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There is a Drop in Compliance with COVID-19 Guidelines-Ministry of Health

Health There is a Drop in Compliance with COVID-19 Guidelines-Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health says there is a general drop in compliance with Covid-19 health guidelines following the easing of some restrictions.

Health Permanent Secretary in charge of Technical services Kennedy Malama says President Edgar Lungu was categorical when he opened some sectors of the economy, that it will be dependent on strict adherence to health guidelines without which restrictions ma
be reinforced.

Dr. Malama says with increased interaction, there is a chance of a spike in COVID-19 cases especially if the guidelines are not followed.

Speaking during the daily COVID-19 update in Lusaka, Dr. Malama announced that in the last twenty-four hours, Zambia has recorded ninety-nine cases out of 7-hundred and 47 tests conducted.

He said two brought in dead -BIDs- were recorded with two facility deaths.

Two hundred and 10-people have been discharged while 45 people are admitted at various health facilities of which 14 are on oxygen therapy.

And Infectious Diseases Director Lloyd Mulenga urged parents to ensure children are protected because they can be key carriers of COVID-19 even without symptoms.

Professor Mulenga said four percent of all infections have been recorded in children.

Meanwhile, Local Government Minister Charles Banda has warned of stiff action against proprietors found operating outside the curfew on the partial opening of bars, nightclubs and casinos, from Friday to Sunday.

Dr. Banda said that the law will follow those found wanting and their operational licenses will be revoked.

Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka, Dr. Banda said local authorities countrywide have been guided on enforcement measures and public monitoring of compliance has begun.

He said all proprietors of bars, nightclubs, and restaurants will be expected to notify the councils on measures they will take to combat the spread of COVID-19.

President Edgar Lungu on Friday directed the partial reopening of bars and nightclubs from 18 hours to 23 hours on weekends.


  1. We humbly ask people to show maturity and comply with the rules. It’s times like these we need a sensible opposition to spread the message for the need of compliance. Alas we have one led by a useless criminal who is only good at insulting.

  2. And those crowds HH is pulling are a challenge to spread of viruses both HIV and Covid-19. Unfortunately the losing PF want to use
    word “chkkala” as a basis to gain some popularity back. And worse to use police in arresting UPND leaders and smear them with “aggravated robbery”. Seriously how can disruption of National Registration be turned into “aggravated robbery”?
    You saw for yourself, those UPND officials were even denied face-masks in their police cells, ati they may hang themselves using face-masks. Kwaliba? Covid-19 in cells should be investigated too.

  3. Because you just make laws which are not being followed. Just like the law on wearing of masks who is following? It started with law against street vending who is following?

  4. DR MALAMA we are tired with you guys you mean all our lives we should be singing this song kindly let people rest now
    too much about COVID issue
    when are people going to live normal bane, you should appreciate that in this world troubles are part human life
    by the way what is the update of that unza scientific research results

  5. Some of our ministers have been taking full precautions and yet they tested positive while those in the mini buses and in markets with zero precautions never tested positive or became sick.

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