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Government to Revise Mines and Minerals Act

Headlines Government to Revise Mines and Minerals Act

Acting Mines Director in the Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development, Brighton Kateka says the government is in the process of revising the mines and minerals Act of 2015 to allow for the proper regulation of the mining industry operations.

Mr. Kateka said one of the issues to be looked at is incorporating of gold as a strategic mineral in the Act so that it is well managed.

Mr. Kateka said this in Solwezi today when he called on North-Western Province Permanent Secretary, Willies Mangimela at his office.

“We also have issues like Zambia is a member of the International Great Lakes Region which has set rules and regulations which are given to us, President Edgar Lungu has already signed with other Heads of State, we need to domesticate these and incorporate them into our Act,” he said.

Mr. Kateka said Zambian contractors have observed and complained that they are not being given sufficient businesses in terms of contracts by the mining companies and therefore, the review of the Act will address such challenges so that people can benefit.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mangimela has called on people and all stakeholders to come through and make their submissions on what they want to be revised in the Act.

He said the revising of the Act has come at the right time when people in the province have been calling for this process and complaining about gaps and weaknesses in the Act.

The team is sitting in Solwezi district to receive submissions from members of the general public, civil society organizations, mining companies and associations, small scale and artisanal mines on the revising of the mines and minerals Act number 11 of 2015.


  1. @Nostradamus
    So PF does not even need to go to the toilet, but wait foe UPND to be in power to do that. Why must every thing receive around UPND.
    Tap revision and gold mining should wait for UPND

  2. @Nostradamus
    So PF does not even need to go to the toilet, but wait foe UPND to be in power to do that. Why must every thing revolve around UPND.
    Tax revision and gold mining should wait for UPND

  3. The frequency at which Laws are being reviewed is indicative of the absence of one important component in the governance of the Country, and that is consultation. The PF is the only administration that seeks to amend Laws as soon as they’re assented to by the President. The Constitution of 2016 has already birthed Bill 10, this Mines & Minerals Act is less than 5yrs old. Does it make sense to seek to amend the Law because of an emergence of a new mineral? No wonder Mwine Lubemba laments the lack of critical thinkers in the nations! And this man calls himself a Director?

  4. A (Kaunda) Lungu nawo, ayendamo! A (Kaunda) Lungu nawo, ayendamo!
    Ayangana zonse zowawa, ayendamo!
    Kumulu kuli Lesa, Panshi pali (Kaunda) Lungu.

  5. And you are wondering why the kwacha has devalued so much against the usd. Which investor would want to invest in a country where laws are constantly changed and investors are continously threatened. Than top up with lack of electricity. This has been going on for 10 years.

  6. A small fish making noises. Let’s rather hear from the Minister so we can tell that it’s just campaign wards. How can a director talk about contractors benefiting from mines when its Ministers themselves who take all the contracts

  7. This is a fundamental issue so let’s hear it from the bigger heads indeed and not just a mere ministerial official. There’s no doubt that the present Mines & Minerals Act is too lope-sided and puts our country in a ridiculous position of enriching foreign economies but not our own. It is time we reorganised our entire resource management act to benefit Zambians.
    We need to know what is stipulated in the Great Lakes Region Agreements in this regard. We also need to learn from Botswana, which has managed to grow it’s economy directly from it’s resources.

    1. South Africa
    2. Kenya
    3. Nigeria
    4. Uganda
    5. Egypt
    6. Zambia
    9 South Sudan
    10. Botswana

  9. This is great development and we look forward to working with the minister. We will also submit our recommendations highlighting any issues that we feel will need to be addressed. The president has been made aware of the challenges and issues surround the gold mineral we have been blessed with. We shall continue to work hard to ensure that everyone benefits in our rich country. We do not want another situation where one man sales state resources and then over night magically becomes a self made billionare and then decideds to rule the nation.

  10. It is called the Mines and Minerals Development Act of 2015.
    There is one constant in life and it is called CHANGE.
    It has nothing to do with President LUNGU.
    Leave him alone

  11. Very good PF GRZ. Let Zambians benefit from their God given resources. MMD auctioned the country, PF has given it back.

  12. Just 10 years ago, things were so stable that brand new mines were recapitalized/opened in NW Province. Foreign investors had confidence in Zambia’s environment. That is no the case anymore. CNP is now the order of the day. Chipantepante.

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