South Luangwa National Park, Eastern Province.
    A week ago the local community was made aware that this is starting again. And again all the stakeholders around and in the park were told it was for restocking other National Parks.
    Last year Hon. Makebi Zulu and the Ministry of Tourism made the same claims, even though it came out that the animals were supposed to go to a private game ranch, Mbizi Game Reserve.
    Yesterday, we received pictures from the trucks being on the way to South Luangwa. These pictures contain a sticker saying:
    Wildlife Conservation Services
    Witpens Game Ranch
    The Zambian phone number on the…


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