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Kabwe PF youths protest against UPND’s insults

Feature Politics Kabwe PF youths protest against UPND’s insults

Patriotic Front youths in Kabwe district in Central Province have protested against the insults made by opposition United Party for National Development leader, Hakainde Hichilema during campaigns in Lukashya constituency.

The protest, which happened this afternoon, was led by PF member Innocent Nundwe, from Mpunde Ward and presented to Kabwe District Commissioner, Samson Lupupa.

Mr. Nundwe said the insults made by Mr. Hichilema on Monday at a political rally in Lukasha Constituency are regrettable and should not be entertained by any peace-loving Zambian.

Speaking on behalf of the youths in Kabwe, Mr. Nundwe demanded that the opposition leader should apologize to the Zambians for his wrong selection of words adding that his action has left many Zambians in total displeasure especially that he is vying for the highest office in the country.

And Kabwe District Commissioner, Samson Lupupa says he has welcomed the petition by the PF youth and will forward it to the relevant authorities.


  1. Any peace loving Zambian?..You the PF are the ones causing pain to the peace loving Zambian’s you have brought a lot of confusions..You can kiss my ass…we are still voting for him.

    The End is near for you.


  2. These PF failures dont cease to amaze, for them everything is on standstill now and what seems important to these PF chaps is the purported insults. Instead of them sitting down and saying how do we sort out this run away economy according to Winters language, they are busy on things that don’t help anybody. The dollar is steadily going to K50 please

  3. I am sure HH’s always have their last laugh every time he screws up. A tonga calling a Bemba Chik4L4 is like a white man calling a black person the “N” word. How many Bembas can call themselves “mwana muchendee?”. A lozi can not go to Kasama and say “kimasholi”.

  4. That’s water under the bridge. Let the PF focus on voter mobilisation. The time for party mobilization is long gone. It’s now time to lure more voters to vote for PF and to forget about HH and his cohorts. I know for some people it’s difficult to campaign in a vacuum without repeatedly referring to other political parties, but let’s endeavor to do so as we toward the 2021 Elections..

  5. You go on with your so called protest and no one will stop you to stop us vote FOR HH. HE IS OUR BALLY AND LEBERATOR TO YOU AND AND ALL ZAMBIANS.

  6. I am on the ground and the results from by elections are slowly coming in. Why are upnd supporters very quiet? They showed us pictures of large crowds and said that was evidence they were going to win. So where are they now ? I hope they are not winning to courts hahaha

  7. Kaizer Zulu, you can win bye-elections for obvious reasons.

    This is like a boxing match where you tie your opponent and expect him to win.

    The opposition were harrased and intimidated and they couldn’t campaign fully for security reasons.

    The PF is using government machinery and we are waiting for the the big match next year.

    PF must go!

  8. It appears the unemployed youths in Kabwe still don’t realize that they are unemployed.. Keep protesting and tell us if that will open Mulungushi textiles for you. The PF leaders paying you to protest are living very comfortably

  9. @Galamukani your cult leader HH is going to employ the youth in Kabwe. The youth in Kabwe are not protesting over Jobs, they are protesting over the vulgar language used by you god. Every event has its purpose.

    • Some people are saying PF government has failed to deliver,however they are telling us exactly which sector of the economy the PF has failed to deliver.On my view, PF government has really performed well in a smallest period of time than the MMD government which governed this country for 20 solid years.Today we are seeing infrastructure development high-rocketing in our communities such as roads, new districts,hospitals,new bridges,new barracks and police stations, toll gates,new hydro power stations, rural electrification,new universities have been built,colleges have been turned into universities and today farming inputs are are reaching the farmers in time and a lot more.Viva PF government!Please continue developing this country which was destroyed my the so called privatisation act…

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