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UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema should apologize for using a derogatory Word-Sunday Chanda

Headlines UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema should apologize for using a derogatory Word-Sunday Chanda

Patriotic Front Media Director Sunday Chanda has strongly condemned UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s insults during a rally in Lukashya.

Over the weekend, during a public rally, Mr. Hichilema insulted publicly much to the dismay and shock of various stakeholders including social media platforms.

Mr. Chanda has described the insults as a taboo and has since demanded an immediate apology from Mr. Hichilema.

He said such insults are not only demeaning to women and men but a taboo and goes against the social and moral fiber of our culture and society and should therefore be condemned in the strongest terms by all well-meaning Zambians.

“It is shocking for a man aspiring for the highest office of the land to utter insults not only in public but in the presence of our respected women and men. This indeed speaks volumes on the true character of Mr. Hichilema and confirms that he does not mean well” Mr. Chanda said.

He was speaking this morning when he featured on ISO FM Radio of Muchinga province where he was discussing the PF’S developmental agenda for Muchinga province.

And Mr. Chanda has called on the electorates of Lukashya and Mwansabombwe to vote on the PF in order to continue the developmental agenda which has already been rolled out and continues to be implemented not only in Muchinga but across the country.

Mr. Chanda acknowledged that the PF’S development which has been accomplished so far has not come without challenges such as the COVID-19, climate change, and droughts which have negatively affected the country’s economy and led to slow progress in the implementation of certain projects as a result of economic constraints.

He however assured that the government remains resolute and committed to ensuring that all the projects are completed and urged people to continue believing in the PF’S vision and ignore doomsayers such as the UPND whose developmental vision is not well defined.

“The vision of the UPND is not the vision of Muchinga or the vision of the PF’s legacy and that is why they have continued to be rejected,” Mr. Chanda said.


  1. This Sunday guy. He must say something all the time, how can somebody of such demean nature ask HH to apologise. First PF should apologise for bringing the economy of Zambia down on its knees. Every thing has sequence in life

  2. so predictable, then hordes of surrogates will be on our silver screens with their famous walking interviews…… the monotonous caws, gwa,gwa,gwa will be apologise, apologise, apologise….

  3. No big deal here. In the heat of the moment KK frequently used ba fikamba, RB used ba mambala. The term HH used is common language referring to a Dude. HH attended ZNS, most who attended ZNS after school found the term hilarious rather than offensive. LPM one time used hard language towards MCS when they squared up, yet MCS was more than 10yrs older, MCS took no offence. What matters is the context under which particular language is used and atmosphere.

  4. “…Mr. Chanda acknowledged that the PF’S development which has been accomplished so far has not come without challenges such as the COVID-19, climate change, and droughts which have negatively affected the country’s economy…”

    What can you tell us about every economic indicator that has been in decline ever since lungu assumed office ???

  5. According to us Africans, It’s not a derogatory word. It’s an insult.
    Derogatory words are ichipuba, chinangwa, ukutumpa which qualify as umusalula. Insults are not umusalula. Insults are basically chik…and other mentions of private parts, female private parts, and likening people to animals.

  6. These Mwanks ( mwankoles) have no shame at all.

    It was privatization and no deregatory remarks, what next?

    We need to work very hard to remove these Mwanks.

    PF must go

  7. So aba baffikala ba PF were paying attention from UPND campaign like us the independent.
    Remember when Nawakwi told Chiluba ati “waba amat***le chi***la chobe!!?” And ka Chiluba came out saying that “…Edith ichintu chintu umwene”.

  8. HH has finally shed off his skin as a businessman, welcome to politics Sir. That word is befitting a person that buys votes, it was correctly used.

  9. For many years I have told the zambian people that HH is a very arrogant and short tempered despot. Others have called me names for this. We recently saw how HH insulted and disrespected two women in politics, edith and mumbi. Now we have him on camera insulting in front of young people. The truth colours of this vile man are coming out. I only have fear for his wlfe and kids seeing how abusive he is. It explains why he never lets mutinta speak in public. The man is a control freak.

  10. HH is encouraging Zambians to insult those in leadership. As someone aspiring to be President, he is saying that should he become leader Zambians should extend this culture of insults to him. What an aspiring leader!

  11. Ka each c o l o u r Ka Kaizar Zulu you think you think you have monopoly of arrogance.
    “According to our contacts, Zulu found Kaoma seated with Amos Chanda and Fawazi Shawi and pounced on him with punches while hauling insults at him.
    Kaiser was caught on Protea hotel cctv punching Kaoma. Kaizar then threatened to kill Chomba Kaoma if he dares to report the issue to the police”.

  12. I personally find this lingua interesting after all it’s a street lingo. Am fond of hearing it here on the copperbelts and left it n lsk. Thanks HH for publicising it!!!!! what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  13. Look, not everything is worth the palaver! Men do this to each other every day – no big deal. But things can become nasty if you insult someone’s mother.

  14. @Zozi a Zozi some of what you say is correct. Like context. In certain fraternities chik#$&a is the common reference for each other as men
    However, some are untruths. KK never used ba fikamba. His only derogatory words were Stupid *****

  15. In any case HH was referring to vote buyers. Sunday shouldn’t lose sleep if he is not a vote buyer. Vote buyers deserve worse.

  16. I recall the day I watched a video in which some drunk youths in new Landcruisers were sent to insult Chishimba Kambwili and his mother.Those vulgarities made my skin crawl for a week. I don’t remember Mr.Chanda demanding an appology

  17. since HH uttered those disgusting words, we have seen an increase in vulgarities being used all over media. It seems Hh is normalising insults. what an embarrasement. is this the guy who is meant to be highly educated? disgusting

  18. HH needs to apologise to the Zambians, I never thought he ever uses such words, it is a disappointment to say the least. It is very shocking.

    He is not seeing my vote.

  19. When we said testosterone hormones are going to rise to unprecedented levels during and run up to 2021 general elections this exactly what we meant. Is there any feasible reason why Hichilema would behave the way he did? Certainly not. One reason could’ve that he has realized that this is his last chance to try his lucky for plot 1. The other reason could be that he has sensed that he stands a much lower chance to score nearly as much as he did in 2016. Hence this kind of desperation.

  20. I watched the whole rally video and context this was used. Everyone had a laugh on a terminology that has assumed a casual reference rather than an insult in most social scenarios. This propagandist Chanda will off course pick on anything to embellish matters to what he perceives to be the advantage of his idealess regime. When did we last get any message to do with the issues that Zambia is facing from this charlatan and his cohort in government?

  21. Really laughable…this is dull clown who stated that we should all the reserves to build PF inflated Chinese roads. Hakainde called those morons who are bribing voters with their own tax money for what they are….i myself wouldn’t be so polite to thieves.

  22. Too bad for HH. He always shoots himself in the legs. He messes up where he shouldn’t ever try to. To me, he is not ready to lead our beloved Zambia.

  23. Corruption, vulgar language, stealing public funds, incurring unsustainable debts, failure to pay retirees for more than 10 years, telling lies to people. All are bad habits in equal measure. Why do you choose what suits you?

  24. LT can you please block any users posting in an already existing name. It is unacceptable to have someone posting comments in my name. I would never support anyone using insults in their speech, whether he is a leader or just aspiring to be one. An intelligent conversation does not require any insulting words. I will forthwith only post with the Zambian Flag on Avatar. Let’s see if the trouble-maker will manage to clone that…

  25. Morning ba Sande. U are uncomfortable with cikala but u are ok with massive corruption taking place in the country. U and that BIGOCA pastor are worse than Judas Iscariot. This pastor is quiet on corruption because he is a beneficiary but jumps on cikala so as to make himself relevant.

  26. Very funny. So if somebody used insults before it justifies someone to do so? Sick people..
    Instead of just saying he doesn’t know the language very well. He though it means basah..as my friend in Tonga…do in bemba is c……la

  27. So the upnd thugs are saying it is ok to use that word. Does this mean the chauvinistic HH calls mutinta hichilema as chlcolour?

  28. Apologize to who you 1d10ts?? Who was insulted or injured by the illustration? One can only apologize if their statement had injured someone!! Please don’t insult people’s intelligence!!

  29. Apologize to who you 1d10ts?? Who was insulted or injured by the illustration? One can only apologize if their statement had injured someone!! Please don’t insult people’s intelligence!!

    People who Issued tribalism remarks, beat up people for wearing UPND chitenge,
    destroyed other people’s campaign materials are the ones who should apologize!!

  30. What we need and expect is PF to apologise for destroying the Zambia’s economy through weak or no fiscal discipline and corruption. Chanda, waufwa tapali ichibumba.

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