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Kitwe youths empowered with Higer bus worth US$270,000

General News Kitwe youths empowered with Higer bus worth US$270,000

Kwacha Member of Parliament Joseph Malanji has handed over a Higer bus worth US$270,000 to youths in his constituency for them to engage in an entrepreneurship venture.

And Mr. Malanji who is also Foreign Affairs Minister urged the youths to work hard to ensure that that they multiply the investment that has been given to them.

The bus has been handed over under the Youth Empowerment Fund, an initiative of the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Child Development and Mr Malanji helped the youths to pay K100, 000 commitment fee to the Government for them to access the bus.

Speaking during the handover of the bus in Kitwe today, Mr Malanji urged the youths to take empowerment programmes seriously as Government was spending colossal sums of money to implement them.

“This Higer bus I am handing over to you was bought using a lot of money, we bought it at US$270,000, so there is need for you to work hard and multiply the investments,” the Minister urged the youths.

He said Government is empowering the youths with various incentives because it has confidence in them that they are able to utilise the proceeds to better their lives.

The Kwacha MP urged the beneficiaries of the bus to increase the fleet of vehicles as they progress in their business.

Meanwhile, Umunthu Musepela Cooperative chairperson Regan Musuba thanked Government for donating the bus to the youths in Kwacha.

Mr Musuba also commended Mr Malanji for helping the youths acquire the bus through his generous donation of K100, 000.

“We are about 30 youths in our group and this bus will greatly help to improve our livelihoods,” he said.

Mr Musuba said the youths also plan to venture into poultry business to generate more resources for the business.

He said the youths will heed to Mr Malanji’s calls to multiply the investment by buying more fleet of buses.


  1. Pictures of the bus please. Is it one of those enhanced efficiency buses powered by a Hybrid/electric engine to be that expensive?

  2. Those are sustainable business ventures Mr Mwankole Malanji.

    You need to venture into Agro business ventures which can employee many of them.

    100 acre of land would be enough for the 30 youths and $270000 is far good capital.

    A bus will run only for 1 year and repairs and running costs will be high.

    PF government is recklessly mismanaging youth empowerment priorities.

    PF must go!

  3. call me negative, bitter or hatter . but this is the worst business decision ever, money down and everyone knows it including the MP.

    Its even better you keep chicken for eggs

  4. Somebody is talking about farming, you forget that PF is a party of street dealers? Where are PF district offices, at bus stations. This is PF specialty businesses, is co-boys. Count them, Lusambo, Kampyongo, GBM, Mwaliteta, Malanji.. all former bus station dealers.

  5. Great gesture. We hope our youth will take heed of this valuable advice and take advantage of this opportunity to multiply this investment. We know the majority of the youth are level headed who will do well. However my concern is the tiny minority of disgruntled upnd funded imbeciIes masquerading as youth. These are very stubborn because they are paid to cause disruption.

  6. They are throwing tyres to vehicles without wheels as they sail rudderless on a clearly turbulent sea. This is clearly panic mode by our hapless politicians. They do not seem to realize that the boat is now upside down with an air pocket before the capsize materializes. Deal with the fundamentals ba mambala imwe…

  7. These bunch of thieves. Is this the best empowerment investment they would think of? That’s the PF govt for you. Blowing tax payers money on presidential jets & buses.

  8. When we say iiddiioottss are mad mad men you arrest and condemn us. how many unemployed youths are in this iiddiiot’s constituency will benefit from his iiddiiootic donation if not only the driver and conductor of that matuvi from one of the mwankoles?

  9. What an unsustainable empowerment! With the carnage on Zambian roads pray that the bus lasts! By the way were the Kitwe youths consulted or it was just imposed on them for as observed it is the business most in PF are conversant with?

  10. Are you telling me that a Higer bus costs $ 270,000 ( K 5.4million)?. That should be a cost of 5 buses. Daylight robbery. What a waste of resources.

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