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President Lungu confers with new Malawian President

President Edgar Lungu with his Malawian counterpart Dr.Lazarous Chakwera admires a stuffed lion on arrival at State House
President Edgar Lungu with his Malawian counterpart Dr.Lazarous Chakwera admires a stuffed lion on arrival at State House

President Edgar Lungu says it is a great honour to have the Malawian President ,Lazarous Chakwera visit Zambia on his first official engagement outside Malawi since his election as Head of State on June 28th,2020, this year.

President Lungu has noted that the visit by his Malawian counterpart is historical and a clear demonstration of the cordial relations that continue to exist between the two countries.

The Head of State said this at State House in Lusaka today when he conferred with Dr Chakwera who arrived in the country this morning for a one-day official visit.

“It is a great joy for me to receive you at State House and it is indeed a great honour that out of so many countries from North, South, East and West, you have chosen to first visit Zambia, we are greatly honoured,” President Lungu said.

The President indicated that apart from the visit of the Malawian President to Zambia being historical, it also emphasizes the strong friendship between the Zambian and Malawian people across the borders.

“And this is indeed historical but apart from it being historical, I think it emphasizes a lot of things about how close the Zambian and the Malawian people across the borders are, so I think that this is a clear demonstration of a strong relationship which exists between Zambia and Malawi and I feel excited,” he stated.

Malawian President Dr.Lazarous Chakwera signs a visitors book after bilateral talks with President Edgar Lungu at State House
Malawian President Dr.Lazarous Chakwera signs a visitors book after bilateral talks with President Edgar Lungu at State House

And Malawian President Lazarous Chakwera thanked the government and the Zambian people for the hospitality rendered to him and his delegation.

“Let me express my profound gratitude to the government and the people of the Republic of Zambia for their warm hospitality. We have been so well received, we are happy. We are home and I just want to thank you for the brotherly gesture,” Dr Chakwera said.

President Chakwera further gave emphasis on the continued co-existence between Zambia and Malawi as it is key for the prosperity of the people in the two countries.

“I want to underscore for a peaceful co-existence we have and continue to share because it is important for us to know how our peoples can also prosper knowing that we share similar aspirations. What troubles one troubles the other,” noted Dr Chakwera.

President Chakwera said he is looking forward to working with the Zambian government and the people despite the challenges the two countries are faced with to improve economic growth, industrialisation and to consequently change the lives of the people in the two countries.

“ I’m looking forward to working with you and the people of this nation despite the problems we face now, of course we have COVID- 19 , but Zambia has always been our friend even when we have had disasters in our country. In our region we want economic prosperity, we want industrialisation, we want our livelihoods changed,” he noted.

The Malawian President also congratulated President Lungu and his party for emerging victorious in the Mwansabombwe and Lukashya September 17th by elections.

“Let me just congratulate you as well because I was following news here and I noticed that last week the ruling Pf won by elections held in Lukashya and Mwansabombwe on the 17th of September so congratulations,” he said.

President Edgar Lungu seeing off his Malawian counterpart Dr.Lazarous Chakwera at State House
President Edgar Lungu seeing off his Malawian counterpart Dr.Lazarous Chakwera at State House


  1. Guys, get some bell bottom trousers for this kankubala from Malawi. He is congratulating the thief, i hope he not a thief too.
    Achimwene, be sensible and don’t start PF politcs because Lungu is going next year? Are you going to survive with HH in state House? Be sensible Mr Malawi.

  2. This is what causes Hichilema’s bile to boil and overcharge, he always imagines himself in that position but doesn’t know how to get there. President Chakwera has done well, Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe have so much in common. We need to strengthen our unit beyond mwana apeluke business. Achimwene have a lot to learn from Zambia especially in sports. Malawian sports fortunes keep on dwindling since the advent of Lawrence & Harry Waya, Jack Chamangwana, etc. We must consider a 3 nation biennial sports tournament to encompass all sports disciplines. While in netball the Malawi Flames are still burning their counterparts in Zambia have lost ground. If we don’t do these things for ourselves no one will. So let’s not end at Presidential visits. Although late Bingu disappointed us please…

  3. I like the idea of a bi annual sports tournament between Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe. Reminds me of the federation of Rhodesia and Nyadaland. It will strengthen our sports discipline and be able to compete favourably at continental tournaments. I admire the East African Community on trade and economic development. It is working very well. I hope the two Republican presidents of Zambian and Malawi (ECL and LC) can include this on their agenda as they meet in lusaka.

  4. What nonsense is this visiting head of state playing …
    He has to he bipartisan and dont comment on internal politics of a Soverign state .
    But after all he in Zambia as pay back to Bokani Soko who had bank rolled his campaign in the recent Malawi re run election
    You guys can all draw the conclusion .
    Bokani Soko was the first guy to be awarded a ” tender” wake up all especially Malawians
    This guy is a fake Pastor I say

  5. Dr Chakwera is now being corrupted by power he’s started showing hypocrisy and corruption in his appointments.Worse for a supposed preacher .

  6. What surprises me the most about the Malawian President Bishop Chakwera is that he was allowed to comment on our internal politics VERY FREELY by congratulating Lungu and his party the PF for winning the by-elections. I mean on what basis is Bishop Chakwera talking from? These are not or were not General elections where you can congratulate your counterpart President to whom you just paid a visit on bilateral terms. It’s ridiculous of the Republican President of Zambia to have given such an opportunity to a visiting President of Malawi to comment on anything politics in Zambia. Unnecessary and unwanted behaviour and attitude, totally inept. This is another attempt by the losing PF to hoodwink the public that all is well within their structures but we all know that is not true. So much is…

  7. > cont’d

    So much is broken in the country right now and they can’t fix none. On the positives though is that this time (2021 General Elections) HH will rule Zambia. We need to make big changes in Zambia in order for our country and our people to prosper and benefit from the wealth of the country. Malawi have done it and now have Bishop Chakwera as President. Remarkable story indeed nomba mu Zambia muli NDWI.

  8. Remember the former US ambassador to Zambia Foote was given a ‘red card’ for speaking and commenting on anything Zambian. But now here is a President who has gone 180 degrees to allow another President to comment on our internal politics. How so….?
    It’s a political tactic but it won’t happen this time. 2021 is a different year. PF gotta GO..!

  9. Vote HH you will see Tongas every where in Government offices, believe me or not the official language will be Tonga. No Tonga language no help from government offices. Bemba and Nyanja be prepared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. The Bi annual games is a good idea for the three countries and by the way are the university games still being played between mw and zambia?

    “KuCHA sikusankha munthu “

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