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HH is our leader of choice-UPND

Feature Politics HH is our leader of choice-UPND

Opposition UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka says the party has no intentions either now nor in the future to replace it’s leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Mr Katuka said President Hichilema is currently the most happening leader in the country whose popularity cannot be overlooked and would be a fallacy for anyone to think of taking over from him at this point.

“Therefore, we wish to warn media houses that are in the habit of fabricating and churning out unbalanced and fake news to desist from doing so but to instead verify each story before such is published, aired, or televised,” he said.


  1. I have no problem with that, it’s your choice as a party. But surely can’t you legitimize his continued stay as leader through even a sham of a convention? Since 2006 no convention sure?

  2. It is how a NAZI party with fascist leadership are created. In fact it is, as the leader has authority in all of the party structures with far right ideologies.

  3. Most political parties in Zambia have their founders as life presidents.
    When Dr. Kenneth Kaunda retired in 1991 he sought the 1996 come back. It was only the revised FTJ Chiluba’s amended constitution that barred him.
    Elias Chipimo Jr. founded NAREP, subsequently resigned. But there are calls for him to come back to the fore.
    Sata Michael Chilufya (MCS) in 2001, saw the need to form his own PF party. Owing to his charisma he managed to overtake UPND and become republican leader 10 years later.
    If a party is progressive, there is nothing wrong for founder presidents to lead unendingly. No one expects UPND to change leadership, because it’s a non -starter to say the least. That’s why the UPND internal charter was repealed to allow Hakainde Hichilema (HH) to go on and on….on and…

  4. That’s why the UPND internal charter was repealed to allow Hakainde Hichilema (HH) to go on and on….on and on…on and on……. Hoping, faithfully, for a miracle to happen.
    Two questions go begging: What doesn’t the UPND do right which the people want? UPND has been in opposition for 22 years (since 1998) and HH at the helm for 15 years (since 2006), why have they been failing that long?

  5. hh just doesn’t possess the charisma, the gravitas, the national appeal, the mien, if you like. The necessary national personality attributes are simply lacking in the man.

  6. @Chitutumizo look at what charism has got us into, even the uncharimatic mwanawasa was managing the economy well, remember under the uncharismatic the dollar -kwacha was oscillating between 3.5 to 4.5 kwacha to a dollar. now tell me what the charismatic of 2011 and humbleness of 2015 done so far?

  7. The Bible says that Mdyelekezi scouped a third of the stars with him to rebel against God. They believed and still believe that Mdyelekezi will one day “Kill” God and establish and rule over the Universe. Remember that Mdyelekezi is always opposizing the Goodness of God……….

  8. The problem UPND has in these days is actually the spirit of HH, this has spread throughout all his followers this spirit is arrogant insolent to anyone with diverse views thinking that they are superior to any Zambian and wants everyone to join them in what they are doing wrong.
    This spirit invites foreigners to speak for them and even calling witches from Nigeria to fight the sitting President of Zambia.
    This spirit can be dangerous it is so forceful that pride is it’s engine lies are at the centre of this wickedness any other person in politics but belonging to another party is a mwankole he is a thief except their leader who has now become a god whom they daily pay homage to.

  9. @Aristotle
    Why did the UPND allow PF who were new comers on the scene? At that time, the odds for MCS and HH were the same. Why did they lose? What has UPND done differently to ascertain a resounding win in 2021?
    It was a very exceptional stint to unseat the deep rooted MMD for PF especially going alone without a pact. Chances seemingly dwindled after UPND divorced PF from that last minute marriage!
    Maybe the Kwacha wouldn’t be at double digits to a Dollar under HH….lol…pwahahaha

  10. Yayaya! Nshilimubemba. Come August 2021. You guys will swallow your words. Surely who in your mind would take over HH at a critical hour. Let them give him latitude to campaign. Without hindrance. Akamichita akantu!

  11. HH is a weak man. He does not want anyone in the party to challenge him for leadership contest. A mere mention of UPND intraparty elections make HH sick to his stomach. Why should we elect a dictator in making as Zambian. No good reason I guess. So Katuka, declare HH upnd life-president and disqualify him for state house at the same time. Napita..

  12. Oh, oh. I still remember as if it was yesterday the impact the late LP Mwanawasa (MHSRIP) had on everyone who attended MMD’s first rally in Chipata in 1990. And who was the most-awaited-for-speaker at the rally at Kapata Market that afternoon? The charismatic Levy P Mwamawasa, dressed in khaki outfit.

  13. Look at the PF rats above chattering about ” no convention…” ” dictator ….”

    What about your lungu who fires or jails any one who wants to challenge him ehhhhh ….???


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