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Bowman Lusambo’s Mammoth Mobilisation Mufilira Rally in Pictures

Photo Gallery Bowman Lusambo's Mammoth Mobilisation Mufilira Rally in Pictures


  1. I’m sure some went for body viewing like Paul Moonga PF Lusaka official would say.

    The economy is free falling apart and yet one has time to guts pull people amidst the deadly pandemic.

    Even witch would have remorse.

    Bowman behaves as if he never went through this pandemic and the same guy who was crying for our prayers and he seems to have forgotten about it.


    PF must go!

    • 2021 election campaigns will be about trinkets, 12.5kg mealie meal, empowerment funds for marketeers etc, it won’t be about songs, the opposition should know that them giving out handouts is not possible, because they can’t disguise them as govt work, they should just make people realize that such handouts are not sustainable, after elections chila muntu nachiwa chakwe, God for us all, that’s they will be told. These people make have turned the economy upside down deliberately in order to make citizens turn into zombies.

  2. Madilu and the other diasporan cockroach called chiza chirwa, when the pictures of the mammoth upnd rallies during the just ended by elections were shown, non of you sons of bltches said anything about covid. In fact you were celebrating prematurely that your tribal party had won. Only to be shafted by the pf with a landslide victory. You are a bunch of worthless tribal imbeclLes. You can’t be objective because you are tribalists. Now eff off!!!

  3. Those crowds are just looking for free impowerment funds …….

    If those were genuine PF support , why does the PF have to use extreme violence and thug brutality against opposition and any one with opposing views. ???

  4. Is it allowed to campaign before declaration of campaign time? Or Is this just something restricted to bootlickers of the president? Should n’t Lusambo be arrested? Who gave him the permit for this rally?

  5. Timely advice to UPND: Intensify your campaigns and party mobilization on the Copperbelt and Lusaka but that does not mean you should totally ignore Luapula and other Northern provinces. And to PF: Let the opposition also mobilize their parties. Don’t be a killer party.

  6. Look at this moron…what happened to covid-19 restrictions? Clearly no leadership in this govt, the lazy President is just good for dancing at PF rallies. How do you allow this which is clearly a music concert to even go on? Bowman thinks he is a smart business man yet all he has been doing is receiving kickbacks from the little chink rats.

  7. Same pattern with RB, pulling large crowds before elections and winning bye elections but failing dismally in the actual general election, same pattern this one

  8. Tarino welcome back from your self exile in mourning the upnd loss during the just ended by elections. We hope you are fine after that shafting by the pf.

    When you win we always congratulate you and go back to the drawing board. However, I am shocked to not receive a single congratulatory message from you. Do you take loss badly? Anyway welcome back kiki

  9. Sorry i don’t respond to silly UK based impostors you think when you detest Party A then you must love Party B.

  10. RB was losing bye elections to Sata and not vice versa, when you don’t win bye elections just know that you will loose in the actual elections, what will make people change their minds in a few months to come, the other sign is when you have your party members resigning and your ministers start resigning just know that you are going nowhere.
    The opposition must see these signs and start sorting out the reasons why losing elections every where in the country.

  11. Did someone tell me CBU is a university? Cadres? The business and accounting schools are big at CBU. Can they calculate what is on the government balance sheet those kids? Can they even calculate the cost of a fire tender by the insurance value? What a university!

  12. Carry on supporting these thieves .Mufulira will became a ghost town with these slags on a bowl of lettuce salad in charge .

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