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ZNS Mpika first wheat crop praised

Rural News ZNS Mpika first wheat crop praised

Zambia National Service (ZNS) Deputy Commandant Benson Miti has commended ZNS officers in Mpika District in Muchinga Province for producing the first-ever wheat crop in the region.

Major General Miti made the remarks when he paid a courtesy call on Muchinga Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Jonathan Ng’onga at his office today.

Major Miti who is on a familiarization tour of ZNS operations in Muchinga Province said the works being implemented in Mpika are impressive.

“Following my appointment as Deputy Commandant, I am here on a familiarization tour of all the provinces where we have the presence and I have started with Muchinga Province,” he said.

He said the works being done under ZNS Mpika with only one center pivot installed speaks volumes.

Major Miti said the enormous works done so far is a clear indication that once all the three center pivots are installed, Muchinga will excel in the agriculture sector.

He said he is hopeful that the visit to the province will yield positive results and encourage officers to continue contributing effectively to the national basket.

Speaking during the same meeting, Muchinga Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Jonathan Ng’onga said the works being done by ZNS in the region cannot be overemphasized.

Mr. Ng’onga said the construction and the full installation of two milling plants by Zambia National Service (ZNS) and the Zambia Correctional Services (ZCS) in Mpika calls for an increase in production in order to meet the demand that will come.

He said this entails that farmers ought to double their efforts and produce more.

The DPS added that with such kind of development taking place, Muchinga Province will soon be able to feed the entire nation through its agriculture produce.

He however, called upon ZNS to combine its efforts with the department of agriculture in the province for the betterment of farmers in the area.

“We only hope that the province will receive favourable rainfall as always for effective and meaningful productivity,” he stated.


  1. Only under PF! Great patriotic development by the ZNS. We thank you so much and hope you will continue in this path of greatness. The president and myself are very proud of you

  2. Please and please lets utilize ZNS to the maximum. Cant believe they only have one center pivot instead of 10 in Mpika. Allow the peasant farmer to produce maize for their consumption and selling to millers while ZNS and prison services produce for FRA for food security and export. Chaba shani kanshi. Imigodi are in foreign hands so lets get agriculture stabilize the economy while we undo the world bank and IMF lies of no value in copper when during the pre-privatization era. By the way a commission of inquiry or tribunal on privatization must sit soon other that later to set the country on the right trajectory of development that has commenced during the PF era.

  3. I think ba LT muli anti development. Don’t worry there are many platforms to put across ideas that will sail the country out of these doldrums. mwanya na akainde wenu.

  4. It’s not a new idea. Farming without cost accounting eventually wrecks havoc to public finances. That’s wht happened whn Kenneth Kaunda did it last time: Airport Farms and Chinyunyu Rice Scheme. Why no one wants to ask wht happened then, I don’t know.

  5. @Nemwine please have some shame. Do you know the % of success vs failures of KK’s agriculture projects? You privatization expert HH sold even projects that were making profit for a song.

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