PLO Lumumba: Plagiarizer; Loquacious; Obnoxious


By Sunday Chilufya Chanda

Somehow it vexes Kenya’s self-confessed plagiarist Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba that the Constitution of the Republic of Zambia allows President Edgar Chagwa Lungu to stand in next year’s Presidential election.

Yet inexplicably, he is not even in the least bothered that Zambian opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema’s UPND “unilaterally” amended article 70 of its party’s constitution to give him an “unlimited tenure” as president of main opposition UPND. This is despite the fact that the beleaguered Hichilema has been rejected five (5) consecutive times by the majority of Zambians at the presidential ballot (since 2006).

Otieno’s rather undignified attacks on the person of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and his turning of a blind eye to the tyranny of what is supposed to be Zambia’s main opposition leader confirms something that has been widely observed – even in PLO’s own country.

It only confirms that PLO “Lumumba” as he would like to be called is playing the part of a willing and mischievous accomplice in Zambian opposition politics.

Admittedly, Otieno has a rather entertaining if not peculiar talent – that some would perhaps even suggest is a perverted gift- of memorising high sounding words from the dictionary and regurgitating them for leisure. Others might even say he has “the gift of the gab”. But then again, if there is any smidgeon of virtue with PLO, then, it ends there. Underneath the overblown language lies the enigma of a morally emaciated figure. A poseur; a person given to habitually pretending to be something that he is not. (Just like the Zambian opposition leader).

What PLO lacks morally he labours to compensate with bombastic language that is only good for fleeting entertainment value.


Plagiarism is one of the worst forms of corruption. As a self-confessed plagiarist, Patrick Loch Otieno should be the last to present himself as the pious High priest of Constitutionalism and Good Governance or “anti-corruption crusader” of Africa.

As one East African brothers put it:

“Hekima haishindi ukweli_”. (Knowledge does not defeat the truth.)

He went on to pint out:

“Just because Lumumba speaks “packaged English” doesn’t necessarily mean he is morally qualified to give guidance to wananchi (ordinary people) or government here in Kenya let alone another country like Zambia”.

This was in an apparent reference to Professor Lumumba’s 2017 admission that he had plagiarised the work of constitutional and human rights lawyer- Wachira Mania.

It is now common knowledge how Lumumba’s article entitled: “From Jurisprudence to Poliprudence: The Kenyan Presidential Election Petition 2013″ was originally part of Mania’s work and Lumumba made it his, without acknowledging the initial author, thereby contravening ethics and copyright laws. Lumumba copied and pasted around 5000 words of the 10,000 words long article from Wachira Maina’s works without any attribution to the original author.

Such was the gravity of the scandal that Lumumba was obliged to write a “suitable’ letter of correction” and forward it to the Law Society of Kenya Journal, the Law Society of Kenya, Law Africa Publishing Ltd and East Africa Law Society (EALS) Secretary-General Godfrey Kiliwa to immediately recall and delete the article from the LSK Journal Volume 11 2015.

In view of all this, the credibility of Lumumba’s academic papers remains in question and his morality in tatters. He should be the last per-son to talk about Good governance, Constitutionalism, Corruption or give a lecture on any related topic.

Given that this particular “Lumumba” was (according to him) named after the original Patrice Lumumba – that the African nationalist leader and first Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo, his lack of integrity and penchant to pander to neo-colonial interests makes him at best a morbidly entertaining chatterbox, and at worst a loquacious quack.


Yes, there may be challenges with the exchange rate and yes there are some challenges with the economy. However, the underlying causes cannot be ignored. They are irrefutable. The adverse effects of a severe 2018/2019 drought and the consequential reduction in hydropower generation has significantly affected the Zambian currency and the economy in general. Added to this concurrence of adverse circumstances are the harsh socio-economic setbacks arising out of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Yet, despite the unprecedented headwinds, the Zambian Copper Eagle under the Patriotic Front administration of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (ECL) in spite of the odds continues to weather the storm and soar even higher.

Under President Lungu’s leadership the education sector has seen a reduction in the teacher to pupil ratios. Where previously, one teacher taught 75 pupils per class at primary school level and 68 pupils at secondary level, one teacher is now handling a class of 45 pupils at primary and 35 at the secondary level (As of 2019).

Under President Lungu’s tenure Zambian teachers are now able to pay more attention to the learning needs of each pupil. Under his watch, the country has further recorded an increase in literacy rates from 67.5 percent in 2014 to 80 percent in 2019. Female literacy rates have increased from 68 percent in 2014 to 79 percent in 2019.
The positive dividends in the education sector will benefit succeeding generations of Zambians not only now, but we into the future.

As he steers his nation towards becoming a prosperous middle-income country by 2030, President Lungu is driven by the firm conviction that increased productivity and socio-economic development’ is a function of a healthy citizenry. It is for this reason that a strong and effective healthcare system continues to be a priority for Zambia under his stewardship. The aspiration of his Government is to achieve Universal Health Coverage through healthcare system strengthening in addition to the pursuit of a primary healthcare approach.

The results have begun to show.

Under president Lungu’s stewardship Zambia’s maternal mortality ratio has drastically reduced from 398 in 2014 to 278 in 2018 for every 100,000 live births.
In addition, the number of institutional maternal deaths reduced to 138 deaths from 149 deaths per 100,000 live births in 2016. This is indicative of the reduction in the overall maternal mortality ratio. PLO the Plagiariser may wish to know that these figures are reviewed

Every five years and they are only getting better.
These achievements barely scratch the surface- there is more.
This information is free- even for Plagiarisers!


  1. The only good thing about Zambians is that they are very patient. But when a party is about to be voted out the signs are all too clear

  2. Renowned Kenyan pan-Africanist, Professor of Law and anti-corruption crusader, Patrick Loch Otieno (PLO) Lumumba has admonished the youth to remain resolute in their contribution towards development and unification of the African continent.
    This he urged them to do without fear of vilification of critics for speaking the truth.
    Professor Lumumba who was addressing members of the PLO Lumumba Foundation Ghana Chapter at the foundation’s ‘maiden general membership meeting’ charged participants to focus on the activities and programmes of the organization that was centered on Pan-Africanism, Anti-Corruption and Mentorship rather than concentrating on the negative comments by critics against the organization and its founder.
    “There is nothing you would want to do in this world that you…

  3. Sunday Chanda you have failed in your effort to discredit PLO Lumumba. What you’ve done is simply produce an ad hominem attack on PLO’s character. What was expected was for you to show how ECL qualifies for the 2021 ballot and to counter PLO’s arguments against ECL’s third term bid.

  4. Sunday Chanda,one thing you should know is that you cannot compare a party’s constitution vs a country’s constitution,what Lungu did in 2016 changing the constitution to suit him was illegal and pray it haunts him at embassy park one day… Sunday you just a boot licker be ashamed

  5. How can one compromise the truth by saying the Zambian economy is challenged due to the drought of 2018 and covid when even a primary school kid knows that Zambias economic problems are due to reckless borrowing. Why is there so much compromise on the truth in what is supposed to be a Christian nation

  6. Zambia is just living for servicing debts, this is because of reckless borrowing, lack of foresight, lack of leadership, and prudence, our economy is heavily affected. The wise advice from Prof Lumumba on who to vote for next year should be ignored at our own peril as zambians. We can’t continue at this trajectory. This economic decline started way before covid came in as explained by former bank of Zambia governor

  7. Sunday Chilufya Chanda, wakalasa ka pompwe, mune!!! Imagine, an opposition, a GRZ in waiting, praising a foreigner with such questionable credentials?? Then again, Sunday has highlighted the abrogation and disregard of the upnd party constitution article 70 by hh and all his supporters here are mute about it-can a man who has no respect for the law be a good president for our nation??? A man who openly insults??

  8. Tell you what, Sunday, if we were to run this very write up of yours through some plagiarism detector like turntin, not much of your work would stand the test. I bet…

  9. What is the difference between Lumumba who admitted plagiarism and Lungu who stole from a widow and rigged two election to himself.I think Lumumba has paid for his sins but Lungu has not yet done so.Time will tell.

  10. Sunday Chanda, the worst form of corruption is NOT plagiarism, rather it is: 1. Having K23m from K2.1m in one year without any tangible and visible business; 2. Stealing Social Cash meant for old and vulnerable people of our society; 3. “Buying” Fire Wheelbarrows at $1m when the same are worth $300,000 or less (note: same conduit used for this corrupt act has been denied business by the corrupt-free Malawi govt); 4. “Failing” to locate owner of 48 ghost houses; 5. Sharing a reserve forest, by the greedy who already have huge tracts of land elsewhere; 6. Keeping ministers in office beyond their tenure (BTW we are still waiting for the money)….the list is endless. That is grand corruption Monday. BTW you are guilty of using big words you look up in the dictionary when writing, which…

  11. Like it or not, Levy’s MMD riding on a commodity boom and China’s phenomenal growth, improved the monetary and fiscal status of our economy-exchange rate good and reserves boost. But MMDs social record of education, health, quality of jobs, power generation was poor. PF has improved on Zambia’s social record-roads, hospitals, power generation, education. Debt is normal for any country and can’t be a basis for change of GRZ. The G8 is in recession, so is Zambia unique?? Besides, the main opposition is quite blur on their intentions for this country

  12. Sunday f##king Chanda this man is way out of your league…at times its best to keep quiet. We all know who is best at plagiarising when we have witnessed your work already especially when it comes to photos.

  13. The economy has collapsed under your PF government because of grand corruption, looting and outright banditry by the people we entrusted with running the country. Even with drought and covid 19 out of the equation we were still headed for trouble. When Lungu became President in 2015 the exchange rate was around K6 to a dollar, and just before 2018/2019 drought the rate had doubled to about K12 to a dollar. So give us the reason why the kwacha depreciated by 100% in Lungu’s three years in charge before the drought and covid 19. What you guys have done is economic sabotage and someone needs to pay for this criminality, no matter how long it takes.

  14. Funny that this silly professor who wants you to believe he is some sort of perfect democrat, sees nothing wrong with an opposition leader who has been standing as president over 5 times. Yet he is quick to criticise our government which was democratically elected. Mistele you are not zambian and should stay away from our internal matters. Go to Nigeria and open your mouth carelessly and see what happens

  15. A group of
    lions is called a PRIDE.
    Monkeys= troop
    Buffaloes= HERD
    MWANKOLEs (crows) = MURDER ,according to nature conservationists, the birds literally sleep wherever the sun sets on them, their nesting projects are built poorly and in rush, food is gotten through scavenging and snatching, they are ready to harm for the food.

  16. Chanda not even Lungu cannot equal to Lumumba end of story . Just concentrate on fixing the run down economy brought about by your careless borrowing and theft .

  17. KZ-ku Nigeria kuti ba munyela!! Those people don’t tolerate nonesense. Remember they voted a sick man back into power because of the stup!dity of their opposition!!

  18. What is worse to PLAGIARISE or to steal money from a widow? Ba Sunday you are part of the NEC please sell to your fellow NEC members the idea of getting rid of ECL and interviewing for the following;

    PRESIDENT 1. Miles Sampa 2. Davis Chama 3.Brian Mashimba 4. Emmanual Mwamba
    VICE PRESIDENT 1. Vincent Mwale 2.Alexander Chiteme 3.Dora Siliya,

    Because with ECL you will lose, for crying out loud the man does not even address his people.

  19. “…Zambian Copper Eagle under the Patriotic Front administration of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (ECL) in spite of the odds continues to weather the storm and soar even higher…..”

    Do you mean lungus presidential jet ?

    Ahhhhh , there we agree.

    Every other economic indicator has plummeted under lungu…….

  20. There are people in PF who have no relevance and i think even themselves know it by now. Their comments are always misplaced. These include the likes of Sunday, Antonio, KZ, Tutwa, Kennedy Kaamba, Paul Moonga…Nothing person but just follow their rantings, you will see what i mean

  21. Is it just me , or to those who have read through this crap from this empty tin , has this article been updated ?????

    I am 999 % sure this chanda had mentioned lack of quality jobs under MMD and was trying to show the difference in MMD end PF ……..I look again only to find the part about lack of jobs under MMD is missing ????

    What a shame.

  22. Zambia wont come out of this economic mess if the thinking is like that of the author, Everybody knows that Zambias economic mess was brought about by the mess created due to unstainable debt contraction and not covid. The immediate past Bank of Zambia governor was very categorical on this. The author seems to be always at variance with reality, one of the key attributes of his job is always to be factual.

  23. Sunday, just look up the word demagogue. After you have discovered what it means create a group with that name and call in all your members. You spineless sycophant. By the way, I have just plagiarized the sycophant word from one of your speeches. Pumbavu!

  24. What are the interest of PLO Lumumba, Seer1, Tito Mboweni and the list is endless in Zambian politics? Don’t they have enough problems in their own country. You really have to be foolish to listen to a Nigerian prophet like TB Joshua for advice on anything. Do we have Boko Hlaam in Zambia of internet scammers? What about witchcraft in Nigeria? What about Covid19 and HIV AIDS in South Africa. You only start exporting talent when you have satisfied the local Market/

  25. I was an ardent follower of prof. Lumumba until I noticed a lack of principles on his his part. I placed him on the same level as The great, Prof. Ali Amin Mazrui. Many of you knew him has the host of the documentary we all used to watch on ZNBC called; The Africans. He is nowhere near the late great mazrui.
    Prof. Lumumba is a very well known fan of Tanzanian president magufuli like most of us. While we celebrate John “the bulldozer” magufuli’s no nonsense attitude when it comes to corruption and excessive government spending, the truth of the matter is that the Tanzanian leader is a dictator.
    While Lumumba is always singing praises for Magufuli, he fails to point out the undemocratic tendencies of this man. He has completely steam rolled the opposition, they are not allowed to have…

  26. @August 26 Sata lost twice and won on the third attempt. Also he created the party from zero and his popularity was rising sharply as opposed to your five times losing champion who has failed to surpass Mazoka’s record. Stop the whishf00l thinking and be real.

  27. After eating from your corruption plate,this is all you can come up with?you who is not known even by your own neighbors?can dare insult an intellectual of professor Lumumba standing?kwena mu pf insoni tamwaba.

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